AWD with pop up rear hatch window

badrodeobadrodeo Member Posts: 3
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I own a 05 Pontiac Vibe AWD which is the GM version of Toyota Matrix . Pontiac body styling put on a Corolla wagon. This has a pop up rear hatch window which was last offered in 08 and there are no used 08 Vibe's or Matrix AWD units available in the North East. I am looking for a subcompact or compact AWD wagon 08 to 2012 with a pop up rear hatch window. The car Hunting sites don't have a way to focus on this feature. Any ideas out there in the real car guru world? Appreciate feed back thanks Dave


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    Honda Pilot (older), the old Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota Highlander, Lexus GX, Nissan Armada.
  • badrodeobadrodeo Member Posts: 3
    thanks but I want subcompact or compact small 4cyl prefer to find 08 Matrix AWD
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