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I have a chance to buy a 2013 Silverado, WT, was a fleet truck, 4.8L V8 F OHV, 16 V, 4x4. Their dealer said the cylinders misfire, camshaft and lifters are worn down, truck has 175K on it and wouldn't give a quote to repair. Would it be better to replace engine or repair existing? Any idea on cost associated with either or options? Thanks in advance


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    Gee I dunno. You have a truck here worth maybe $10K if it were running well, so to buy it and come out even you'd need to offer half that, to be safe.

    You really don't want to get into a situation where you let a shop tear down an engine to see what it needs, because that puts you in a bad place---you walk into the shop, see your engine in pieces all over the floor or bench, and then they ask you "well, it needs a complete rebuild--what would you like to do?"

    So in that case you are in worse shape than when you brought the truck in---facing either a very $$$ rebuild or towing your broken and now nearly worthless truck home.

    I would say, if I were in your shoes, and if you could buy the truck cheaply enough, that you should spring for a used engine that has some kind of warranty on it. Cost to do all that depends on your zip code but I'd take a guess at around $2500--$3000 if you paid someone to do everything --this would include the cost of the engine from the wrecker--who, I presume, would also be giving you the ECM and harness and whatever else you need.

    Or you could just shop around for other high mileage trucks that are running well, and bargain hard on them because of the miles.

    Short answer: You need to think this out carefully.
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