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Lexus RX 350 Real World MPG

steverstever Posts: 52,683
Please report on your RX 350 mileage in this discussion. Please include city/highway, odometer, driving style or similar comments that you think may be helpful. Thanks,

Steve, Host


  • beemertimebeemertime Posts: 20
    i averaged about 21 to 22 on highway mileage and about 18 to 19 on city driving. my RX 350 still under 500 mileage at this point.

    I used the 93 gas.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I'm getting about 21 mpg in city street/suburban road driving, and 24 mpg on interstate highways, driving mostly at 75 or 80 mph. The highway mileage is a bit lower than I was expecting. However, I have seen evidence that the highway mpg is significantly higher if I drive 65-70 mph. My RX350 is fwd, and it now has 3000 miles on it. I have manually calculated the mpg numbers, and compared them to the trip computer values. I have had 8 fill-ups so far, and in each case the trip computer gave higher mpg than the calculations, by as little as 0.3 mpg and as high as 0.9 mpg. The average discrepancy is 0.5 mpg.
  • chea89chea89 Posts: 48
    About 500 miles-all city driving-stoplight to stoplight--under 17 mpg, maybe should have gone for the 400h?
  • beemertimebeemertime Posts: 20
    how did u calculate it using the trip reader on the RX? is there a feature onboard of the RX350 that does the calculation automatically?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    The trip information screen shows MPG since fill-up. Maybe the RX350s without NAV don't give this information, I don't know.
  • jthoeftjthoeft Posts: 4
    I've had my RX 350 FWD for about a month-- about 2000 miles on it now. Each weekend we drive about 90 miles each way to our weekend place. It's four lane all the way; starting out on a busy interstate and then open country. Setting the cruise control on 72 mph and using regular gas I've been getting anywhere from 27 to 31 mpg for the 90 mile trip--according to the on board computer. This mileage drops off fast once I start driving around in town, but I'm really pleased with the car's highway mileage performance. We don't drive that much in town, so on an overall basis, city driving and the weekly trips to the lake, we've been getting overall mileage around 24-25 mpg.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Only have 1400 miles on my RX350 AWD and mileage is slowly improving. Averaged 18 mpg for first 500 miles, then up to 18.5 through 1000 miles, now about 20 mpg (real mileage calculations - not based on the computer, though that is pretty close). Have not taken any long trips, but I can average about 21 mpg during typical mixed city/highway drive to work if I keep speeds below 75 mph. Mileage drops quickly when I get more aggressive - which is often. Used premium (93 oct) for first 1000 miles, now alternating 93 and 89 octane to see if I notice a difference.
  • sortersorter Posts: 146
    This new 350 engine supposed to be more powerful and yet have better mph than the RX300 or 330. My 2002 RX300 average 18.1-18.3 in winter, but summer I get 19.3 mpg. computer reading.
    Driving mostly local freeway or local driving. Not city stop and go. I expected the 350 to be about 28 MPG for highway...
    I think the Horse power for 300/330 is enough, Toyota should have keep same HP rating and enhance MPG more.
  • Does anyone know if Lexus plans to re-design the RX330 and when?
  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26
    I just read the Owner Manual, 91 octan gas is required, but some people here are using regular gas.

    What do you think? I hate to put in Premium if I can fill it up with regular.
  • jthoeftjthoeft Posts: 4
    I've been using regular gas since I bought the car (it is now four months old and 3700 miles). It came with a full tank of gas which I imagine was premium. Since then I've used only regular i.e. 87 octane. I was assured by my dealer (Sewell in Dallas) that this would pose no problem for the engine and have no effect on the warranty, etc. They said it was up to me, depending on my driving style I might notice a reduction in performance. I've had no performance issues whatsoever.

    I continue to get over 30 mpg, consistently when driving 70 mph on speed control using regular. This does not include any city driving.

    I'd suggest you ask your dealer and see if you get the same answer.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Wow! That's pretty awsome! That's even higher
    than what the window sticker claims. I think
    the sticker claims 20 in the city and 25
    on the highway. I will be picking up my '07
    Flint Mica RX350 tomorrow morning! I'm really
    excited. I will be driving mostly in the city
    though. But I look forward to my first road
    trip in the RX which will probably be near the
    end of October. I usually go up to the North
    Georgia Mountains or North Carolina for fall
    foliage season. Hope I get to see similar
    mpg's such as yours.

    P.S. I guess I'll be changing my Edmunds
    screename soon.
  • sxylxysxylxy Posts: 29
    I've used three tanks so far (including the 1st dealer tank which I assume was premium). I started out with 22 miles on the vehicle. I've been using premium gas. 90% around town with low but near-constant AC use. I got 12 MPG wtih the first tank and 12.8 MPG on my second tank. The third tank is running at 13.4 MPG and the NAV system reads about .4 higher MPG. I do spend more than a bit of time at stop lights, but wow! Much lower than expected. My tires are at that too low?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I haven't had a chance to check the tire pressure requirements on the RX yet, but usually the normal pressure is 32 psi. If this
    is what Lexus is recommending, you might be a
    little over. I don't know if it's enough to
    cause any problem, although it might affect
    how smooth your ride might be. I know in my
    2002 Maxima, if the tires were to get
    over-inflated, I could definitely feel it in
    the ride quality.
    Usually, the psi requirement would be on the side of the driver's front door. I will be
    checking this to see what the recommended amount is.
  • sxylxysxylxy Posts: 29
    The inside of the door on the Lexus says 30 psi and the tires themselves say maximum 44 psi. Wide range! I'll go by 32 until I get a more difinitive answer from Lexus.
  • jthoeftjthoeft Posts: 4
    As I posted earlier, I've been getting 30 MPG on exclusive highway driving (70MPH on speed control) per the vehicle computer. When I look at overall mileage, with 70-80% highway, 20-30% city, I net out to 24 or 25 MPG. I'm pretty surprised that some are only getting 12 in the city and think it has to be how one drives. The RX 350 can really take off, but that has to eat into mileage. I get the best city mileage when I keep the RPMS below 2500, even when starting out from a stop light. It isn't as slow a take off as it might seem. On the highway I use the cruise control all the time. I also try to coast into stop lights as much as possible--I paid for the car's momentum, why waste it away as heat by braking if it can be used by coasting. It's kind of a game for me. I haven't looked at tire pressure since driving off the lot --4000 miles now.
  • I have 5K miles on a AWD. I drive about 70% freeway, 30% city with a daily commute over an 1800 ft mtn pass. The vehicle computer is consistent at 22-23mpg. My manual calculations average about 21-22 mpg. I use premium, have not experimented yet with regular gas. The car has plenty of power over the mountain to pass the slow trucks. I have had the car for 3 months with air conditioner running almost the entire summer.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    jthoeft, I read with interest about your mpg
    ratings and how you get the use of the power
    out of your RX. I've had mine for a week and
    I'm still trying to adjust to the action of the
    accelerator pedal. I'm coming from a Nissan
    Maxima in which it feels as though I didn't
    have to press as far down on the accelerator
    to have good pick up and go. For instance,
    at the stoplight, with the RX, while I know
    there's power under the hood, it feels like
    I have to push down pretty far on the pedal
    to take off at a good clip, thus I'm rarely
    able to shoot off as quick as I could in the
    Any tips for a smooth and quick take off in
    the RX, or do I just need time to adapt to a
    slightly different feel on the accelerator
    pedal? Or is it just the weight issue of the
    RX certainly being heavier than a Maxima(mine was a 2002) or similar car?

    P.S. I need to think of a different screen
    name pretty soon! :shades:
  • jthoeftjthoeft Posts: 4
    My other car is a Boxster. I had just the opposite problem adjusting to the RX. The Boxster (mines a Tiptronic) has lots of peddle travel to get to the action, I feel the RX is very sensitive by comparison. I've squeeked the tires of the RX a few times when in a hurry to get out of someone's way. I really think it's just a matter of becoming used to the car. When I'm trying to drive for mileage, I am very gentle on the accelerator. A couple of more details about my mileage experience. The highway driving I've been describing is almost totally flat. I've been driving on cruise control; I'm using regular gas and the AC is on (we've had 41 days over 100 in Dallas this summer). By the way,is anyone kind of disappointed with the AC system? It seems to have to blow hard all the time and I don't feel it does a good job of keeping that big dash area cool. It's probably just the prolonged heat this summer.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    So far, my experience with the AC has been
    positive. As a matter of fact, it seems to
    get too cold too quick! And I've got the black
    interior and I live in Florida! I have noticed
    that even though the car has sat in the garage
    overnight, when I first start it up and turn
    on the AC, it still blows on the high setting
    and I usually have to put it to the lowest
    fan setting pretty quickly.

    The mpg indicator still fluctuates quite a bit right now, so I'm not sure how I'm doing with the gas mileage. All I can say is on my first week with the RX, I've gone approximately 252 miles with about 20 miles remaining(according to the cruising range indicator) of gas.

    I've got to say I'm very impressed with how
    this SUV rides. It truly is just like a car.
    It's smooth, quiet, and even in curves and turns there's hardly a hint of any lean or body roll. Everything is so well executed inside and out on this car. Lexus really knows their stuff.
    Oh, and the service at Lexus is A-plus!!!
  • mss443mss443 Posts: 10
    I have a little more than 2500 miles on my RX350. With full A/C and using the mid grade gasoline (89 octane rating), I consistently get 26 miles and without A/C I get about 2.5 MPG. With 91 Octane, I got about a mile more than the above. The figures are based on a round trip of a total of 450 miles on the same day in I-80 (NJ-Pa.) (i.e., the route was not a flat one.) [I did not have to fill up the tank in between – NJ is a mandatory full service state and the gas is cheaper in NJ than in Pa.] For most part, the car was on cruise control at 69-70 MPH. Except for a couple of toll stops, the car was on full cruise throughout the trip. The usage information on the vehicle computer does not appear to be reliable – the vehicle computer indicated about 1.5 to 2.0 MPH higher than what was really achievable. In the combined city/highway driving, I get anywhere between 18 to 21 MPH depending on the drive segments. I am reasonably happy with the gas mileage I am getting from this car. To this date, not a single problem that I could think of.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Our RX350 AWD has about 7000 miles. Around town with all city driving we usually get between 18 and 19 mpg. With a light foot, you can stretch this to almost 20. We just came back from a trip. On expressway, we were getting 29 to 30 at 65 mph. (Highest sustained mpg on the computer was 30.6). At 70 mph, we got 28.5 to 29. Always use 89 octane fuel.

    Have not done any real world calculations yet. All above mpg are from the trip computer with the Nav system.
  • Update at 5000 miles: Overall average has been 20.5 mpg. During typical daily 18 mile commute of 60% highway and 40% local roads or jammed highways, I get very close to that overall average. On longer, highway-only trips (typically avg 70 mph), I get 24 to 25 mpg. Just around town brings mileage down very quickly to around 17-18 mpg. This data is based upon manual calculations after fuel fill-ups. Computer reading (with Nav system) is pessimistic up to 20 mpg (true mileage is better than computer), but then the computer is optimistic above a reading of 22 mpg (true mileage is lower than computer). Just drove another RX350 as a loaner during service call and that vehicle had a wildly optimistic computer reading of nearly 28 mpg for mixed driving. So don't always believe the on board computer - measure it yourself after each fuel stop. After using all grades of gasoline I have settled with 89 octane mid-grade as the best compromise, getting slightly better mpg than with 87 octane and with no noticeable difference in mpg or performance compared with premium. Great vehicle thus far!

  • In regard to the mpg on the trip computer, I
    try to go by the the second number that says
    "average", the one that doesn't jump up and down so easily. I took a trip from Tampa,FL
    to Blairsville, GA this past week and my highway mileage averaged around 28 mpg. One time it even went up to 31 mpg for about five
    minutes. I didn't expect to get as good of
    gas mileage driving through the mountains.
    I guess with all the coasting and usually going
    at a speed less than 55 mph made a big difference. I was very pleased with the gas
    mileage on this trip. Unfortunately, in-town
    driving at home in the city goes down quite a bit.

    Before I left for my trip I was averaging around 17.5 mpg's driving around town. As of
    today, since I've been back, the computer has
    dropped down to 24 mpg. I expect this to drop
    some more as I get back into the routine of
    driving around town.
  • I've had my 350 for over 4 months now and get pretty close to the posted mpg ratings. For straight highway driving at ~70mph, I get 21mpg. The trip computer is consistently 0.5mpg more than what I calculate.

    I don't see how people are getting 30mpg on the AWD model. At best, I will get 22mpg on flat highways with no traffic.
  • Mine isn't all-wheel drive. It's a two-wheel
  • I got my RX350 2 months ago and had the first chance to test the MPG on highway last week.

    From Buffalo to State College, PA thourgh 219 highway with speed between 55 - 65 MPH, the computer showed 28.5 MPG and the real milage calculated by fill-ups was 27.4. Return trip through I-80 -> I-79 -> I-90 at speed around 75 MPH. The computer showed 25.5 MPG. Calcuating from fill-ups, the real MPG is 24.

    I got 22 MPG in the highway/city mix communting from home to work.

    Use 92-93 gas.

    Not too bad for a suv.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    The door gives the recommended inflation for the car you are driving. The tire gives the maximum inflation to avoid blow out for any car the tire is mounted on.
  • gulfagulfa Posts: 1
    I am willing to buy RX 350 now, but i feel that the new RX 2009 is coming next year. Once the new model arrived your car become old. I do not know to wait or buy now.I would apprecaiteany recomendations.
  • I was just reading on AOL this morning a clip from Car and Driver
    naming the top most fuel efficient Luxury SUV's. Of course, they
    quickly eliminated the RX350 from the group by trying to limit the
    top tier price of the cars. They said that the car had to be over
    $46,000 for the top of the line model and the RX400h came in only at $43,000. I had to laugh at this one since we all know this car can climb over $43,000. But I think they did this 'cause they
    know the RX would have beaten all the listed Luxury SUV's, Mercedes, Infiniti, Cadillac and such when it comes to overall
    fuel mileage. I guess they're tired of the same old broken record, so they had to skew the results somehow.
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