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What is the Best SUV For me?



  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    .... an after thought. I have NEVER heard anything good about a lease. At the end of your lease you'd of paid $15,500. for the Path and own nothing. Look at 2005, 6's with 12,000 approx miles in excellent condition to keep that monthly payment down. I am looking at new and low mile SUV's. I'd rather go in for dental work than look for a car. :cry:
  • i see in #8 mitsubishi is offering a large rebate. hhhmmm, it seems the vehicles that last longer don't offer them because they know people will buy them anyway. money isn't everything as i have learned. i purchased new vehicle in june with a large rebate. i was so excited...turned out to be a lemon. junk junk junk! now i own a pilot, which had no rebate.....and it is wonderful! i never owned a honda until now.....and now see that i was the one missing out all this time.
  • ralph9ralph9 Posts: 88
    If you read the "problems" forums for the vehicles you are considering, you will probably not want to purchase any of them. Take a look at the April issue of Consumer Reports in your library for ratings and maintenance histories of the past models for the vehicles you are considering.
    We have 10k miles on our 2005 Pilot and so far it's the best vechicle of the twenty we have owned in terms of looks and driveability. Honda has an excellent reputation for the reliability of their vehicles. My son leases a 4 Runner and it seems to seat only 4 people comfortably and also seems more geared to off-roading than the Pilot. I suggest taking a peek at the "" site for ideas to consider during the process. Dealing with the internet salesperson is usally better financially. Good luck with your choice.
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    I don't think I'd get a Mitsubishi, don't feel comfortable with that. The Pilot just seems safe, and I can't afford to buy a car, nor do I want to because after 3-4 years, I'd want a new one.

    And the new pilot coming out will be awesome, but unfortunately I can't wait.
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    If you really want the new Pilot, relook at the lease and see if it can be turned in at the end of a year, then purchase the new pilot... just a thought
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    Just curious, what is the make/model of the new vehicle you purchased in june? Did the manufacture take it back?

    Vehicles that last longer.... ? Mitsubishi did not slow production of their vehicles when gas prices soared, unlike other auto makers.. Mitsubi wanted to keep their plants open. So they have more cars on the lot. Good for the consumer.

    I am not completely sold on the Endeavor, nor any of the SUV's.. but no matter what i end up with, i haven't missed out on anything... certainly not what car i drive... :shades:
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    I see in a previous post your lemon was a Chevy Equinox. That must of been a nightmare.

    My research shows the Best mid sized SUV's 2006
    1. Toyota 4 Runner
    2. Mitsubihi Endeavor (tied with the)
    3. Honda Pilot
    4. Nissan Murano

    Best Full size 2006
    1. Chevy Suburban
    2. Chevy Tahoe
    3. Toyota Sequoia
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    Where do you "research"..just wondering. The Murano is nice, but the dashboard bugs the hell out of's HUGE..and I want more cargo space.

    I check quite frequently..i like their lists.

    I'm leaning towards the Pathfinder now because it seems more fun than the Pilot..and less bland. Gonna go to a Nissan dealership again tomorrow and check it out.
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    OK..i was just thinking...3rd row for Pathfinder and Pilot..I'm not gonna use it, most likely ever. So, with that being said, the main reason I want a midsize is due to the feeling of being in something larger than my previous cars, and I want to be higher on the road.

    So something clicked..Nissan Murano..It's rated very well AND has more 2nd row room than suvs with 3 rows of if i'm never using a 3rd row..would a Murano make a better choice than a pathfinder or Pilot..AND, I'll add, I don't go off-roading..I live in NYC..pot holes are enough for me. :shades:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Maybe not - the curved seat back in the Murano gets dinged by some reviewers.

    "When it comes to space in cars, raw size really may not be that critical. How that space is used can be just as important. When professional organizations compare available cargo space between S.U.V.’s and station wagons, it is the sport-utility vehicle that often comes up short."

    Spacious and Efficient, but Not an Ego Trip (NY Times). Yeah, they are touting wagons, but there's a lot of SUV cargo info mixed in.

    But cargo hauling isn't on your list anyway so ....
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    This is the hardest decision of my this date..i'm 21 lol.

    Basically, i've owned a ford escort zx2, and got into I use my damn Knee as an armrest lol..this is why I'm going SUV..i need leg room when I drive (width) and shoulder room. I'm also the kinda person who wants passengers comfortable, so the 2nd row of the pathfinder is what kinda killed it for me, and the Pilot was much more comfortable than the PF, but bland, interior and exterior. The murano seems smack in the middle...not bland, and more room in the rear seat than the Pilot..not sure about drivers seat.

    The sound system in the Pilot sucked, and I know Nissan has Bose, which are very the Murano may be more of a fun ride than the Pilot, and more comfortable than the Pathfinder..

    Sorry for the long post lol.
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    look online for an online price, (yes, you have to hand out your phone # and address, i did this, the salesman called and then sent me online prices, better than prices i've gotten on the lot.
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    Steve, With all your automotive knowledge, if you were to buy an SUV tomorrow... what would you purchase and why? Thanks for any info. :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    lol, auto knowledge? Got you fooled. :D My last SUV was a 1974 Jeep CJ-5 and I've mostly driven wagons and minivans ever since.

    My first test drive would be a Ford Explorer and then I'd start benchmarking other brands to it. I'm pretty happy with my Nissan's drivetrain so I'd look pretty hard at a Pathy I suppose. Mileage, tuned for regular fuel, torque, ease of carrying long stuff stuck under the rear seats and drivetrain warranty would be high on the list of wanted features. No suicide doors or swing gates please. And the step-in height shouldn't be too high up there either.

    Waaaay too many choices out there! ;)
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    Steve, tanks!!

  • beardiebeardie Posts: 44
    Hello....If I could jump in here for a minute..I am also considering the vehicles mentioned here. My thoughts are as follows: 1) The Toyota 4Runner seems to have a lot of people complaining about a big vibration issue. Some can't wait to get rid of the car. 2) I've owned Mitsubishis and had no luck with them. They were very poorly made (plastic anchors everywhere etc.) 3) The pilot does seem to be a very good car, however in order to get leather, you need to go to the EXL which puts the price above $32K. There are no more 06s around and Honda isn't giving any great deal on 07s.The pilot is also due to be totally changed for 08. 4)Now the Mountaineer...I see my local dealer with 06s, loaded with leather...MSRP $33,505, selling it for $23,990!! That's a big difference. Is the Mountaineer that much worse than the Pilot?? I know the gas milage is worse, but that's a big difference to make for. Decisions, Decisions!!!
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    I test drove the moutaineer and it was nice, but weak as hell...I guess you'd have to get the V8 to make it a better drive.
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    Hello. I own a 1998 Mountaineer. It has been an excellent, reliable, problem free SUV with plenty of power (V6), even when packed (trips). I think it is a good one to consider (the mpg is not bad). Because of the milage (117,000), it needs to be replaced. After much deliberation, i purchased a 2006 Buick Rainer. The funny thing is, it wasn't an SUV i considered, i didn't know they existed. It is loaded with extras and very plush. I've driven it all weekend and an VERY happy with my decision. The hunt is over. Good luck to all with your hunt. :shades:
  • robin15robin15 Posts: 18
    sasuke.... one more thing about the lease. The monthly payments are usually lower than a purchase, BUT the last payment is usually $2,000 - 3,000. Killer. Check to see what the last payment is. If you are financing always get a simple interest contract with no prepayment penalty. Good luck. :)
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    The last payment is the same as every other payment...
  • any luck finding a vehicle . . .
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    Gonna go with a's more fun than a Pilot, even though the Pilot is SLIGHTLY more comfortable..

    0 down, except for taxes and plates and first month

    385 a month for 39 months, 12k miles

    Pathfinder LE 06'
  • that's a heck of a deal for an 06 path. If i had not found the Rainer, i was going for the path. I LOVE my car.... have fun with your new ride....!!! :)
  • sasukesasuke Posts: 77
    yea, seems like a great deal...can't wait..I need my shoulder room already.

    The Rainier is an awesome SUV, I went in it at the car show, seemed very luxurious.

    If I had the money, I'd go for the Armada..that thing is beautiful, and the seats, if you opt for non-leather, it feels like that scuba diving material.
  • sasuke.. here are some phone numbers you might need. One is Nissan's 1 800 number for warranty notification and the other is for the owner's manual (if the path doesn't have one). Call the notification number and give them your vin #, they will tell you if there is a remaining warranty on the vehicle.

    Warranty info: 1 800 647 7261
    Owner's manual: 1 800 247 5321

    Hope this helps! :)
  • Just picked up a 2006 Pathfinder SE w/running boards, sunroof & Bose stereo. Price was $22,900 with 19000 miles on it. What do you think? Did I get a good deal? I have 5 days to return it to Carmax with no strings, I am not familiar with Nissans b/c my family has always been Toyota/Honda people. Any unbiased suggestions? Any problems with Nissans?

    Any info would be great!

    I also like the New Outlander and the Endavour, and the RAV-4 any tips?
  • I just got an SE about a month ago with the comfort package as well. It had 2,040 when I drove it off the lot. I got it for $26,500. This is my first "foreign" vehicle. so far I love it.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released it's list of the safest cars for 2007.

    The Institute breaks the cars down into the following categories: large Car, midsize Car, minivan, luxury SUV, midsize SUV and small SUV.

    In the large car market, only the Audi A6 earned top honors. In the midsize car ratings, the Audi A4, Saab 9-3, and Subaru Legacy (with optional electronic stability control). And in Minivans, the Hyundai Entourage and Kia Sedona both earned top honors.

    Moving to the SUV class, in the Luxury series, the Volvo XC90 and Mercedes M class topped the list. In the midsize arena, the Acura RDX and Honda Pilot both earned high marks. Finally, in the small SUV size, the Honda CR-V and Subaru Forester (with optional electronic stability control) took top honors.

    Interestingly, not one American car made the list this year.... :sick:

    The Institute rates vehicles as good, acceptable, marginal, or poor based on performance in high-speed front and side crash tests, plus evaluations of seat/head restraints for protection against neck injuries in rear impacts.

    The first requirement for a vehicle to become a Top Safety Pick is to earn good ratings in all three Institute tests.

    A new requirement for 2007 is that the winning vehicles must offer electronic stability control. This addition is based on Institute research indicating that electronic stability control significantly reduces crash risk. Especially the risk of fatal single vehicle crashes. The electronic control helps drivers maintain control of their vehicles during emergency maneuvers.
  • Hello sampowers! :) You picked a good one and a good price. The Pathfinder, Outlander and the Endeavor are all on the top 10 list of good buys. I ruled out the Endeavor because it requires premium gas. :cry: Although i like the look of the suv. I ended up with a Buick Rainer. I did't know Buick made an SUV but i love my new wheels. :shades: My next stop was to look at the Pathfinder. I wanted that third row seat but found some of them to be dificult to get to, like the Volvo suv. I also purchased my car from Carmax and found it to be a very pleasant experience, my salesperson was awesome. Did you get a list with Nissan's #'s for remaining warranty info and a manual if there wasn't one? If not i posted the #'s in a pervious post. Enjoy your new wheels. :shades:
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