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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Suspension and Ride



  • I have an '07 1500 Z71 crew cab Silverado (new body style). I love the truck and the smooth ride but I hate the low front end look. I want the truck to look more "beefy" but keep that smooth ride and without getting a whole suspension lift, I heard their too stiff. I've been looking at leveling kits and was wondering if anyone had suggestions which are the most durable but keep that smooth stock ride. SOMEONE HELP! I see alot of '07's around town and I want to stand out "above" the crowd. THANKS!
  • I was very surprised when the right rear spring shackle broke from corrosion. Granted I live in New Hampshire but (7) years and (50,000) miles to have thick steel stamping rust completely through is un-believable. It's obvious the steel is below the basic low-carbon junk variety.

    Has anyone on the forum had the same problem?

    I have had good luck and performance from this 4wd, 2K, Sierra - but I could not justify purchasing another GM product knowing their poor quality on these safety issues.
  • Just put a level kit in the front of 2004 2500HD Siverado. Lots of noise like thumping and rattling comming from the front now. Ride is not so bad. The bumper on the low a-arm is about 2 3/4 inches away from arm. From factory it touches the arm. Had it re-alinged. Drives fine just lots of noise. Anyone have this problem when they leveled their rig?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Sounds like a bad install or a defective kit. There shouldn't be any thumping or rattling from installing a leveling kit.
  • Your right and I found out today what the problem was. While working on rattles and sqeeks I decided the shock was the problem. I took it back to the shop were the levling kit was installed and they put it on the hoist and found out they hadn't tightened the lower shock bolt. Voila it is whisper quiet and rides very good. I'm aware of the a-arm issues. Time will tell I guess. Thanks for your reply.
  • i was woundering if lifting your torsionbars will hurt the ride of your truck
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    That's a big 10-4.
  • Hey everyone, I've been thinking of leveling the front end of my truck. Has anyone done it on a new body style silverado Z71 4x4? Did you crank the torsion bars or use a leveling kit? Thanks
  • You do have the heavy duty 1500. Also, the reason for the back to be higher is gas milage and no you should not remove the blocks as this could change your drive shaft angle which could cause vibration under hard acceleration. And as far as torking down your torsion bars, thi will not stiffen the ride much at all but if you go to high, the upper control arms will hit the bumstops. good luck
  • gkitegkite Posts: 11
    I have an 03 Crewcab 1500HD 4x4 which when purchased had the tortion bars cranked up to level the truck out and to accomedate 295x75x16" tires, rides rough. I was told that Off Road Unlimited sells a leveling kit that replaces the armature that the tortion bar fit in. It changes the pitch so that you can have the hight but gives you back the travel so that it smoothes out the ride. Is this so, does this work or are they just trying to make a sale.
  • I have an 04 solverado w/ 80k miles.
    I am getting a hum/vibration above 30 mph when I turn to the right. I believe the left front bearing is about to fail.
    How do I know it is the left or right side and how tough a job is it? Are special tools that GM is so famous fro required?
  • ghgeoghgeo Posts: 2
    My 06 silverado 1500 w/ 35k also makes a noise and vibration when turning to the right at speed between 35 and 55 mph. I have not heard the noise when turn left or at low speeds. I also experimented in both 2 and 4 wheel drive, but could not hear a difference in the noise. I finally got the dealer to hear the same noise on a test drive today and will let you know what they find once I get the car back. I did have the right front wheel bearing go out on me at 27k, but fortunately it was repaired under warranty.
  • ghgeoghgeo Posts: 2
    My dealer confirmed that the noise when turning right was the left front wheel hub assembly bearing.
  • thanks for the response.

    I talked to the dealer and they said right off the bat it was the bearing.

    They said the part was $408 new and about $300 after market.

    $95 for labor.

    I am looking online for the part and I will do it myself.
  • Are there suspension systems out there where I can lower my Truck for the street nights....and raise it up a bit for the off-road days?......all in one package.
  • I own a 1997 Chev. Step-side 4x4, 5.7L, where can I pickup a good functional Ram- air hood? Will it direct air into my stock breather housing? Can I use this hood on rainy or snowy truck is a 365 day/year ....not a yard ornament.
  • I have a 00 Sierra 1500 ext cab. I am thinking to put a 3in body lift, add a leaf, and torsion keys. I would like to know if i would need aftermarket shocks and if so what would you recomend?
  • what is better...... i have a 1988 1500 sierra long box, and want to put a camper on it, the camper is older and weighs about 800 lbs, our vehicle weighs about 6000 lbs. we do not know what the gvwr for our truck is, as it was removed from the door, if someone else has a truck like ours, could you let us know what it is...we want to know if we should put 1 or 2 leaves as we already have 4 on each side, or should we go with the air bags?
  • rich107rich107 Posts: 4
    hi all my new 2007 4x4 1500 chevy has some what of arought ride...compared to my 1990 chevy standard cab p/u.would that be normal? i has 35 lbs air preasure in the tires...its fine on a smooth road...steers perfect..small bummpy road and its a rought ride...unhlike my old 1990 chevy standard cab p/u..maybe i need a new softer tire...or will i always get a little rought ride? tks all........
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    GM has been known to install the cheapest tire and shocks cause these are things that you don't notice. Also it takes some time for the springs and suspension to break in though not much. What I suggest is that changing your tires and shocks will give you a substantially better ride then again you need to figure if its worth it on a new truck.

    Because I'm picky about tires and stuff, I've changed mine out when the truck had less than 3K miles and sold them to a worker who had the same model but much higher mileage. I agree with you when I test drove the 2wd it had a substantially better ride than the 4wd.
  • bill173bill173 Posts: 1
    The above is my Wife's vehicle. I drove it the other day and when driving over anything - such as a speed bump - the vehicle does the "bouncy bouncy bouncy" thing that's associated with blown shocks (even at slow speeds).

    Took it to the dealership's service department and they said "it's just the nature of the '06" and that "there's nothing wrong with the suspension".

    I say nonsense and went to the General Manager of the dealership - who got the Service manager to ride with me - he sort of agreed with the service foreman but said they'd keep the truck and check it out further.

    I know there's something wrong and not just "something inherent with that year".

    Anyone else had problems similiar ? Thanks - Bill
  • i have a 2005 chevy stepside, regular cab, and i have 20"`s on it, it drives kind of bad, the rear shakes a lot when i drive at 60-70 miles, any good shocks u could recommend me???

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
  • so they will fix my problem? has anyone else had that problem? i have 1 2004 and 1 2005 of thoese trucks and they have that problem, is it because the bed is so light?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You asked for a good shock. I answered Bilstein HD. As far as your problems it seems that it started with the installation of those 20s. Tried rotating the tires front to back to see if the problem moves to the front? Vibrations are usually caused by tire balancing. Have you tried having it done by a load variance balancer?

    If you look at your rear spring pack do you have two leafs? That in itself could be an issue. But I'd go back to the rims for vibrations.
  • herlemanherleman Posts: 1
    I'm new here and trying to find infor. I used search and got no definitive response.

    My 2005 C1500 regular cab V6 5 spd has what sounds like a shock absorber rattle in the left front suspension. It started at about 28K miles and at 29K it is getting progressively worse. I've inspected everything and find nothing suspicious looking.

    I'm told that ther is a TSB on a shock absorber bushing that corrects a shock misalignment issue. I'm told that replacing the shock will not help.

    Can anyone direct me to the proper TSB or offer other advice. I'm getting worried that something critical is about to break.

  • i have the same issue. bouncy front end and a "clunk" on rt frt when hitting the smallest of bumps. have replaced tires and shocks, all factory. what did you find?
  • did you get rid of the clunk? I am curious since I am having the same thing on a 2000 silverado 4.8 litre 2wd.
  • not yet. it happens on bumps. sounds like control arm or shock mounts. cant imagine this being normal. let me know what you find
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