Mazda MX-5 Miata (2006 and Newer)

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This is a new forum to discuss the (confirmed) rumor about the new MX-5 Hard Top, due to be release late this year as a 2007 model. There is little information at this stage. Please feel free to post opinions and/or information as more become available. Here's a taste:

2007 MAZDA MX-5

Product Information Bulletin

May 18, 2006

Last year the newly redesigned MX-5 won the prestigious Japan Car of the Year award as well as being named a Car and Driver 10 best car. Mazda is pleased to announce that for the 2007 model year we are adding a groundbreaking power retractable hard top to the lineup. The power retractable hard top will be the most affordable retractable hard top in the industry in addition to being the only one which does not take up any trunk space. Additionally we expect the open and close time to be class leading. This feature will surely bring in many new customers.



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    Looks like a power retractable hard top, with a power operated cover. I was hoping for a manual top (to keep weight down). No figures yet on price, weight, etc. Also still no word on a Mazdaspeed MX-5 - we may have to wait a few more years?
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    I bet we have to wait until 2008-2009 before we see a Mazdaspeed MX-5 again.

    When I get my price spec sheet, I will post
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    to capture all generic topics related to the third generation MX-5 including the Hardtop.
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    No problem. And here are a couple more pictures of the retractable hard top:

    Full Coverage: Retractable Hardtop for Mazda MX-5


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    Just bought a 2006 MX-5 and love it. I looked at nearly all the competitors out there and just felt the MX-5 had the right feel and the right price. A few comments and questions, if I may. I like the MX-5 name as opposed to Miata. Not sure why, perhaps it just sounds sportier. To all those who think the MX-5/Miata is a chick's car, I say grow-up macho man. Regarding the hardtop, to me if I am buying a convertible I want a rag top, the retractable hardtop is just wrong. Its like driving with the top down and the windows up. A couple of questions. Is it truly not good for the top to leave it down for short periods of time (like a few days)? Can anyone recommend a cleaning product for the vinyl top or is any vinyl cleaner ok? I have a compass in my rearview mirror in my other car that I have come to depend on. Anyone have ideas about putting something similar in the MX-5? My only regret is that I did not get the upgraded seven speaker sound system. Does anyone know if the three additional speakers are actually in the car just not hooked-up or do they actually install the additional speakers when the system is upgraded? Dumb question, right? Thanks.
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    When people try to assault my masculinity by saying it's a chick's car I explain to them that the Boxster is the chick's car :)

    P.S. The Brits refer to Miatas as a "hairdresser's car"! And it just won Roadster of the Year in the UK. I say to them - get out the hairspray ;)
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    It was also "Care Of The Year" in Japan! To be honest, I see more men driving them then women.

    Also, notice how the big, masculine, gas guzzling SUV's are mostly driven by women??

    I agree with you on the chick car.
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    Did you guys get a "valet" key with your new vehicle?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    no valet key.
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    I'm the proud new owner of my 1st Miata. It's an 06'Limited with black interior (1407/3500). I've noticed a white dot on the drivers rear tail light lenses, it looks purposefully put there by a paint pen maybe or it might just be a error. Is this a factory check or a point
    for a sensor to read? It's about an eighth inch in diameter in the center. Thanks
  • philmx5philmx5 Member Posts: 8
    I don't have a Limited Edition MX-5 but there are no dots on my rear tail lights.
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    I was also set to buy 2006 MX-5 but have decided to order the new 2007 RHT instead. Top down, it's the same thrilling ride as the soft top. Top up, it will have better handling, stiffer ride, quieter cabin, and better security than the soft top version. New top does not take any trunk space, will take 12 seconds to raise or lower, and only adds about 70lbs to car. It's a little pricier but no more than someone buying a removeable hard top for their soft top car. And, with retractable, I won't have to decide before I leave the house whether to bolt hard top or not. IMO, the RHT raises the ante and brings some new practicality that many other roadsters won't be able to match. The MX-5 soft version will still be available for those who prefer it but I think the RHT is going to be a big hit once people start seeing them on the street later this year. Zoom zoom!
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    The pricing is the big question right now. I agree with your assesment though. I am sure it will be priced on top of equivalent base GT (currently $25K), so we are talking close to $28K without any option packages. Still worth it especially if it is an everyday driver year round.

    Anyone got any firm pricing?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    still no pricing yet. I'm guessing it will start roughly $1,500-$2,000 over each current trim level.
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    I'm guessing it will start roughly $1,500-$2,000 over each current trim level.

    I've been hearing numbers quite a bit higher...but nothing solid.
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    I am just wondering, what other cars did you test~drive? What did you think about them?
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    I drove a used Nissan 350Z which I loved but it just felt too big and flashy (and expensive). A used BMW Z3 which I thought had a similar feel to the MX-5 but not quite as smooth. I also didn't want the BMW repair bills. The Mini Cooper was too small and I really only wanted a two-seater. They wouldn't let me drive a Saturn Sky but just sitting it in it felt too big and I hated the expansive and cheap looking dash board, difficult operation of the top, and lack of storage/trunk space. Same for the Soltice. The Audi TT was ok but I didn't want front wheel drive.

    I was not a big Miata fan before the 2006 model and my wife was surprised when I told her I was going to look them. But in the end, I felt the MX-5 was the right size, handled great, looks nice, priced right, and has a great reputation for reliability. The 2006 model just seemed to have everything going for it and no negatives. I have had it about 5 weeks now and put about 800 miles on it and I love it. Everyone that sees it comments on what a nice job Mazda did with the redesign. If you are looking at roadsters, don't buy one without giving the MX-5 a try.
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    I've been hearing numbers quite a bit higher...but nothing solid

    I have been hearing a bunch of different numbers too.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    Sport w/5 speed manual $24,910
    Touring w/6 speed manual $25,660
    Touring w/6 speed AT $26,760
    Grand Touring w/6 speed manual $26,920
    Grand Touring w/6 speed AT $28,020

    All prices are MSRP and include Mazda destination charge of $560.

    It looks like I was right in assuming $2000 over rag top trim lines. :D :shades:
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    I purchased a 2006 with the normal softtop and am quite pleased with its top up experience. Looking at the details of the retractable top, I wonder if the storage boxes behind each seat and above the center console will disappear to make the top fit in the existing well. I also wonder about the "estimated" 75 pound penalty for this top. Seems to me it would be more...well see.

    As for the need for this top, I think this is sending the car in the wrong direction (I'm guessing most buyers of this top will get the automatic...) The car is supposed to be modern but minimalistic and Mazda supposedly went to a lot of trouble to reduce weight (no spare! for example) and now this top? I went and got a space saving spare that fits in the trunk (I use the car as a toy to go to and from the office in Washington DC and really don't want to have the car towed because our crappy streets damaged a wheel or tire more than the silly foam fill up kit could handle.)

    Finally, if I want a real retractable hardtop to drive I'll just go into my garage and drive my 1959 Ford Skyliner Retractable.
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    but the effective net difference might be more like $3K if these puppies don't get discounted as much.
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    Hi. I am also a proud owner of a limited edition MX5, 2006 (246/3500) and no there is no white dot on my tail lense. I do have a question however. The other day a rattle noise started. This occurs when the car is running and is in neutral with the clutch not depressed. The dealer says this is normal, but it never happened before. Dealer says it is "over gearing" or something like that. Have you had the same problem. I have a service appt. set up.
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    My car doesn't do this. Sounds like the usual "they all do it" response whenever a dealer can't be bothered to step up to the plate and admit something needs attention.
  • gypsy123gypsy123 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate that. Yes, I was a bit miffed at the fact the dealer gave me that guip answer too. I intend to make that fully known when I bring it in for service. Both my husband and I have read other owners opinions of this car and no one is having this same problem. So, for the Dealer to state that "It is normal" is very upsetting. I have a different rattle noise also in the passenger side dash or passenger side door, and the same person at the dealer said, are you sure the sound isnt coming from the lever that operates the convertible top? I said absolutely not. He replied that "I must be the first".
    Wish me luck.
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    When I picked up my new MX5 from the dealership and drove out of the lot, I did not get but three miles from the dealership when the check engine light came on. I immediately called the salesman as the service desk was closed. He made an appointment for me for the next morning. The car was driveable. Upon evaluation, I was told that my car needed a new Cataletic (sp?)Converter!!
    I was very angry. The dealer received it Fed Ex the next day and installed it. Then the entire exhaust system coded out when they ran a check!! I was told that most likely the car sat for a period of time on the ocean freight liner when it was out of gas, and this was why this happened. Well, not that I can understand that an empty gas tank could cause the entire exhaust system to fail, I had to correct the service manager. He had forgotten that the dealership in fact had let it run out of gas. I know this because I wanted to take it for a test drive and they thought the battery was dead. They tried to jump the car and it did not work. I was finally told that the car was out of gas. This is how I know. Anyway...this was the only limited edition available at the time around here, so I did not want to return it to the dealer. In order to fix the car, the dealer had to remove a complete exhaust system from another MX5 and put it on my car. It has been ok since then, but I am wondering if anyone else may have experienced this type of problem with their brand new car, or heard of such a crazier thing happening due to the car running out of gas.
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    Sounds like the usual "they all do it" response whenever a dealer can't be bothered to step up to the plate and admit something needs attention.

    now think about what you just makes no sense. Why wouldn't the dealer want to "step up to the plate" and fix a problem?
  • philmx5philmx5 Member Posts: 8
    You ask why wouldn't a dealer want to step up to the plate and fix a problem. I can't answer that but I believe there are such dealers out there. I haven't experienced it with my new Mazda but can tell you I have experienced such treatment. I bought a new Subaru Outback 6 years ago and within 2 months the windshield had 3 separate cracks in it. I took it back to the dealer explaining that I felt it was not installed properly had was getting stress cracks. They insisted I had rocks hit it. I tried to reason with them explaining in my nearly 20 years of owning multiple cars I had a total of one other crack. Regardless they wouldn't do anything (not even pay my insurance deductible). I replaced the windshield on my own and amazingly six years later, no cracks in the new windshield. Needless to say I never went back to that dealer for service and am very quick to steer others away from going there. Why they don't step up to the plate is something only they can answer. I agree it doesn't makes sense (but it does happen).
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    I love the manual drop top as it is a quick up or down at a stop light with no worries.

    I have left mine down a few time for a while. It collects dirt without the boot. The newer manual with the outside facing up is nice.

    Cleaning? Simple Green took off 6 years worth of dirt off my tan top and made it look brand spanking new with no ill effects on the top that I ever could see. I used it with a brush with bristles.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    In all fairness, it was not to dealers fault for you having the windshield not installed properly. That would be a Subaru issue. Why should the dealer have to pay out of their pocket for something that was not their fault? If Subaru is not going to back the dealer and give the dealer the money to do the repair, chances are, no dealer will perform that work for free. When it comes to a mechanical issue on a new car, like the previous poster had, the part 9 times out of 10 is warrantied., and the dealer is reimbursed from the manufacturer. So, basically, because Subaru of America did not back up their craftsmenship, you now bad mouth the private dealer. That makes no sense.

    There are instances where dealers do not step up to the plate, when they should, and then there are those that do...I don't think that your case was one of them, but, thats just my opinion.
  • philmx5philmx5 Member Posts: 8
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. IMO the dealer represents Subaru of America and should have stepped up to the plate by calling Subaru of America on their customer's behalf instead of making excuses. (BTW why wouldn't a faulty installation be covered under warranty? The place that installed the new one provided a warranty.) For $50 that dealer lost untold business. Now that makes no sense. Anyway, not worth belaboring the point any further. I have no complaints with my Mazda dealer. They have contacted me twice after the sale to make sure everthing is ok. I would not hesitate to send customers their way. :)
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    Where did you get the '07 prices? I have been searching the web with no luck.

    I am pleased to see that the hardtop will be available in the "Sport" trim.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    Where did you get the '07 prices?

    They are on my dealer system. I don't think they are posted to the public yet. They are correct.

    I do not think that this will be a vehicle that is produced in the masses like the regular MX-5. I was only allocated 1 last month. But, I guess we will see.

    Apparently, it is supposed to be the fastest power retractable hard top on the market! I can't wait.
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    Any idea of when dealerships will get the RHT in stock? I am struggling in a purchase decision between the MX-5 and a Nissan 350Z. I love them both for different reasons. If I get the Z I am getting a 2005 anniversary edition with about 10K miles on it. It is a wonderful car, but then I look at the MX-5 and I really enjoy it as well. I would love to be able to test the RHT model before deciding.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Member Posts: 6,249
    It's a mazda, discounts are the norm.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    Any idea of when dealerships will get the RHT in stock?

    Hopefully, November/December. Could be earlier.

    The MX-5 and the 350Z are two totally different cars. However, the MX-5 is a true roadster and owns a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for most 2-seater roadsters sold. Also has as close to a bullet proof track record as you can get, with great resale value.

    The 350Z I have found to be great moving in a straight line. Lots of power. It's handling leaves much to be desired.

    It all depends on what you are looking for. Good Luck.
  • gputzgputz Member Posts: 49
    I do not think that this will be a vehicle that is produced in the masses like the regular MX-5. I was only allocated 1 last month. But, I guess we will see.

    My local dealer said he is only getting one as well. Probably a Grand Touring with all the options. And, forget the prices quoted above, this will be a rare car for those who are willing to pay WAY above sticker to get something unique... just like the original Miata.... Too bad.
  • gputzgputz Member Posts: 49
    My local dealer says he will be sticking to MSRP for upcoming orders on the RHT. What do people think about the demand for this car? Is MSRP a good price or would a smart buyer wait six months and hope the car does not have a waiting list with a premium over MSRP? There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest or demand yet... Will anyone want these? I live in the northeast and a hardtop is more appealing than a fabric or vinyl roof. Is that a common opinion?
  • manybmwsmanybmws Member Posts: 347
    If I didn't have 2 cars I would buy the HT. I assume MSRP will be the norm up here in the Northeast. Inventory of the soft tops is going up in the Boston area so discounts on 2006s should be good though.
  • aquaticexploreaquaticexplore Member Posts: 89
    Have a 06 GT (Grand touring). Within 1 week, large door speaker would give totally distorted sound about 10-20% of start ups. Trim below drivers door squeaks on entry and egress. Bose auto sound adjustment doesn't work. Took it in - speaker acting up earlier that morning but not at dealer. Service manager said they would not look at it as it would ocnstitute fraud to work on a 'sound' car. I could not believe it and told him it was not everyday that I sought to have my new car door pulled apart for no reason. Also wouldn't unplug driver seat belt chime even though owner's manual instructs owners to get dealer to turn it off if you desire. I bought this car because of its outstanding quality reputation. So far like the car a lot, hate the bugs and the terrible dealer (mis)service.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Member Posts: 6,249
    Wait. Like all Mazdas the price will drop. Eventually - within 6-8 months it'll be at invoice or near. within a year it'll be a sub-invoice car like just about everything else they sell. Mazda sells great cars but their target market is a niche - people who like to drive - so generally their cars sell for far less than msrp.
  • gputzgputz Member Posts: 49

    I just placed my first allocation order for 2 2007 MX-5 RHT(Retractable Hard Top)yesterday.

    1 Stormy Blue with Saddle RHT GT/6 Speed with Premium Package and 1 Copper Red with Saddle RHT GT/Auto.

    Has anyone seen the new Stormy Blue Metallic? Is that the color seen in most of the RHT promos? Lighter or darker than Stratos Blue?

    Upcoming RHT - Mazda site

  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    I checked the status of my first MX-5 Power Retractable Hard Top, and it is on the water, headed my way! I should have it on my lot come end of September!
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    name a car company that actually sells their vehicles at or near MSRP for anything longer then 6 months? Honda no, those are given away. Toyota, nope, given away as well. Any American vehicle besides the Vette and Mustang? Nope. Not even Lexus or Acura are sold at MSRP. I have a friend that works for a BMW dealership, and even those are given away close to invoice!!

    I'm a dealer and I believe MSRP is a ficticous number. Of course, I am going to always try and sell a vehicle at the number, that's my job, but, it is tough to do ,unless it is a vehicle of high demand.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Member Posts: 6,249
    I love mazdas but compared to the big dogs like Lexus, toyota, honda, it's nigh impossible for them to sell at close to msrp. Hell, the Mazdaaspeed6 started on dealer lots with 2500 dealer cash (lease the car, then buyout the lease).

    I believe compared to other japanese makes, Mazdas have a much tougher time selling at msrp. That's been my experience when shopping for myself and others. Below invoice is often within the realm of possibility for Mazda.

    Regardless, it looks like the RHT will be 2400 more in the UK but that comes with extra packaging too. Hopefully that'll mean less than a 2k bump for the RHT in the USA.
  • gputzgputz Member Posts: 49
    name a car company that actually sells their vehicles at or near MSRP for anything longer then 6 months?

    MINI has been a big exception, but I get your point. I guess it comes down to those with patience usually getting the better deal. I'm just trying to speculate if this WILL be a high demand vehicle, and if so, for how long. Even after the initial novelty wears off, I imagine this will still be something of a lower volume niche car. Purists will stay away because it isn't a "rag" top, but cold winter regions may have a lot of interest...people like me. The unanswerable question is whether or not the demand will be greater than supply over the long-term. That's all that matters.

    It's like trying to time the stock market. Some people guess right and make a profit; others buy at the wrong time and lose money.

    We're probably talking a difference of $2k or so from initial peak to the discounted lifecycle so we'll have to decide if it's worth risking "overpaying" about that much.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Member Posts: 3,159
    With the pricing I have received from Mazda, it is about a $2K bump in price for each trim level.

    It probably will sell at MSRP for quite some time, but, this is the car business, ya never know what will happen...

    I do happen to agree with selling Mazda's a lower price to compete with other [non-permissible content removed] brands to some extent. One reason in Honda/Toyota are recognized brands, and people will walk into a dealership and just pick out a color, and sign papers. Here at Mazda, we have to work a bit harder for the sale, because Mazda is not as well known. Mazda makes great cars, but, they are very small. Every deal comes down to dollars and cents, and if selling low makes them go, then that is what we will do.
  • manybmwsmanybmws Member Posts: 347
    Hey folks - the HT has no roadster competition until the high $40s with an SLK. This will push the price higher if the demand is there. VW EOS is interesting but not as sports oriented.
  • gputzgputz Member Posts: 49
    I've decided to wait for at least a few months before considering a RHT. I am interested in the GT model with suspension and Premium pkgs and at MSRP, the price is just too high. Bottom line, this will approach $31k and I think that may be a difficult price point to maintain for this car.

    I also read a review that highlighted the significant changes made to the car to support the RHT. This is much more than just a power roof.

    The top opening had to be enlarged to allow the new mechanism and this weakened the body structure. Additional body reinforcements had to be specified. F/R balance and center of mass points have changed and the suspension was reworked to compensate. The reviewer praised the effort but said the feel of the RHT is somewhat "less brisk" and "more refined". I'm sure it's very close to the soft top, but I expect those looking for a no compromise sports car will not be drawn to the RHT. This car may attract new customers who prefer style and function over driving experience.

    I think waiting until early next year (middle of winter here) will be a better time to buy... I'll find out! ;)
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Member Posts: 6,249
    24k for the base Mazda RHT? Nice! If one can live with the normal headlights, that's a 22-23k hardtop convertible.

    Add on the xenon package and you're at maybe 27-28k before normal discounts. Wow. tractable-hard-top/
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