Wanna Buy a 2003 Boxters.

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I just saw the dealer post his 2003 Boxters with 74000 miles for 10000usd. Can someone give me some advice about the value or someone have better deal for me. Thank you.


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    That's an okay price but you must have the car inspected prior to purchase, to check for possible damage related to the Intermediate Shaft Bearing, or IMS bearing--a known engine defect with these cars. So it must be screened by a PPI inspection. In addition to sawing the oil filter in half (mandatory) and examining it for bearing debris, the mechanic should check for oil leaks from the rear main bearing and from the cam towers. Also if there is any smoke on start-up, that's probably a defective air/oil separator.

    Theses are fun cars to drive, and they handle very well. The 2003 year is the first with the glass rear window so that's a good thing. Make sure the window is probably attached and not detached from the top mechanism.

    The interior on these cars is rather cheap so examine the seats for wear and broken parts. Also make sure everything works, including windows and locks, as most things on this car are quite expensive to repair.

    If the oil filter shows any metallic debris, just forget it, as the cost of the engine rebuild is 2X the cost of the car.

    You might consider the Miata or the BMW Z3 or Z4 as an alternative, if you are stuck on two-seaters.
  • LoveAfterTheRainLoveAfterTheRain OREGONMember Posts: 4
    Thank you giving this suggestion which it's really useful for me. Really appreciate.
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