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I have a 2003 isuzu rodeo that has a misfire and loss of power until I put the petal to the floor and then it doesn’t miss at all. I can give it some gas and it’s like it hesitates to go with like no power until I put the petal to the floor. I’ve replaced injectors, spark plugs, egr valve and about to clean the Maf sensor. When I changed the plugs I wanna say I put ngk plugs but also read that the ion Module is sensitive to plugs and that I should run the denso plugs. It’s also throwing a p0300 code. Any feed back would be great! Thanks


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    As you have discovered, a random misfire code can be difficult to diagnose, because there are so many possibilities.

    Why don't you have a look at THIS VIDEO, which will give you more of a "game plan", rather than having to keep guessing.
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    Thanks I’ll look into it. 
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