Check engine light does not come on

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Hello, I hv an Infiniti i35 the checke engine light doesn’t come on. I went to Autozone they scanned it for me two codes show up p0650 which is the malfunction indicator lamp and p1448 canister vent valve malfunction. I went to a shop to try to fix the check engine soon light and they told me to buy a new speedometer. So I bought a new speedometer and reset the code I still get the p0650 code which means changing the speedometer did not change the problem. I need help figure out what the check engine light is before I fix the vent valve issue


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Burned out MIL bulb/LED

    CEL wiring problem (short or open electrical condition, such as a bad ground).

    Poor electrical connection at the bulb/cluster--perhaps in the bulb socket or the printed circuit of the cluster.

    PCM Failed/faulty PCM -- the PCM is failing to monitor the CEL ground circuit as it should.

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