Chrysler Pacifica: Electrical/Lighting Problems

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Bad headlights? Things going a bit haywire? This is the place to work out those electrical/lighting gremlins!


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    Hello everyone! I am a first user in this forum and i desperately need help with headlight bulb installment. I have very bad eye vision and bought a 100 dollar Phillips xtreme vision light bulb in the headlight. One problem is the manual says to unscrew two screws on top of the headlight and PULL OUT THE HEADLIGHT. The problem is the headlight does not come out, even after intense pulling. I took it to a few mechanics and the dont want to break it. Please, I need help since I drive at night and I am worried I will get into an accident due to the weak light from the headlight. I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica AWD and a 3.5 Liter 250 hp engine. Please explain to me how to pull the headlight out for replacement bulbs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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    The instruction is correct in that all you have to do is to undo the two screws on top and pull it out. You may want to wear a work glove to protect the back of the hand that you use to grab the bottom of the light assembly — by pushing in the rubber bumper — and then pull the whole thing straight out. It's being held in place by a locking bracket at the bottom.

    Hope it's helpful. Good luck!
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    I'm hoping someone has seen these problems and can give me some info.
    My 04 Pacifica has just presented it's first problem. The ignition key will not go to lock. After setting for 5 or ten minutes I can hear a noticeable click, sounds like a relay, then the key will turn and I can remove it.
    The other thing I'm wondering about is the dash lights. Not frequently but enough to wonder about, the dash lights will dim or go out completely. This only lasts for a minute or less then the lights return to original brightness.
    Could it be that these are related? Am I looking at the beginning of a long slippery slope of recurring electrical problems?
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    My 06 Pacifica only has 22,000 miles, so I have not had the ignition lock problem yet. I did have the problem on my 98 Buick Regal. There is a solenoid switch that is activated when you move the shifter from drive to park. The idea is that you are unable to remove the key and lock the steering column when the car is in drive. The switch went bad on the Buick and had to be replaced. Then I was able to remove the key. I am not sure if Chrysler uses the same design. Hope this helps.
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    Well, this is just a slight annoyance, but our cruise control has been throwing a fit as of late. Once set, if I hit any button relating to cruise (accelerate, cancel, or coast), the main cruise power shuts off completely. It seemed to be doing it consistently for a while there, so I figured it would be an easy thing for the dealer to see and replicate, but now, of course, it is doing it inconsistently. Some days it works, some days it doesn't.

    Has anyone maybe had this problem and know what was done to fix it? maybe if i'm able to point the dealer in the right direction, it would help.

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    I took my 2005 pacifica to dealer ,told them the headlights stay on in auto day and night.His answer was they put it on the computer and everything was alright. I told him this is BS and that they should go off during the day and he said it was overcast that day. Has anyone had this problem.I am about to start complaining to Chrysler about there 5 star dealer.
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    Just make sure nothing is blocking the sensor on top of the dash.
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    We purchased an '06 touring Pacifica and the day after we brought it home the battery was dead. We had it jumpstarted and took it to the local dealer (we had purchased it elsewhere) and they checked the battery and said it was fine, we must have left a light on or something. In our previous car my daughter had left a reading light on for 3 days and the battery was never affected, so I didn't buy this explanation but the car was running so I went with it.

    The next day I went to start it and was sure to check the message center for any "door/liftgate ajar" message and there was none, so I started it and it was dead again. We called the dealer from where we purchased the car (which is in a larger town about 1 1/2 hours away) and they asked when we could get the car down there, thinking the small dealer here couldn't do the proper diagnostic tests. I replied that if I couldn't get the thing to start, how was I supposed to get it down there? :confuse: I don't know if the towing service would go for that when there is a dealer just down the road.

    I am a housewife with 2 small kids and am just sick thinking I will get stalled somewhere. Is this a known problem for this model? Can it be fixed and not just "patched up"? The big dealer has a ton of lots in the same business, would they let me pick out a different make of car that I would feel more confident in? Just thinking "out loud" but would appreciate any help or opinions.
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    This is certainly an annoying problem on a new car.

    Have you called the local dealer again to tell them the battery died once more?

    I thought there was an issue posted here a couple of times regarding dead batteries. Hmmmm... I'm not sure where to even begin looking because I believe it was before the problems threads were all broken up like this, so it may or may not be here in the electrical thread.

    Ah. Ok. Go to the original problems thread I've linked below and run a search on "battery". You'll find quite a few comments:

    '94 Pajero 2.8TD, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '21 WRX, '20 S90 T6, '22 MB Sprinter 2500 4x4 diesel, '97 Suzuki R Wagon, '92 325i, '97 Alto Works, '96 Opel Astra, TWO 4wd '97 Pajero Minis (1 turbo auto and 1 N/A manual); Wagoneer L on order; and in queue for Lucid Air Pure, Blazer EV, and Fisker Ocean.

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    Does it stay on even on a full sunny day? I know there are times when my auto lights turn on when it seems bright enough and sometimes and doesn't turn on when it seems dark enough. But most of the time it's a questionable time like early dawn or dusk or even an overcast day. Sometimes dirty sensors will do that as well. And I'm sure you know it turns on automatically when the wipers are on.

    My only auto headlight complaint, and a minor one at that, is that I wish it would respond faster when entering a long tunnel.
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    any body has his problem ac stops workin thn all guages comes on a d off thn stops workin totally thn starts freakin ou t thn stops
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    I was looking at my setup and default from the factory is to keep the headlights on 90sec after the driver gets out. If you stop and do things before getting out and then drive often at night maybe the battery is getting drained by the headlights. Choose NO for factory settings and drop the time to 0 for awhile. See if this helps. If it does you could probably put it at 30sec and be safe.
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    You're in a Paciica discussion. What you need to do is use the Browse By Vehicle search tool in the left sidebar to make your way to the Grand Cherokee discussions and post there.
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    First time user. On driver side door, none of the switches work. This includes windows, seat movement, door locks, etc. I first thought it was possibly a fuse, but it appears more than one fuse controls all of this. Any thoughts?
  • rodutrodut Member Posts: 343
    If you have cloth seats it could be an ESD discharge problem. It was a recall about this.

    If you have leather seats ... I don't know.
  • carenmcarenm Member Posts: 4
    Im experiencing the same problem as you. ALl the controls on the driver's side door are inoperable. I can't open the trunk, windows,lock the car etc. ANybody else experiencing this??
  • jgillikinjgillikin Member Posts: 4
    Had my car in for service ... came out with the electrical seat ajustments not working, at all AND when in part, pushing the position buttons on the door cause the RADIO to change channels. They say the work that they did (front end work and replacement of a solenoid for the transmission) would not have caused an issue that I have. Some how I don't believe thier assessment because everything worked before. Has anyone had a similar experience, agree with the dealer or have any ideas?!
  • carenmcarenm Member Posts: 4
    I just got my Pacifica back from the dealer today. I lost all controls on the driver's side door(windows,seating, locks, and trunk wouldnt operate) and thank God it was covered under warranty,My RADIO wasn't affected. They replaced a "switch" or what they call a "DOM"
    this is what exactly is stated on the dealers paperwork : "SWITCH DO 8053002" replaced. ALso I was due a tire rotation and they discovered a broken tie rod and that was replaced. And I had no idea it was broken, because I didnt feel anything wrong while driving. ANd as an afterthought of your problems with the electrical seating, I'm wondering if your switch is about to go bad. Hmm. I hope any of this info helps .
    PS, my Pac was in the dealers all thru this snowstorm, and luckily I escaped driving in the bad conditions, I really dont want to find out yet how it drives under snow conditions.
  • jgillikinjgillikin Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the note. At least others have a similar problem. I am just suspicious that AFTER your service and mine a similar issue occurred. Coincidence or induced problem. I did have the vehicle out in the snow (~ 5" and didn't have any issues.
  • idrivefaridrivefar Member Posts: 1
    This system is no longer working on a 2004 Pacifica. Also the heat does not come out in the bottom vents. What does it take to fix these two areas? About how much should it cost to take care of this? SCH
  • tlharrelltlharrell Member Posts: 4
    Ok, so I bought my Pacifica brand new off the lot. It's a nice Onyx Green 2004. I don't even have it home yet, I'm going down the freeway.... "ding" message lights up in the display saying "Check Tire System". Nice. Well, this is my daily driver and I work a lot. It's difficult to get it in for service because the nearest dealer is 20 miles away two towns over! Well, around 15,000 I finally take it in. The plastic trim above the driver's door was twisting off the body. They fixed that, but couldn't figure out what to do about the tire system. They replaced the guts of the dash as far as I could tell... they even left some stuff loose in there for me. They said they'd "refer it to Chrysler" to see what they said to do. Well, 53,000 miles now on the odometer. I still want this issue resolved, but they're giving me grief because it's "out of warranty" now. Well, now I've got some more fun problems. The air system's gone berserk! If I turn the fan to low, it stays off. If I turn it above low, it goes to full blast (sounds like I'm following a 747!). If I turn it back down, it will stay on high for days before rendomly shutting down. Sometimes if I turn off the ignition, the fan will even continue to run for several minutes! (Note: this is the interior fan, not the radiator fan.) Well, of course this isn't covered under warranty. Third issue... and this one's got me thinking of driving it off a bridge... I take it in to get new tires. $500 later, they can't do an alignment on it because the front right tie rod is too loose. So I take it to the dealer to have them check on the problem. They charge me $200 to tell me what the tire guy said! Then they tell me it'll cost $1500 to fix! They can't just replace the tie rod end, they have to replace the tie rod, the end, the steering knuckle, the steering box... practically half the front end of the car. Parts total only is almost $900! This is on a vehicle with 53,000 miles... not 200,000+! What is up with that? So now I'm currently paying $500+ a month on my car loan only to have this sucker decorate my driveway. I ride my scooter if it's not raining, and steal my wife's car if the weather turns south. Any thoughts/help on any of these would be greatly appreciated!
  • reddinkreddink Member Posts: 2
    I just installed a hitch and wired my 2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring with a TowReady #118303 wiring harness. No problem getting the lights connected, but there is a single red wire with connector (about 12" long) that comes out of the rubber unit of the trailer wiring harness. I'm not sure where that needs to be connected. I can find no wire underneath the rear of the car for that connector. Can anyone tell me where that wire is to be connected?
  • carenmcarenm Member Posts: 4
    I did have a problem with the fan not wanting to shut off, it only shut off when I turned the ignition off. It happened once, That happened about 6 months ago. I thought it was the thermostat not reaching the temperature I set it to. ? And I did have a tie rod problem 2 weeks ago and they replaced it because it was still under warranty. Is there anyway you can upgrade your warranty to 8/80,000 ?? I bought that warranty last year when I purchased the car. Last night my right headlight began to flicker! The more I read the ills of this vehicle the more Im getting upset. I feel for you! Maybe we should all report this to the NSTB and get some kind of recall going. ??
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,027
    I must apologize in advance because this is going to be a bit harsh ...

    i just can't believe you had a tire system problem since brand new and lived with it all this time. If this is true and accurate, you should have lemon lawed this vehicle LONG AGO! Frankly, you have only yourself to blame. No matter what you want to put on Chrysler, it is apparent to me you ignore problems with your vehicle and they get worse as a result of your negligence. 15k miles to your first service??!! That is absurd!

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    Ok, few nights ago I think the liftgate wasn't latched overnight and I woke up to a dead battery. We replaced the battery, and ever since the Electronic Message Center has been OFF, we can not figure out what has happened to it or how to turn it on. I called 2 different dealerships one told me to read the manual (which I already had and it is of NO help), and the other wants me to bring it in. Well after spending $80 on a new battery, I don't have the money to take it in! We bought it used last year, (04), and did not know that we had to purchase the warranty w/in some short time frame (30 days is it?) didn't know that till about 3 mos afterwards...
    Can someone offer any advice as to what could be up with the message center?

    The day after we bought the car we took it in to get the battery replaced, it started to drag after about 2 weeks and we put a new starter on it ourselves. So the battery is the only issue we've ever had (knock on wood)...other than this, I love my car...just a little leery of it now after reading so many complaints and my disapperaing message center.
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    Is it blank all the time, even when you get in and have the door open (it should read "left front door agar")? Does pushing the step or menu buttons do anything?
  • tlharrelltlharrell Member Posts: 4
    My first service was way before 15,000 miles. I do take it in for it's usual service intervals... not like I just run the thing out of oil or anything like that. I don't drag it all the way down to the dealer for such things though. It's much farther away and they charge twice as much. It was at 15K that I took it in to take care of the plastic trim above the driver's door that was warping and tearing itself off the vehicle. Also, the issue with the tire monitoring system. At the time, they kept my vehicle for 2 1/2 weeks! I was borrowing a car during that time, but needed to give it back, so I had to pick up the Pacifica. They told me that they had no clue what was wrong with it. They had torn out the dashboard (which I assumed later because they didn't reinstall the plastic covering the steering column right and I now have several rattles all over the dash). They said they'd take it up with Chrysler and see if they could get more information. Well, I called once a week for about two months, then got frustrated and gave up. Just the tire system wasn't all that big a deal. Wasn't a major selling point in buying the car anyway.

    Well, now I get this issue with the tie rod assembly at 53,000 miles. Only reason I found out about it was because of getting new tires. You can pretty much assume that the tie rod ends didn't go out just at 53,000... it likely happened sooner and I just didn't know about it. I was just starting to notice a slight amount of float in a steering system that had been pretty much firm and precise for the first couple years. With any gradual decline, it's hard to notice until something happens or it gets noticeably sloppy. Well, with any other vehicle known to man, even cheapo stuff, I don't know any car on the road today that has issues with major suspension wear before 200,000 miles, let alone 50K! As far as I'm concerned, that is just not acceptable. If I had read anything stating that I'd be replacing $1500 in suspension parts every 3 years on the thing I'd have just settled for a low end Japanese jobbie or gone for something more reliable like a Range Rover (talk about a garage queen). I just plunked down $500 for tires, my wife's no longer working due to us having our first child, and I'm shelling out over $500 a month for this thing. Chrysler just says "well, it's out of warranty"... so basically I have no idea when I'll be able to save up that $1500 to get it back on the road. So for now it sits in my driveway. I have a scooter, so I ride that to work instead.

    And then last week I have a bad thought.... Racing season opens next Friday. I drive over the hill to the local track pretty much every Friday night. Since I've been reading up on the internet about the issues with the tie rod ends, a couple reports of "complete loss of steering on one side" have caught my eye. Now, I am not a slowpoke driver. I push my vehicles. I drive the Pacifica like a sports car with a fat rear end, and it handles the hills perfectly. Well, what is going to happen after I've fixed this little issue? I plunk down my $1500 and get the broken stuff replaced. What keeps that from happening again. What keeps my vehicle from having one of these "loss of steering" moments? And how painful would it be to find out there's a failure when I'm driving over the hill, carving a hard corner with a rather nasty drop to the outside? I'm actually coming to the conclusion that I don't want this car anymore. I can't rely on it. And I'm supposed to drive my family around in this thing??? Fat chance, eh.

    Oh, and that interior fan issue... I swear it'll make you go nuts if it happens. Can't turn the fan off of high... just keeps on going. Sounds like you're following behind a taxiing 747, just winding up the engines for a takeoff. And it keeps going even after turning off the vehicle! Some other little turd of a module buried somewhere deep in the bowels of the dashboard has obviously taken a dump. God only knows what that's going to cost me to replace... if they can figure out which little plastic box brimming with cabling is the culprit on this issue. Of course, they'll probably charge me $200 again just to tell me that.

    My current hope is that somewhere, someone at Chrysler has some sort of compassion and can take this pile off my hands. I'd be pretty happy if I could get my down payment ($7,000) back and just have them take the car off my hands. Consider the last three years of payments "rent". Take the piece of garbage and call it quits on milking me for every cent.

    Oh, and my wife is reading up on these monstrosities as well... finds some article regarding the fuel system leaking and causing engine fires... great. Another fine mess.

    I lament being a poor sap who fell for the sleek lines of this vehicle. The temptation of all that buttery tan leather and the onyx green exterior was too much for me. That 10 way power adjustable seat beckoned to me, promising to remember every crease of my backside. They got me, hook, line and sinker... and they reeled me in... and sold me this big boat anchor! I sometimes consider hanging out outside the dealership with a sign board, trying to warn people away from these cars. I wonder if I will ever be able to be rid of it.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,027
    can you point me to these fuel system fire articles?

    by the way, a Range Rover is FAAARRRR from reliable. And never something that should be owned out of warranty. If you did, you'd be reminiscing about the good old days in your Pacifica.

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  • tlharrelltlharrell Member Posts: 4
    Well, I've found out that a friend of mine is in the parts business. He looked up the refurbished version of what dealership wants over $800 for, and it's about $280. Well, he can also help me install it. So, I figure my days of the Pacifica sitting in the driveway slowly rusting to death are soon to be over? Yeah, right. Apparently, there's a big rush on these parts and they're out of stock... more or less constantly. It'd be easier to purchase half a dozen Nintendo Wii's than the tie rod assembly for one Pacifica. *Groan*. I'm just about to light this piece of crap on fire and collect the insurance. I can't leave it unlocked in a bad area, because I was stupid and got LoJack installed in it. Of course, it's been undriveable since December, and I've been shelling out my $500+ a month in payments still.

    Please, for all sense of decency there is left on the internet... please don't buy a Pacifica... and don't let friends buy a Pacifica. Heck, I wouldn't wish this pile of junk on an enemy!
  • tlharrelltlharrell Member Posts: 4
    Here ya go QBrozen:

    NHTSA Campaign Number: 03V471000
    Recall Date: NOV 04, 2003
    Potential Number Of Units Affected: 9579
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,027
    oh, the way i read it before, i thought you had an actual article of this happening. a recall does not an event make. i'm not belittling your troubles, but it seems like you have enough to worry about without getting worked up about problems that might could have happened if all the moons aligned properly. Trust me, most cars have their potentially dangerous problems that never come to fruition.

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  • calty22calty22 Member Posts: 2
    jsager, We just purchased a used (04) AWD model 2 days ago, and the Electronic message system is dead. We are taking it back to the deal this Monday. But has anyone else had this happen? The message center is "dead" all the time, even when the key is out, it doesn't say "door ajar" or anything. Even when started up.
    Some other quirks i've found in our 48 hours of ownership:
    - climate control display has randomly faded 2 times
    - Tire pressure monitor came on for the drive to work
    although all tires were in good shape.

    I'm hoping these are quirks that are fairly common and this car isn't a :lemon:
  • b25nutb25nut Member Posts: 202
    The climate displays on most '04s, it seems, were bad. I had mine replaced in '03. What message are you getting on the tire pressure? Is it saying the pressure is too high? I've found most service people put to much pressure in the tires.
  • jsagerjsager Member Posts: 3
  • calty22calty22 Member Posts: 2
    i couldn't see the tire pressure message because the EVIC is out. It was just tire pressure indicator light was on. I had to take this vehicle to the dealer yesterday as the engine light came on. The code was reading a small evaporative leak, but i have to get it reset at the dealers. My first 4 days of ownership with this car has not been good. I sure hope it makes up for it.
  • jsagerjsager Member Posts: 3
    Yes, mine is dead alllll the time. I have no idea what happened to it. I still haven't taken it in for service. Nearly everyday I stare at the blank screen and wish I knew what was wrong with it. I haven't had any problems with any of the other lights or gauges (knock on wood). Aside from the payment and my broken message center, I love my car...but must admit, I'm a little leery of it these days....
  • jamesutzjamesutz Member Posts: 4

    I bought a 2007 Touring model and was wondering if anybody has tried to upgrade it to have automatic headlights, like are offered in the Limited model?

  • kkodalkkodal Member Posts: 34
    i have an 05 touring and i am not sure if it would be the same for 07's but i just bought a auto dim electrochromatic rear view mirror and got the signal stalk that has the auto headlight option on it and it is working like the limited is on automaticly.good luck with your upgrade.
    KKODAL :shades:
  • rlw001rlw001 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone found the cause of the blank display and what is required to make it work again?


  • luthibluthib Member Posts: 2
    Did you upgrade your headlights? If so, how did it go? I am looking to do the same thing.
  • luthibluthib Member Posts: 2
    Can some one with a Limited (with the Automatic Headlights) please pull the Light/Signal stick out and tell me if there are any of the pins vacant in the connector. I have the Touring and would like to upgrade to the Automatic Headlights. I have the Auto-Dimming mirrors and want to know if I can just buy the Light Stick for the Limited to make it work. My Light stick is missing 3 of the pins.
  • ml_victimml_victim Member Posts: 3
    I bought a 2007 Pacifica recently with 15k miles on it. Over the past 2 weeks the horn has started going off unexpectedly while driving or when the car is turned off sitting in the driveway. Sometimes it lasts for 20-30 seconds. Yesterday it went off 9 times while driving.

    The dealership told me they could not find anything wrong (of course it didn't go off when the car was at the dealer).

    Has anyone had this problem? Overall were very happy with the car but I'm concerned that the problem is electrical and this is only the beginning.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 32,027
    when it happens, is the horn blaring steady for 20-30 seconds? or pulsating?

    if pulsating, sounds like a security system problem.

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  • ml_victimml_victim Member Posts: 3
    It's steady for 20-30 seconds. I got it back from the dealership today and it went off in the driveway 10 minutes after I got it home. I'm taking it back next week. Will report the outcome here just in case others run into this problem.
  • rodman5rodman5 Member Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica we had it for about 3 weeks and the Power Seats Quit working. We checked the obviouse fuse and it looked good. Is their a relay I am not seeing. Help!!!.
  • madmacxxxmadmacxxx Member Posts: 4
    Dear 3rd RX,

    I read your post (dated 3/31/04) regarding how to remove the headslight assembly for a 2004 Pacifica. Unfortunately for me, even after removing the 2 screws and sliding my hand below the housing (as you suggested), I'm still having difficulty. Your message indicated that there is a "locking bracket at the bottom" of the assembly housing. My problem is that even with the rubber bumber depressed and my hand grabbing the assembly from below, I can not slide it out. It feels like there is still something holding the headlight housing in place at the bottom (toward the left side). Can you (or anyone else) offer any more tips? I'm applying a decent amount of force, and I'm afraid that if I push/pull much more, I might break something.

    Does anyone know where I can find an online diagram of the passanger side headlight assembly? Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer! Happy Holidays! :confuse: :mad:
  • carenmcarenm Member Posts: 4
    reply to madmacxx
    my husband and I removed the assembly and it was quite difficult, this was close to 2 yrs ago .Im wracking my brain trying to recall exactly what we did.we too were also worried that we'd break something, but we didnt. I do know we really had to pull hard and it did release itself.sorry, i dont have any diagrams, but my advice is to really pull on the assembly, it wont break.
  • fshdreemr96fshdreemr96 Member Posts: 2
    Just wondering if you found the connector to the red wire coming out of the rubber unit? It connects to a two pole connector behind the rubber grommet the wires pass through. The problem is reaching it. It's pretty tight quarters and I've been trying to get at it. Any luck?

    Mike M.
  • fshdreemr96fshdreemr96 Member Posts: 2
    I just installed a trailer hitch wiring harness on my Pacifica, and there is a red wire coming off of the rubber unit that connects to a two prong connector located behind a rubber grommet on the tail light panel (drivers side). Problem is accessing the connector. Are there any access panels or openings that I can open to get to it?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Miami, Florida
  • 72chvytruckfan72chvytruckfan Member Posts: 1
    Both tail and front side marker lights are not working. Also, fog lights won't stay on, but go out after turned on - lights on dim. Any ideas out there. Thanks. First time on.
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