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Chrysler Pacifica: Electrical/Lighting Problems



  • I have the exact same problem with my 2004 Pacifica. Here's a synopsis of the circuit. The fuse in the power distribution panel under the hood feeds the circuit breaker--I believe embedded or under the power distribution panel. The power then goes to the seats control modules I believe in the door panels which are then connected to the seat position memory function.
    When my seats stop working, I pull the fuse for about 10 minutes and then replace the fuse. The seat movement function is restored. I've also disabled the selection for the memory. My hunch is that the memory function is sending a signal through the control module to one of the motors which then are at the extreme, and do not cut off. This in turn causes the circuit breaker to overheat and "pop" which then cannot reset because it remains overheated.
    We need to post this complaint on the NHTSA website under the vehicle complaints.
    (If this continues to be a problem for me, instead of paying the outrageous dealer labor charges and parts costs, I will wire (14 gauge wire) a fused circuit from the battery to the door switches and cut out the entire circuit as designed.)
  • Check my reply today to another owner with power seat failures....
  • I have a 2007 PAC touring with 16,000 miles. I cannot get heat to the floor. Heat only comes out of dash or defrost. I repearedly tried different settings on heating control but heat will not blow to floor. Very cold In Chicago and feet are freezing. Also windows freeze constantly with any cold and moisture. Winter is miserable with PAC. :(
  • Help! I'm having difficulties with my 2004 Pacifica windshield fogging up. If I vent a window, the fog will disappear (but it gets a little cool at minus 20 celsius!). If I do not vent, but opt to put all the air flow on the windshield, it will eventually freeze up and reduce my visibility greatly. My dealership can not get my vehicle into the shop for another month. Suggestions?
  • help......I started my crysler pacifica and the head lights wouldnt come on. i have an '05 model... the brights will work, hazards work, tail lights work, no low beams though. The bulbs dont seem to be burned out but I dont know. Funny how i go to turn on the car and ,all of a sudden, both lights dont work. didnt see any signs of failure before just stopped working. Any suggestions would be helpful, either to fix problem or ways to diagnose the problem. like i said the wire inside the bulb doesnt seem to be burned out and all fuses are motor also making noise under the lower part of dash/floorboard, passenger side,area when turning on the heat.....last chrysler i by!!!!! We had a 89 Grand Carvan growing up, Transmission went out every 5 thousand miles.....after about 30,000 miles... Dont know why i gave them a second chance..... guess i love the bad we cant make a good car anymore.
  • I had the same problem when i came out to start my car at night. It didn't look like my left bulb was burnt either. After trying for a long time to get my light bulb, i went to the dealer and asked how i would get it off. They said it would take an hour to get being that you had to take off the bumper. I was ******* pissed, so i go and buy a new set of bulbs in case the other one decides to take a crap on me. I went to my bros and he tells me that I just gotta take the two black screws off that are under the hood. They are just above the grille, after that loosen the headlights fastening screw. Pull out the light, don't be scared, the bottom of the light has a pin type mechanism that slides into a groove on the when your putting it back on look under the light and see if it matches up with the groove. If not you'll be rigging your lights. Oh yeah another thing, Remember how you took your bulb out of the socket, it took me a while cause the locking device was snug. Hope all works out for you. Overall, it only took me 30 min. tops. Damn retarded dealers," Take off the bumper" HAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Hello,
    Checking if anyone else has had this issue or knows anything. After the big snow storm (dont know if it has to do with it) my check engine light came on, then the whole inst. cluster started flashing, every light going on, the speedometer went up and down and the RPMs also. The Nav flashed a "speed cable not connected" sign. when I got to my destination, all the lights were on, I turned the car off. I went back to my PAC after giving it about an hour to calm down, then the inst. cluster was blank...... nothing..... on speedometer, no lights, no gas gauge, nothing. I drove it away anyway, after about 20 minutes it popped back on, but now the message center said "services immobilizer" and where the miles are said "no bus"
    I went home, after realizing I was out of microwave popcorn I went to the store and found it to be acting normal......Im so confused....any ideas? :shades:

    Oh yeah, i have a 04 pac awd

    Also.... Does the tire pressure message center tell you guys WHICH tire is high or low? dealer said it is but mine doesnt....
  • All the dummy lights started going on and off on my 04 Pacifica today too! It actually started to act up a couple months ago and I replaced the battery and the alternater then. It drove ok for a while, but the dummy lights would still come on sometimes 1 or 2 or 3 of them on and off, but the car drove ok. Went to AutoZone and they said the engine light came on because the gas cap was not on securely. Today the dummy lights really started going crazy, the car died at Wal Mart. After sitting about 15 min it started. Tried to drive it and the ABS light started flashing and all the dummy lights, event the Airbag light, and the car acted like the brakes were on then it would speed up on its own and the headlights kept going more dim. The car was acting like it was possessed! I was afraid to drive it home and happened to be near the Chrysler dealer so I left it parked there. They were closed, so I left the key and a note in the night drop. I hope and pray they can figure out what is wrong with it and fix it. I really liked this car and did not want to get rid of it. Just wonder how many Pacifica owners have had this problem.
  • yeah, that is weird..... although I do have to say It never effected the driving, I heard someone else say in a different forum to turn the key to: on, acc, on, acc, on..... and a trouble code will tell you anything wrong with it, Im going to try it out tomorrow.
  • There might be something to the gas cap idea, as strange as it may seem, I filled the car up with gas today and everything was fixed.... the engine light turned off and everything......
  • My 04 Pacifica was repaired today, they said the connection to the alternater was burned up and they replaced it and it is running fine now. We will see how it does. I will update to let you know if I have any more problems or if it does ok. The gas cap thing, if it does not seal tight it does cause the engine light to stay on. They seem to be very sensitive. Someone else I know that has an 05 Pacifica had that happened to them also!
  • pacmompacmom Posts: 1
    I had same problem,my problem started after I was hit in an accident from behind. I took it to the local chrysler dealer. They said the problem was the control module which was covered by the factory warranty. I read online that this is part of a recall on the 04 & 05 Pacifica. I would call the dealer and ask about this. :D
  • I have an 04 Pac, when I turn the key to the ACC everything works. When I start the car the heater, windsheild wipers, windows, and radio don't work. If any one has an idea of what is happening please send me an e-mail. Any suggestions are welcome!
  • Well I had mine fixed about a month ago, and my engine light came on AGAIN a couple days ago, I am scared it might be an electrical problem. I hate to keep sinking money into it. I really think I am going to have to swallow my losses and get rid of it, sorry to say, cause I really did love this car.
  • Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an 05 Pac? I'm not going to spend $140 for the entire book. I need to know what the wires are running to the PCM.
  • nupromonupromo Posts: 1
    I just purchased an '05 Pacifica... Touring AWD. 51200 miles, loaded and was a pretty good deal

    1. While headlights are on, and all buttons are lit - I am missing light behind the Temp & Pwr buttons. Any idea what the process is to get this fixed? 1 or 2 bulbs? removal process for the heating unit to reach the bulb?

    2. Are the Cruise buttons on the steering wheel light up? They do not right now, should they? I hope so, cannot see them in the dark.

    3. Auto on/off headlight option... is missing from this vehicle. My last 4 vehicles had this option - they were from 2000. I mean come on!! Is it true that only the auto dimming mirror and a new turn signal stick will provide this option? (Mirror 4894387AA & Turn signal 4685956AC) Are these difficult to install?

    Thanks in advance!!
  • dundee72dundee72 Posts: 2
  • dundee72dundee72 Posts: 2
    My back portion of the seat will not move. You can hear a click noise when you push the button, but the back portion will not move forward or aft.

    The overall seat will move forward and aft when you push that button. The seat heats fine.

    Any suggestions?
  • I see there are several issues with the power seats on the Pacifica. Has anyone solved this issue. The suggestion about removing the fuse by "carsaddict" does not work on my 04. Both sets of seats do not work at this time. They both make a clicking noise which does indicate power to the seats so I know it isn't the fuse. You can actually feel them pulse.
  • I just retrieved my Pacifica from the dealer this morning, and my seats are working fine--having just lightened my savings to the tune of $1,732. including the tow to have the vehicle taken to the dealer.

    10 days ago, I stopped at the bank on the way to work--the seats had ceased working a few days before with no success getting them restored. When I went to restart the car, nothing happened. The instrument panel lit up and all seemed okay, except the starter motor would not even engage. This after havning just driven the car about 5 miles moments before. The message center had a message "SERVICE DISABLED."

    Wnen the car got to the dealer, it took them two days to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Battery acid had somehow dripped from the battery tray onto a major wiring bundle/harness connector beneath the battery, corroded the connections, and then shorted out some of the circuits. The end result was that the harness ends had to be "re-wired" and the PCM, the trans contol module and the speed sensor were all fried.
  • Sounded like some real good fun just prior to the holidays. Was your Pacifica still having you reset the seats every so often? My seats have not worked for about a year or so. I am too cheap to get them fixed at the dealer. Most of the time they just replace everything and this usually fixes the problem at a huge expense. so I refuse to do it for the seats. I have 77K on the car and besides the seats and the tie rod ends the car has been pretty good to me.
  • Strange--the word "fun" wasn't in the list of words I was thinking.... nope, still not there!
    Up until this event, I had been able to pull the No. 8 fuse for 10-15 minutes to reset the CB, but with this occurence, that did not work. Today they are working perfectly--however, if they do go out again--on the assumption it is not the major wiring issue, I will jumper a wire from the battery (fused) to the switches in the doors, and by pass the control modules.

    The service manual states that to diagnose the door panel systems (windows, seats, mirrors) to use the "DRB III tester." Anyone know how much one of these costs? or where to obtain one?
  • Seen a few on Ebay. Mostly from shut down Chrysler dealers which I am assuming will be a growing trend. Cost around 300. Although in looking at them, they appear to be more focused on transmissions rather than doors.
  • Hi

    I am having the same issue with my 04 pacifica, did you get any solution to this problem? I have complained to the dealership and they say it's a problem with the pacificas. Now if that is the case must someone die in an accident before they address this issue. It is scary dangerous driving, I have to be winding down the windows when ever I want to change lane or merge. This is just crazy!
  • bmore2kcbmore2kc Posts: 1
    Just got my 05 back from the dealer and he stated that I had to get a new driver side seat switch in order for my seat to operate properly. Has anyone changed out the switch and if so what was the outcome?
  • sashay23sashay23 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a used 06 Pacifica 2months ago. The first night the check engine light came on so that Mon I took it back and it was supposedly the O2 sensor...had that checked and the next day the check engine light was back on. A week later, the ABS and brake light started flashing on and off, causing the radio to cut out so Ive been complaining about this to the dealer and since have had it in the repair shop 5 times(including today). 2 days ago, the car cut off in the middle of an intersection and now whenever I start it and drive off, it acts as if it's going to cut off...has anyone experienced this?
  • My 04 Pacifica did something similar last year, all my dummy lights were flashing and we barely got it down the road a couple miles to leave it at the Chrysler dealer. The Chrysler dealer was able to fix it. They said the connection to the alternator was burned up.They replaced that part and it ran fine. My check engine light came on again recently and my neighbor plugged a computer in to it and it said there was a problem with a sensor but not serious. If you can get your car over to an Auto Zone they can plug it into the computer and give you an idea of what may be wrong, Where I live Auto Zone doesn't charge for this service. I haven't had the check engine light fixed yet, it is still running fine though.
  • nik96nik96 Posts: 2
    have you fixed this elec problem....I had this same problem but I fixed it....let me know.....
  • Thank you for your reply. My check engine light is still on, but the car has been running ok.
  • not2latenot2late Posts: 2
    Looks like I am having the same problem as everyone else. I have an 06 Pac. The break light will come up and will lose the radio for a sec. It bothered me but I the car was fine. Today all the instrument lights came up and the car just stopped while I was waiting at a stop light. I wonder if the burnt alternator cable is covered under the extended warranty I bought.
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