2004 Chevy Suburban 1500

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I have a 2004 Chevy Suburban 1500 I have a rear view mirror that has OnStar and also shows compass and temperature. My temperature on my mirror is not showing correctly it's showing much higher than the actual temperature outside what do I do to fix it?


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    You might find THIS VIDEO on the subject helpful to you.
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    Another possibility is the connections for the ambient temperature sensor in front of the radiator or nearby, usually a thumb-sized device attached to a metal brace. Or the sensor itself.

    The sensor changes resistance with temperature, so a change in resistance in the circuit at the connection out under the hood near the ambient temperature sensor, will change the temperature reading.

    Search for ambient outside air temperature sensor. I do not recall if poor contacts give high or low readings.

    But I'd check the contacts. Sensor is #3 in the sketch. Follow the wiring bundle to get to the contacts where the ATS plugs into the end of it.

    Looks like on the right front behind the bumper?

    If you're a recycling pick-n-pull place, you might pick up a replacement cheap or check price on rockauto.com for replacement. But I'd go after the contacts first.

    Then the contacts inside the mirror are where I'd look.

    If you suspect the mirror's solder joints, which have been a problem on several vehicles like yours, you might try flipping the mirror body with your fingers or thumb to vibrate the unit. That might make the bad connections change, and you'd see a difference in the display. That would isolate the problem.

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