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I have 2004 Chevy Tahoe as of a week ago started messing up on my way to work. Less than 5 miles from home. Once engine gets warm it’s starts acting like it’s got plugged catalytic converter, or not running on all cylinders maybe. Boggs down no power. Spits and sputters wants to kinda shut off. Put it in park will idle better. More gas you give it the more is messes up. I’ve had air filter replaced. Mass air flow Censor and fuel filter. Went to have catalytic converters replaces today and mechanic hooks it up to computer because he dosent think it’s catalytic converter. It came back with code u-1000. H said it bad ground wire to computer. I just don’t think that’s the case. Please any help would be so greatly appreciated.


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    I hope the shop that found the possible ground to computer problem did check for a plugged converter. He must not have found symptoms of a plugged cat or he would have mentioned it.

    I wonder if the poor computer control is allowing too much fuel and the converter is overheating trying to burn that fuel.

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    There shouldn't be any guessing about the catalytic converter. There are ways to test them. You can use a bi-directional scan tool to measure primary and secondary 02 sensor voltages; you can use an infra red thermometer to measure fore and aft catalytic temperature, or an exhaust pressure sensor that fits into the front 02 sensor.

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