04 dakota stuck in 3ed someone help please

Cody McKinneyCody McKinney Member Posts: 1
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So I have an 04 dakota 4.7L 4x4 quad cab. Heres what happened. I was out of town, started it up. Sounded good. Then when i stuck it in drive ( automatic tranny.) It harded shifted pretty good. 6 months later im still stuck in 3ed gear. I have reverse, neutral, and park just fine. But drive feels like 3ed. If i pop it down into 1st you get a what feels like second. Pop it into second and nothing happens. When on the interstate you only get about 55 and 3000 rpms. Anybody know whats going on here? I really cant afford to buy the wrong part and we have no transsmision techs close by.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
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    Sounds like it isn't going into overdrive. Try working the button at the end of the gearshift and you should feel it going in and out of overdrive. If nothing happens, check the fuse for the overdrive circuit.
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