Mitsubishi Outlander Real World MPG



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    These numbers are for a combined driving, mostly urban (Montreal) so as bad it can be. The small consumption is on constant highway drives, of course.
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    07 LS V6 here, had to replace my exhaust pipes because they were rusted, then noticed a 20% mpg improvement, for the first time I saw 24 mpg on my car since I bought it in 09(used), hmm...
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    That sounds odd, maybe had a clogged converter or muffler or bad O2 sensor that they replaced when they put the exhaust on?
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    It's been a long time since I took a long road trip. My wife and I just went up to Montreal from upstate NY and see it's very true about lowering the MPH a few helps a lot. Usually on my highway trips I see around 25 MPG (Usually setting the cruise to 73 for 65 mph limit). Not wanting to mess around too much I set my cruise speed to 65 MPH (for 100 Km/hr RT 401 posted limit) and averaged 27.6 MPG (display said 28.3 for the last part and was lower in the beginning, but that was the actual measured fill-up to fill-up MPG using gallons over miles driven (I never filled up in Canada making the entire approx 400 mile round trip on my US gas.) It's a 2007 LS 4X4 V6 run in 2WD mode.
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    That's pretty darn good.

    I burn midgrade in my '10 GT. With 7500 miles on it, I've had as much as 24.1 MPG and as little as 17.3. Lifetime average (miles driven / gallons used) is at 21.3.

    I find the absolute best MPG is around 45-50MPH. At highway speeds, 65-75 seems to not differ much, but it drops off above 75. I once took it to 97 for a moment (before the wife noticed :blush: ) but didn't spot-check MPG. I can't imagine it was very good.

    If you haven't watched Top Gear do the speed test in a 1001HP Bugatti Veyron, check it out: . Top speed is 252MPH and they did it. But a full tank only goes for like 12 minutes at that speed. And the tires are only good for like 15 minutes IIRC. :surprise:
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    With 21 months & a little over 19K miles my lifetime average is hanging in there at 21.2MPG. This is a '10 Outlander GT (3L V6, AWD/AWC). I drive how I want to drive, which is to say with moderation most of the time, the occasional lead foot, and with an eye towards economy at other times. This driving is predominantly suburban, which is technically city driving, though up to 20% or so is highway trips. The lifetime average also includes two Chicagoland winters and now, two summers. So it includes both AWD & winter blend gas use as well as heavy AC use.
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    2010 2.4L ES AWD. Fuel Stats after 18 months/8000 miles:-

    Overall measured fill to fill - 24.2 mpg

    Best between fills - 27.2 mpg in month of September.

    Worst between fills - 17.61 mpg in month of March.

    Best "on the run" approx 35 mpg on long straight country roads at 50 mph.

    Location Southern Ontario, Canada.

    No complaints. :)
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    My 2008 I just traded in managed 24 mpg over the life of the car. I've got a 2012 GT FWD V-6 now, so hoping to get the same. EPA sticker says 26 mpg. At 300 miles, it's about 2-3 mpg off of what the 2008 car did on the same daily work trip at same MPH. Hoping the break-in comes quick!
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    Have had my 2014 Outlander GT for one month. 3 tanks of gas, the first the premium from the dealer, the last 2 regular. I have averaged 23.89 (observed at the pump) in overall driving and according to the computer I have attained 28+ on highway trips. Pretty satisfied with this so far. I have heard the milage should go up a bit as engine gets broken in.
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    Update on my '10 GT (AWC V6). With a tick over 40K on the odo I still average 21MPG. Most highway tanks run 24.5-25.5 which is a tad over EPA's 24. No complaints. Had an oddball tank that came in at 28.4MPG made even stranger as that included 100+ miles with 7 passengers.

    My Outlander turns 5 years old in December. Unless the PHEV Outlander tugs at my heart strings I can't see any reason to trade my current one in.
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    2014 Outlander, little over 62,000 on the clock and getting about 26-28 mpg. Mostly hwy miles driving to and from work.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Pretty good!
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    Not bad at all, bur51. I'm going to assume yours is the 4-cyl engine. Are you front- or all-wheel drive?

    My '10 GT (V6, AWD) has a lifetime average of about 21, which is 1 MPG better than EPA. Most of my driving is short: about 6 miles. I'm in the Chicago area so it has to contend with hot summers & cold/snowy winters. On the highway I get 23.5-26 MPG. It'll roll 50K miles in the coming weeks.

    Currently I plan to keep it for at least another year but am already starting to look at what'll be next.
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    Recently traded my 2010 Outlander ES AWD for a 2016 ES AWD. From July 2010 through February this year the 2010 with 4B12 DOHC engine averaged an estimated 24.28 MPG. Early estimate for the 2016 with SOHC 4J12 engine based on two tanks of gas is indicating close to 26 MPG with only limited free way miles.
    Question for fushigi: Around the Chicago area, do you use Maintenance Schedule 1 or 2?
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    I've always used the normal, not the severe, maintenance schedule. For my '10 GT that means an oil change every 6 months (I never hit the mileage first) and so on. The dealer would have you use severe but I just don't see it.

    Glad to see the economy improvement. I'm trying to convince myself to wait for the PHEV economy specs come out. Can't use non-US specs as they're tweaking it for our market.
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    Slight mileage improvement may be due to use of 0W-20 synthetic lube on newer engine models. Interesting twist in the normal vs severe saga up here in Toronto. Good news is that the normal schedule is now accepted by Mitsubishi dealerships for the 4J12 SOHC engine using synthetic oil. Bad news is that the normal O/C interval (which is still 7500 miles or six months Stateside) has been down graded to 5 months or 5000 miles here.........go figure!!
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    Very pleased with latest MPG performance on 2016 Outlander ES AWD with 2.4 liter 4J12 SOHC motor. Changed to Mobile One 0W-20 synthetic after initial break in period. Running on regular gas with ECO off and A/C on auto latest overall fuel usage calculates to 28 USMPG on a mix of city/highway driving.
    An early recall to reprogram the CVT greatly improved the smoothness of speed transitions.
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    That's pretty good for a 7 passenger AWD CUV.

    My '10 GT with the V6 & AWD has a lifetime average of 20.6MPG. That's over 54K miles on mostly premium fuel, a mix of city & highway, including midwestern winters, etc. And with me being moderate mostly but not afraid to floor it when I want the performance.

    Mitsu seems to actually be serious about the PHEV Outlander later this year (unlike in years past). I'm interested in what it's economy numbers will look like. We have relatively cheap electricity here so a PHEV makes sense and I'm willing to install the garage charger.
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    Can't imagine a seven passenger situation, my basic four cylinder ES only seats five at a pinch and maybe two sets of golf clubs! All fair weather motoring so far and performance will no doubt tail off somewhat during winter.
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    Family trip to the zoo. Seating, front to back:
    Me - Wife
    Sister - Niece - Niece's hubby
    Grand-niece 1 - Grand-niece 2

    The grand-niece's were 7 & 9 so fitting in the 3rd row was OK.

    Surprisingly, the 100 mile round trip logged the highest MPG I've ever measured in my Outlander (28MPG).
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    My 2014 Outlander SE (2.4) MPG - highway is 30-31 (at 65-70 mph), city is 24-26. Combined is somewhere around 27-28. I could easily get 34+ MPG at 40-50 mph.
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    Questions for @aa0526 ,

    Synthetic oil?
  • aa0526aa0526 Member Posts: 29
    2014 Outlander SE is FWD.
    I keep ECO on while driving ... this engine requires 0W-20 which is only available with SYNETHIC oil.
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    Have some fun - try it with ECO off!!
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    Do you currently own a Mitsubishi vehicle? If so, a reporter would love to ask you a few questions. Please send a note to [email protected] by end of day Thursday, November 30 if you'd be willing to chat. Thanks!
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