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10 disc cd stacker has 1 disc stuck. CD display reads 'err'- How to get 1 disc out of shuttle box?

Errormsgr404Errormsgr404 NSWPosts: 1
edited August 2018 in Mercedes-Benz
Hi there,
1998 Mercedes c class sedan (elegance) -10 disc cd stacker has 1 cd missing in the magazine therefore it should be stuck inside the player somewhere! The radio works, not the tape and cd player ever since the stuck cd. Now the display when in CD/tape mode has a 'err' function message. The magazine is able to eject from the shuttle box but cannot play and the 1 disc missing from the magazine should be stuck in there somewhere.
Please someone provide a resolution to this problem if not I will have to find a means of forking out a whopping $180 to the radio repairman!


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