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Hello. A few years back I used a one man show car buying service and had a great experience. The guy was in CA, but was able to save me about $1500 over what I was trying to negotiate with Audi dealers in TN. I tried to reach back out to the guy, but it appears he has moved on. Can anyone recommend a car leasing negotiating company to work through? I'm not sure if they are called brokers or what, but I loved the experience. Everything was filled out in advance. I told him what I was looking for and he reached out to dealers for the best deal. He also kept up with any rebates and promos. I ended up flying from TN to NY to make the purchase (lease), walked in the door and left the dealership within 20 mins (including a demo of the inside tech) and drove my A6 at the time back to TN. Just curious if there are reputable services out there. I just hate spending a ton of time dealing with this whole process (ha). I just want to tell someone the make, model, trim and colors I'm willing to take (I'm flexible) and have them come back with prices and cars and locations. thanks for any guidance. Tom


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    These are called "brokers" or "automobile brokers" and your best bet might be to look some up on Yelp and read the reviews. Do keep in mind though, that some Yelp reviews can be phony so actually read the reviews--you can usually tell when they are made up, because they appear so similar to other reviews on the same business. So you have to use your best judgment.

    Brokers are okay but they are middlemen, so you won't necessarily get the best price. But they are convenient--I get that.

    And of course, test drive the type of car you want before you buy it!
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