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Jeep Grand Cherokee Real World MPG



  • The camshaft on my 2004 Cherokee Laredo broke at about 10,000 miles. The fine, fine service at Daimler/Chrysler was such that they allowed the dealer to put a new camshaft and lifters in it, period. Never checked the valves... further, they returned it to me without even changing the oil! "Trust the "SPECIALISTs" is on the garbage that they mail me. I called to complain, and they told me that my wife couldn't tell them what brand oil I was using, as their reason for leaving the metal and anitfreeze contaminated oil in the engine after working on it. Never the less, the motor was never right again. It had no power, a terrible miss that everyone even my wife's 85 year old grandmother could feel while riding in the vehicle. However, three different JEEP dealers could find nothing wrong with it due to the fact that it was under warranty, and Daimler would not pay for any more work. Same issue on the recall for vibration on the brakes, it shook like crazy when the brakes were hot. I was told mine did not fit the replacement criteria under the recall. My Jeep averaged about 14 mph 4.0 6cyl. we live in a couny without a single red light, and trips to town are about 15 miles round trip. So the 14 could not be considered city. However, the motor was junk. I got tired of being screwed over by Daimler and their dealers (3) and riding and paying for a piece of Junk, sold the thing and will never buy another Chrysler product again.
  • Sorry to hear about all your troubles with the dealers.

    I purchased my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Mac Grubbs Motors in Columbia, Mississippi. They handle Ford, GMC, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep. They service our 2004 Dodge Ram 1500, 2004 Mustang GT, 2004 Ford Windstar Van and my Jeep. My experience has been fabulous including replacement, at no charge, of an air-conditioning compressor on the van after the warranty had expired.

    They have good computer equipment and well trained technicians.

    I've never had few problems with dealers. I don't understand why any dealer of any brand of automobile would not want to repair their product under warranty. Dealers make little on new car sales, better on used cars but their bread and butter is service. Good service means happy customers and better income for the dealership.

    Integrity and honesty, I suppose, are found less and less often these days and for sure competence runs parallel to character. I urge you to meet personally with the regional representative and/or the general manager of the dealership.

    There is someone who will not be happy with the quality of service you received and having the experience of finding that person would serve you well in the future on other similar problems. Find someone who understands that honesty and integrity are about faith in God-there are lots of folks who do care.

    I really am sorry that you had this experience-it just really sucked.
  • Look at the rear end ratios. The european rear end ratio runs a 3.55, while the US runs a 3.73.

    Tom Loy
  • Rear end ratios can effect mileage but the choice of rear end ratio depends on the application. A 3.55 will get a better mileage on flat roads at highway speeds but will get poorer mileage climbing or under load. It invlovesd the application of energy to produce force. is a good site forlearning the basics.
  • pikalapikala Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (and love it), but I don't seem to be getting the mileage that everyone talks about. I haven't oficially done the test to see how much it gets, but I don't even get 300 miles to the tank. I'm getting around 270-280. Is this normal or is anyone else experiencing this??
  • patstratpatstrat Posts: 2
    Hi New Here...hows everyone doing?
    I have a 1998 jeep Grand limited with 111,000 miles I had it for a year now..nice car..lots of features..nice handling.. BUT the gas usage on this V8 car stinks...I am filling this car up almost every other day! 30.00 to 45.00 every time ... seems like I fill it up on Wed...and its at the halfway mark by Fri.. and I just drive the car around my neighhood!
    taking my kids back and forth to school...its like there is a hole in the tank where the gas just leaks out when I put gas in the SUV,,,,,is there anything that i can do to at least manage this problem..gas is too high for me to have to fill up
    almost every other day...
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    The diesel grand cherokee is available in showrooms now, as long as you are in the market for a new & maxxed-out-with-options model. (>$40k retail).
  • My 2006 5.7 Hemi Grand Cherokee consistently averages between 17-18 mpg around town and between 20 and 23 in highway driving but I use a light foot. Consider a tune up, inflating tires to max pressure, and driving with a light foot. Consolidate driving needs and consider letting the kids walk to school.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    walk to school? are you nuts
    this is the only country that people drive two blocks to the gym
  • spencer327spencer327 Posts: 106
    2007 GC Limited with hemi.
    12MPG around town. Many stops, trips under 1 mile
    18 to 20 on hwy 65 to 70. Does better with midgrade gas.
    love the GC.
  • I have noticed something interesting about my 2006 Hemi GC Limited. When I am out west in altitudes above about 3000 feet, I can go to the lowest grade of gas without any change other than mileage increases about 2 mpg. I use mid-grade gas the rest of the time. It seems to be a combination of altitude and gas grade.

    I have compared how my 4WD GC can perform, it's power potential, pulling ability and weight to other smaller and less capable 4WD's and I am convinced that it is far more fuel efficient. The "expert" comparisons are more like trying to compare a pony to a quarter horse-there can be no meaningful comparison unless capacity is considered.

    I understand that Jeep is dealing with an uninformed public, but the Hemi GC is an outstanding product which the competition can't touch. Jeep needs to show a little more guts in backing up this great vehicle.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    Hello to all, well it has come time to replace my Liberty CRD with another SUV with respectable fuel consumption and towing ability. I need to do this sooner (30days) than the new GM products will be for sale, ie Tahoe/Yukon Hybrids. I can purchase the JGC CRD for roughly the same as the Highlander Hybrid (mid 30's). Has anyone purchased the new CRD? Does anyone know where a leftover 06 Libby CRD is? Replies appreciated!
  • sonnet11sonnet11 Posts: 1
    2005 GC Limited with Hemi...
    10.5 mpg in town and 16 hwy with cruise at 70 on flat grade. MDS doesn't really exist, engine surges, flat acceleration unless geared down. Junk.
  • podedwardspodedwards Posts: 35
    I am curious about your post.

    I just completed a 1,450 mile trip from Mississippi to Grand Lake, Colorado with a total elevation gain of 8,200 feet, traveling on mountain roads from Raton, New Mexico to Grand Lake, Co. I cruised at 76 mph on Interstate. My verified average mpg was 18.9. On Interstate stretches it average 20.3. I wonder about why your mileage is lower.

    If you are concerned about gas mileage, why would have purchased a 5.7 Hemi Grand Cherokee in the first place?
  • 05jeepman05jeepman Posts: 12
    Odometer is at 26k, give or take a few miles.
    NORMAL City driving.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    I'm not convinced if an 05 GC Hemi has MDS, earlier truck/suv hemis' did not have this feature listed on the specs. I remember driving a new hemi durango when my 05 Jp Lib Ltd CRD was in the shop and the sticker said nothing about it as compared to my auto hemi, I could be wrong! Anyone know 4 sure?
  • eric091572eric091572 Posts: 13
    I also have a 05 JGC 4x4 Limited with Hemi, and my numbers are pretty much the same as sonnet's below. I live in L.A. where the traffic sucks. My combined average driving is around 12 MPG.

    2005 GC Limited with Hemi...
    10.5 mpg in town and 16 hwy with cruise at 70 on flat grade. MDS doesn't really exist, engine surges, flat acceleration unless geared down. Junk.
  • podedwardspodedwards Posts: 35

    The 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi should have MDS, you can check it by VIN number, also see at what speed MDS is active for your car.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    I stand corrected, Thanks
  • marty21marty21 Posts: 1
    I leased a '07 grand Cherokee 3 months ago. The mileage on the sticker stated 17/21. I am getting 10mpg in local suburban driving. (with A/C) When I complained to my dealer I was told that this is what this vehicle gets. When I spoke with Chrysler/Jeep, Jeff in Customer service had the audacity to tell me that you start getting the best mileage after you reach 20 and up to 30 thousand miles. Misrepresentation by Chrysler and the dealer. Don't get this vehicle unless you have a lot of money for gas.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I have a 2001 JGC 4.0L I6 4WD with 82000 miles. It's generally been a good vehicle and my college Jr son plans to "buy it out" from me at a very good price to have a good vehicle driving to college in MN winters plus more metal around him in the summer than the sporty car he has now. I typically get 15mph in city (2WD mode) and 20 highway, ie, 19 @ 75mph but 22 @ 60mph on 2 lane highways.

    I am looking at CUVs like the Saturn Outlook, Hyundai Veracruz, Toyota 08 Highlander. The 3rd seat would get occasional use and I want to pull a smaller 17ft 2500 lb fishing boat. However on other forums some have coached me to reconsider a Jeep true 4WD vehicle for towing and pulls out of the water, despite losing the 3rd seat. I can get a Chrysler product at employee price and the new lifetime warranty has appeal as I usually drive 'em into the ground.
    But I -totally- resist buying anything other than a V6 in a vehicle I plan to have for perhaps 10years, I foresee gas at $4-5/gal in that timeperiod. Since the new V6 is (more refined?) than my old tried and true I6, can I get feedback from some V6 owners on both MPG and towing. Obviously I know the 4.7 would be a better tow vehicle but I just don't want that penalty for the <2% of the time I use it to tow a smaller boat & trailer. I am not real encouraged by earlier comments on this forum, but it's hard to believe a new modern V6 would get worse mileage than my I6 with a design point back in the 70s rated at 16/21.
  • Took my 05 GCL Hemi with 20k miles on a recent trip to LA, returning I got 20 mpg from Oxnard to Palm Springs driving about 70--the speed limit--and up and down the hills, etc. Today, I drove from Phoenix to Sierra Vista, around Fort Huachuca and returned via the wine country in Sonoita keeping the Interstate speed at 70 and around 60 on the mountainous state routes--20 MPG. There may be some things that Jeep could have done better, but it's not the Hemi's gas mileage. OBTW, there is nothing that can beat it off highway in the desert canyons--nothing!
  • A Saturn Outlook, Hyundai Veracruz Highlander are simply not in the same class or capability of a 5.7 4WD Grand Cherokee-different vehicles for different applications. They are no more gas efficient than the 5.7. Do they get better mileage-sure they do but not because of more efficiency but rather less capacity.

    I don't understand complaints about gas mileage. I get 22+ m.p.g. with my 2006 5.7 on the highway. Around, anywhere from 14 to 18 depending how quick I want to go. I am paying for the capacity and capability. If my primary concern was gas mileage, I never would have bought it.

    By this day and time, anyone who thinks E.P.A. estimates on window stickers are accurate must have been in a coma for years. However, there' not a car out there that does not have numerous reviews about gas mileage. How could anyone not know?

    Why would anyone blame Chrysler for E.P.A. estimates, they are required by law to post, which indicate gas mileage for a group and clearly states it will vary by many factors?
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    There are vehicles of like type and engine configuration that simply get really crappy mileage, While identical others get really good. Even with the same driver.
    There are so many sensors, switches, inputs, etc involved with the fuel delivery and corresponding power output that modern day tune-up technicians can be overwhelmed.

    In a nutshell, if they don't see an error logged on the computer, or if they don't have past experience on a particular problem, or if no help in the form of a TSB is available, they are stuck!

    "Your car checks out OK. You will need to put 20k on it before you can expect to reach the EPA numbers."

    Of course they are hoping we will get use to the poor mileage or trade cars. OR develop better fuel efficient driving techniques.

    My wife has an 03 Honda CR-V. She averages 20-21 MPG locally. When I drive it, the average is more like 23-25.
    Simply stated it is different driving styles. Most people don't realize how many times we touch the brake then the gas, then the brake, and so on in local driving. Each time we do that we are either burning extra fuel or have been burning fuel needlessly, resulting in heavy braking.

    I've talked with people with late model Dakotas, Grand Cherokees, and old style Durangos with the 4.7L that were getting much worse mileage than my larger heavier 98 Ram with the 5.9L. Right now, I'm driving an 03 Honda Pilot.
    (I'm on this forum because I'm considering a Jeep GC with a higher towing limit than the Pilot).

    This is an example of poor mileage and good mileage with the same car. On a Trip from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach, the cruise set at 80 mph, and AC on full time with 4 people and luggage we got 18+ mpg. On the return,trip the next day, we ran at 65 mph, the cruise was only used on relatively flat terrain, and the AC (Compressor) was turned off when it wasn't needed. That yielded 26+ mpg. Understandably there could have been slight discrepancies in the way each tank was filled. A gallon more or less would have possibly yielded 19 going and 25 returning. Still a big difference.

    Some people have a natural knack for getting good mileage.
    Obviously "podedwards" has it. Every engine and drivetrain configuration have "sweet spots". If we stay in them, and observe common sense MPG driving techniques our mileage will be better than if we don't.

    My neighbor just bought a new Honda Ridgeline. With a few hundred miles on the clock, he went to Florida. He was disappointed in the 20.01 mpg he got. Especially since the Ridgeline and Pilot are within a few pounds of one another and the gearing is the same. As it turns out, he was running 75 mph with full AC and cruise. He was out of the "Sweet spot"!

    Axle ratios can be misleading. A car with a 3.73 axle and 17" wheels can actually have an effectively higher ratio than one with a 3.55 and 16" wheels. Then the transmission ratios can also differ. The only way for us to tell is by driving different configurations and see how many RPM the engine is turning at a given speed in a given gear. Example: At 60 MPH my Pilot is turning about the same RPM with its 4.428 axle as the Ram did with the 3.55 axle.

  • I'm getting 15-16 in town and 21-23 on road with a 4.7, marty.
  • hodgethodget Posts: 1
    At 1600 miles we are getting 17.8 MPG. in a city and highway driving mix. Will be changing to a synthetic oil at the 6000 mile oil change.
  • My '07 GC with 4.7 V-8 has about 11K miles. Now that it's broken in, mileage isn't that bad. Only about 13.5 mpg around town; around-town traffic in Arlington Tx is horrible. Mixed city/freeway is more like 16 mpg. I get consistently 20 to 20.5 mpg on interstate driving at 70mph (I drive with a light foot & avoid hard acceleration). Pulling our 3,000 lb camping trailer, we get 15 mph on long trips.

    My Jeep has a trip computer. For the first 6K miles, I checked every tank with a calculator. But computer is close to accurate - it consistantly reports 0.5 mpg better than what I get by hand checking, so I just rely on the computer now.

    Overall, my observations are that the GC gets decent mileage if you are a disciplined driver; the mileage drops rapidly if you're prone to jackrabbit starts or frequent use of passing gear.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    speak up diesel cherokee peeps! real trucks don't have spark plugs. seriously now, how are your diesel grand cherokees doing on mpg especially once they get >10k miles.?? maybe there just aren't enough of you folks out there, or you are cranking out so many miles per year, you don't have time to post?
  • kpsrakpsra Posts: 1
    First 1/2 tank I got 13.65. 5.7L Hemi, dealer told me that gas mileage would be about the same as my traded in 98 5.2L.
    Does anyone think that using 93 octane would increase mileage? I currently use 89. What about acetone to increase mileage? 4oz per tank?
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