Doors unlocking, Locking, motor looses power, when going over pumps after car is warm

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I have tried to many times to get someone to answer this issues, from spending over a thousand dollars with not an answer, it started suddenly going over a bump the door locks began to open and close on there own, it got worse to where that would begin, and the motor would bog down. the vehicle works while cold when warm its undrivable, my wife and kids were almost in a serious accidengt because of this and now the vehicle I once loved sits in my drive way???? can anyone please help with some idea I see this now way to often, what will it take someone to perish before GMC realizes there is an issue


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    When you've got a "ghost" like this, the problem has to be diagnosed while the issue is happening in real time, with diagnostic equipment hooked up. That way, the technician can freeze the data at the point of trouble and analyze what might be going on. This one could be tricky.

    Take a look at this website, and click on "repair shops"--hopefully there is one near you--this list contains the very best and most qualified technicians who know how to work through issues like this. If people are merely guessing, that's both expensive and frustrating because they are operating in the dark.

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