If someone could identify these old vehicles like the year built would be helpful.

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I am trying to determine when this postcard was made. Perhaps if someone can tell the approximate year some of the
old cars were built, that could help in determining its age. Perhaps mid to late 1930's postcard but I am not sure.
Thank you! BC


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  • lostwrench1lostwrench1 Member Posts: 1,165
    If you have no luck here, try www.forums.aaca.org/forum/66-what-is-it/
    The gang there does amazingly well in identifying old stuff.
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    man, those cars must have been fun to drive in the winter in Alaska.

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    I don't see anything newer than ~ 1930.

    The tall sedan parked perpendicular to the main street in the pic, just beyond the two men on the sidewalk (one in a maritime looking hat), looks like a later run Model T, probably 1925 or so. The car parked nearest the men, facing the camera, might be the newest identifiable car, from around 1930, but it is hard to ID, other than not being a Ford or fancy car, maybe a Chevy or a medium priced car. AACA people will know more.
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    Thanks for all your input folks!!!
  • andys120andys120 Member Posts: 23,349
    stickguy said:

    man, those cars must have been fun to drive in the winter in Alaska.

    They probably weren't any worse than many modern cars cuz they had skinny tires, decent weight distribution and manual shifts.

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    I used to drive a Morgan in NYC--that's about the equivalent of a Model T. :p
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