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What is the Best SUV For me?



  • I started out looking at the Highlander. I thought hey 3rd row seat not real bad mpg then I read posts that stated breaking suddenly was making the car accelerate. One guy drove through his Dining Rm. Next! I looked at Ford Expedition. Found they had paint problems. Got that now! Next. Honda Pilot! I didn't really like the looks of it but I can give up looks for good mpg! (As long as it’s not hideous) It sounded like everything I needed until I read that several people are getting less mpg than advertised. I need some expert advice! Please Help!!
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Go to the Outlook/Acadia/Enclave forum. This is the CUV trio from GM that has great interior space and drives more carlike. Everyone there loves them.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    How about an SUV calendar?


  • What, no pictures of the Pilot doin' the Rubicon Trail or Moab? :P
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think that's the July photo. ;)
  • Hmmm, I think that’s a Chevy Trailblazer four-wheeling it on the Aloha Trail or maybe the treacherous San Diego sand dunes. :) Pretty pictures though.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    lol, ok you asked for it - I'm gonna put my own calendar out showing my Outback on a 4WD only trail on the cover:

    imageSee more Car Pictures at
  • You make me smile and laugh. I can't wait to get the Pilot into the snow to test out all them stability dohickees.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter is looking to interview consumers who are annoyed, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, etc. about all the automotive choices they have/had to consider before making a new car purchase.

    Please respond to no later than January 31, 2007 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience.

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  • Hey, I'm 17, and if I was gonna get a SUV, I would definitely check out a Hyundai Santa Fe, w/ the 3.3 V6 242 HP, Subaru Forester XT 2.5 230 HP, Mitsubishi Outlander 3.0 V6 220hp, and definitely the Mazda CX-7. It's got a 244hp 2.3 I4 turbo, very sporty, can be had decently for under $27 grand. That's the one I'd go with, that or the Santa Fe, lots of power. Good luck!
  • on top of many other little things i dont have the digital read out for gas mileage that others have i was wondering if it would be worth time and money converting this
  • Ok, I'm new to the forum and my question sounds like it should go here...

    Straight question... I have a leased vehicle, can I legally rent it out to a friend?

    Details... I leased my vehicle, it's through a company and not a bank as far as I can tell, my payments goto the place I bought it from. I have a friend that will be coming up to where I am to work for a week or so every month for at least a year. He takes the train here and wants a car to drive around for work (it's so he can work, but it's not a business car technically). So, when he comes to town by train, and wants my car which he agreed to pay so much per day for, he gets it, pays me, etc...

    Since money is involved, I assume it's considered renting or maybe even sub-leasing because I'm leasing it. Only question is, can I actually do it? Do I need to add anything to my insurance? Anything else I need to know?

    I checked for my paperwork to find anything regarding sub-leasing, but wasn't able to find anything... but I may not have all the paperwork together. I would ask the place I'm leasing it from, but if it is not allowed I don't want them down my neck thinking I'm going to do it anyways.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think I'd ask over in the General Questions about Leasing Vehicles discussion.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "17 four-door SUV’s earned a five star crash test rating for all seating positions: Acura MDX; Acura RDX; Audi Q7; Dodge Nitro; Ford Freestyle; GMC Acadia; Honda CR-V; Honda Element; Hyundai Santa Fe; Infiniti FX35/45; Jeep Grand Cherokee; Kia Sorento; Kia Sportage; Mazda CX-7; Saturn Outlook; Subaru Outback; and the Toyota Highlander."

    NHTSA Releases Model Year 2007 New Crash and Rollover Safety Ratings
  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    I compared the X with the Toyota FJ Cruiser and liked the cool looks of the X although the FJ is probably the most capable 4x4 offroad.
  • rcfilmrcfilm Posts: 4
    I would beware of buying this vehicle. my 04 is a money pit. just out of warranty new AC condenser $500 front control bushings $400. This car has 35K miles and has been hwy driven. This is not a dependable vehicle Get an ext warranty. Rides great great in the snow but.....
    I've owned accords and they have been ok
  • rcfilmrcfilm Posts: 4
    American Honda has agreed to pay for most of the AC repair
    I'b still say get the ext Wty as it covers a lot of expensive service as well
  • chelentanochelentano Posts: 634
    I'd like to get small-to-medium crossover under $40K which would have V6, paddle shifters, Intelligent Key, keyless ignition, xenon lights, satellite radio, navigation/DVD player, leather interior, ipod jack, 4WD. Is it possible to get all these options for this price?
  • jksonicjksonic Posts: 1
    My needs are rather varied so I'm having trouble finding the best one which suites them all to some there doesn't seem to be one that is idea for them all. My Father-in-law is paying cash for the vehicle and we're paying him back so we don't have any financing. He also has a friend in the used-car business who is taking us all up to a huge dealer only auction up in Manhiem PA. Keep that in mind because we very well may be able to afford something we normally wouldn't be able to if a good deal comes about (like a Honda Pilot or something). Anyway, lets get to my criteria...

    This is going to be something we have for a while, so we're looking for less then 25,000 miles on it (ideally under 20,000)...I say that because we probably won't find anything older then an 05.

    At least gets average mileage for an SUV... Should at least be able to break 20mpg in ideal settings.

    Needs decent cargo room and decent (doesn't need to have luxury space...) 2nd row seating (3rd row doesn't matter)...we'll be having kids within a couple years and we have two dogs now. We also don't have a truck so we'll be using it now and then to haul stuff around.

    Needs to either look rugged or sporty... "bleh" or "girlie" isn't an option. I've been driving a yellow 2000 Focus ZX3 for five years which was bought in haste becase my Lancer EX was I'm not getting stuck with another head turner (in a bad way...turning heads in good way is obviously fine). Newer redesigns of stuff like the RAV4 may be an option since they seem to have shed past images...

    Like most SUV owners most of our time will be spent on the road in semi-city driving, and I make one to two longer trips a week to a second job. So, comfortable highway driving is a must.

    Even though we'll mostly be on the road we WILL be doing some off-roading in the form of beach driving. It is a popular public beach which nearly always has nice, deep tracks to follow. However, being so busy there's usually not much hard packed sand either and I'll have to be crossing the tread marks of much bigger vehicles (which are nice to follow, but suck to cross). I've done beach driving before, just not in my own long as you aren't stupid and try to climb dunes or something it's pretty hard to get stuck.

    Talking to other people and doing research I've found it's nearly impossible to get straight answers on something that best suites my needs. So instead, I'm going for the approach of just getting as many answers in as many places as I can... Some people want to say nearly anything 4-wheel drive (whether it's full-time or not) will be ok for the beach as long as I'm smart about even something like a Murano will be ok. Some people say I better focus on the off-roading since, unlike lots of people, I will actually be doing it so go for an FJ or something. Others still suggest finding middle ground like a RAV4 or Highlander.
  • chelentanochelentano Posts: 634
    I just got Mitsubishi Outlander. It has all the gadgets I need: V6, 6-speed trnsmission with paddle shifters, bluetooth, Intelligent Key, keyless ignition, LED/xenon lights, Sirius radio, 6 CD mp3 changer, 650 watt amplifier with Sub, iPod jack, heated power leather seats, ipod jack, sunroof, 18" tires, 4WD, tire pressure monitor, traction/skid control... Plus 10/100 warranty, 5 y. roadside assistance, good cargo space, exceptional handling, sleek styling and it's build entirely in Japan. $26.5K!

    Oulander beats RAV4 and CRV in customer satisfaction ratings at the all 3 major sites: MSN autos, endmunds and Yahoo autos.
  • basscadetbasscadet Posts: 146
    People had dogs and children before the invention of the sport utility vehicle. ;)

    Buying a truck really is not your only option, minivans or a Subaru wagon would work very well for you without having to deal with the SUV stigma.
  • uncleevanuncleevan Posts: 1
    i currently have a yukon denali,as much as i like it i need something with better gas mileage.i find the mdx and arcadia,pacifa,enclave look too much like a lease is up shortly and i am running out of options.maybe the durango or envoy,at lease it looks like a truck.anu suggestions?
  • I can't seem to figure out what 'route' to take with my current vehicle hunt... Here's the details...

    I have 21K saved for a new vehicle purchase... I can't afford a new "desired vehicle" (CR-V or Pilot), and finding a 'slightly used' one (Pilot only, don't like the old CR-Vs) in my area is difficult...

    I have a 'driveable junker' (worth about $400-700) that no 'normal' dealer will take for a trade... and I'd really hate to have a car payment...

    I'm wondering if i should broaden my search (Pacifica, Escape, Grand Cherokee), and look for dealers that are having a 'minimum trade allowance' special and bite the bullet and get something from 'this' dealer..

    any thoughts...? I love my Hondas (have had 2 Preludes, and an Accord) and I'd like to get something that isn't going to give me too much trouble...

    Am i asking too much??
  • Hello, all. I'm looking for some help here. I currently drive a 2004 FX35 loaded with every feature. I have 76K miles on it and I'm looking to unload it while it's still worth something. The Infiniti dealer won't help put me into something for a year to hold me over until the new 09' comes out.

    Decision time ...

    Do I hold-out or get into something new? I can't find anything out there that offers the same technology / comfort / drive of the Infiniti. I've looked at some coupes and sedans as well but I'm really only interested in AWD and I still can't find any company that offers all the bells and whistles that Infin. does.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • >> Do I hold-out or get into something new? I can't find anything out there that offers the same technology / comfort / drive of the Infiniti.

    I did not know, that Infinity makes best SUVs :-)

    Speaking of technology, why the FX35 comes only with the outdated 5-speed tranny? Mercedes M series comes with smother 7-speed and X5 comes with 6-speed. Also some cars offer now hard drive based navigation with MP3 music server. Also Infiniti's Bose stereo is not respected by audiofiles. The X5 offers better Harman Kardon stereo, both HD and Sirius radio and larger 8.8" navigation.

    FX35 is nice car, but MB, or X5 would not be a bad alternative.
  • My big issue is that the FX is "fun to drive". It has a great sports car feel to it. It's lower to the ground, has a great sounding exhaust, smaller steering wheel. Couple that with the in-car technology package and it is an awesome thing to drive.

    I've test driven everything else. They feel like SUV's. This doesn't. I've also seen and used most of the other Nav systems - none compare to the new Infiniti Nav System.

    I want something fun to drive that has great in-car technology. BMW looks nice and has great power and performance but the Nav and Phone systems are horrible.

    I'm open to a sedan or a coupe! Been looking a little at the new 335xi but it lacks the bells and whistles.
  • The 335xi is nice. Handles real well, has more advances trasmission and AWD system. What bells and whistles it lacks for you vs. FX35?
  • I can't stand the "knob" to use the navigation, radio, phone, etc ... It's annoying. Even the voice commands aren't smooth. The new Infiniti is all voice commands and touch screen. The controls are better, the nav is better, the phone is better, etc ....

    My mom has been in BMW's for years. Great for driving around town. I love the power and the sporty feel but it lacks a lot on the inside. The salesman at the BMW dealership told me the same thing.

    I am totally open to a new SUV. Just looking for something fun. I am totally open to a sedan or coupe. Just looking for something fun with neat gadgets!

    Thanks for any advice.
  • Sounds like FX35 is real nice car, I have to check it out. Well, if driving fun and technology is what you need, let me try to sell you a car.


    Are you familiar with Mitsubishi Outlander? The Outlander is a direct descendant of Pagero Evo 2+2 Concept, which is Dakar rally champion for 7 years in a row, beating every year BMW, MB, Cayenne, Audi etc. which explains why the Outlander is known for exceptional handling, road traction and driving fun. The car is equipped with smooth 6-speed shiftable tranny with magnesium paddle shifters. Special aluminum roof keeps center of gravity low.
    Pagero Evo Dakar video:
    Outlander AWD/ASC 4 demo videos:

    The Outlander also has one of the best technology packages. It comes with Xenons/LEDs lights, FAST (intelligent) Key, keyless ignition, and voice activated Bluetooth hands free system and iPod jack. Available hard drive based Navigation, hard drive based digital music server, and Sirius radio: all controled via 7” LCD touch screen, the way you like it. The digital music server is rare gadget, it burns CDs to hard drive automaticaly, and it's fun to use with that thouch screen LCD navigating through playlists and folders.

    Using a hard drive for navigation map storage (rather than DVD) gives the Outlander navigation system ultra-fast search and access to the map data. It has new for 2008, Diamond Lane Guidance is an industry-first development for the navigation system that gives the driver to have HOV lane information included with directions.

    Available Rockford-Fosgate premium DVD/mp3 audio/video system with subwoofer and 650-watt amplifier! Available as option backup camera, parking sensors and multicolor HID lights. And of course, second row DVD/LCD, white leather, heated seats, etc. available.

    Unlike some other Mitsubishis, the Outlander build in Japan. It comes with 5/10-year warranty/5y roadside. Consumer Reports listed Mitsubishi Outlander as best small SUV choice for reliability:

    Great CUV to wait for your next FX.
  • After owning 5 different GMC Suburbans/Yukons since 1988, I switched to a 2008 Honda Pilot last month. For $16,000 less, I got much more SUV for my money. The build quality is excellent and has all of the equipment I wanted which included XM radio, sunroof, NAV, 4 wheel drive, and a terrific engine. I hated to leave the GM family, but the Honda price and equipment package is hard to beat.
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