How can I reprogram dashboard displays (radio,clock,trip odometer)& keyless entry after battery repl

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The battery died on my 2007 Mazda CX-7 and was replaced with new battery from AAA. However, after technician left, I discovered that my keyless entry using the key fob didn't work, and dashboard displays (clock, time, trip odometer) were inoperable. Also, the traction control icon on the smaller screen in back of steering wheel goes on and off, and the icon depicting a skidding car stays on. How can I reprogram these functions? Car has approx. 108,500 miles on it.


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    It's always best to use a memory-saving device when replacing the battery on a modern car. It's too bad the AAA guy neglected to do this.

    Some of these functions may return on their own, once you go through a re-learn cycle, but it's possible you'll have to take it to a technician and have his scan tool re-activate some of these modules.

    Your owner's manual may have some information on this issue--look under battery replacement.
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