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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager Tires & Wheels

f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
It's about time to replace the tires (29k) not that they need to be replaced although close, but I feel there are better choices out there. Since there is no exact replacement tires available, I would like to know what other tires people are using for replacement and please also provide reviews for the replacement tires if possible. Thanks in advance.


  • radconjohnradconjohn Posts: 2
    Hi, I have the same problem with tires as everyone else, :mad: crappy OEM Goodyear's :mad: ! I was wondering if anyone has actually put different size tires, particularly the 235/60/16, on their van and have driven a fair amount of mileage. Wanting to know what results you have gotten from driving, handling, too big for the wheelwell??, etc...and what brand tire you put on the 04 quest. I am needing some new tires here soon and looking for some info.
    Thanks for the help! :shades:
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    At 23,000 miles I got rid of the Goodyears. As many have stated in this form they have been very disappointing. At 14,000 miles two of the Goodyear's were out of round and couldn't be balanced. I had them replaced under warranty( prorated I paid $50.00 for each.) Now at 23,000 miles a third tire (one of the originals) was having balancing problems. Even though they have plenty of tread life I decided to dump them.

    I had Yokohama Avid TRZ tires put on. They are Yokohamas premium all season touring tire. They are 235/60/16.
    Wow! From my initial test drive I must say these tires are impressive. In many ways this feels like a different van. The most noticeable difference is how much quieter the van is. They absorb bumps much better and give a noticeably more comfortable ride. The van seems to handle better. I think the added width makes it feel more secure.

    I bought them at Discount Tire. They matched Tire racks price and I received a $60.00 credit for the old tires. Out the door I paid $381.00. I will periodically report back my impressions of the tires as I put more miles on them.

    They also have an 80,000 mile tread warranty.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    As I stated back in post #1977 I replaced the OEM tires with Yokohama Avid TRZ tires (235/60/16's). I'm trying to figure out the cold inflation psi. When I got home from having them installed I checked the cold psi, the next morning, and it was 33 psi. I'm guessing that is what they set it at at Discount Tire. I called Discount and they said to set it to what ever the OEM cold psi was, which is 35 psi. Since it is a different size tire with a lower speed rating ( T instead of H) wouldn't the cold psi be different?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    You should be fine with 33 psi. Since you have T rated tires, the ride should not be as stiff as H rated tires (personally i like the ride). After driving a few more miles, you may want to add more air if you want a stiffer ride (your preference). I would not go above 35 psi cold since the tire will gain 4-5 psi while driving. Also you keep track of the gas mileage and see if a few psi make a difference.
  • nishonbarunishonbaru Posts: 39
    I have found an alternative to the horrible GoodYear tire in the same size as the OEM tires. Nokian Tires or tyres as they spell it a Finnish company does have 3 All Season, and many more winter tires that are available in the 225/65/16. Check out the website You can find a distributor in your area. I also found them on a mail order website However, I must warn you. They are very expensive. Just under $200.00 each. I'm not going to buy at that price but I just wanted to let everybody know, There is an alternative.
  • Thx for the coaching on the Yoko Avid TRZ's as replacement tires. I am now shopping for them in the Atlanta area.

    However, when I called my local Discount Tire store, and these tires were not listed in their inventory.

    Can you share the location of the Discount Tire store that you used, and I will have my local store contact them for the appropriate internal inventory number, etc for these tires.

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Yokohama does not make these tires in the OEM size of 225/65-16 which is why they probably did not show up in the inventory (only goodyear makes this size). Make sure you ask for 235/60-16. They should have that size. This size is probably the next best fit outside the OEM that retains the same handling.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Dtownfb is right, make sure you are asking for the 235/60/16's. Also, my local discount tire did not have the Yoko AVID TRZ's. They don't normally carry them, but the manager was able to order them out of California( I live in Phoenix). I believe Discount tire in California carry them. They shipped them out and they arrived in four days.
    I just drove to San Diego, from Phoenix on my new tires. I still have nothing but praise for these tires.

    Good Luck
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I need some opinions. I was quoted new tires installed (mounting, balancing, etc) for $90 a tire. The tire is Mirada Sport (I think Multimile is the selling brand). It is 235/60-16 and made by Cooper. (50k warranty)

    Never heard of this tire but the price has me intrigued. Can anyone give me any information on this tire. Seems like a good tire - Temp and Traction are rated A. I figure it can't be any worst than the OEM.

    All thoughts welcomed.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Haven't heard of the tire, but Copper tires has made the news in an unfavorable way. 35 deaths have claimed to be linked to Copper tires due to tread seperation. A number of lawsuits are in the works.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    If you get new tires make sure you have a four wheel
    alignment done or at least watch for signs of alignment
    problem. 3 weeks ago I had AVID TRZ's (235/60/16) put
    on my Quest. They felt wonderful smooth, quiet, no vibrations. Just drove back from San Diego to Phoenix.
    Before we left, everything was fine, though I did notice
    a slight tracking to the right when I drove, particularly
    at highway speeds. As we drove to San Diego I noticed the pulling to the right getting worse. The steering wheel developed a slight, but noticable vibration at highway speeds. I got back, took it in, the wheels needed an alignment. Now everything is fine again.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I just goggled Mirada Sport Tires by Multi-Mile for the heck of it. They are made by Yokohama. Thats good sign.
    They are about the same price as my AVID TRZ's.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Thanks eyeblind. I saw a copuple of places that mentioned it was made by Yokohama. The "salesman" definitely said Cooper.

    I will probably buy them simply to save $25 per tire installed but I'm waiting to get a quote on the Avid TRZ.

    Are your Avid TRZ H or T rated?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    A lot of people are moving up to 235/60-16 tires since the OEM size is a Goodyear exclusive. This size gives you more options and keeps the handling of the vehicle the same. Some have dropped to a T-rated tire which gives a slightly softer ride than H-rated tires.

    I'm in the same boat. I have 39k and need to get new tires. A couple of folks have gotten Avid TRZ which is a very nice tire. But any tire other than OEM will be better.
  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    So does the different size tires affect the tire pressure sensors in any way? That's one of the concerns I have before jumping onto different size tires, even though from reading others post that it didn't appear to be a problem. Just want to make sure. When replacing tires would there be extra steps to make sure the sensors are intact? :confuse:
  • rprossilrprossil Posts: 62
    I haven't had any problems with mine - replaced the tires in 11/05 and the sensors still work fine - you just want to make sure the installer knows that they are there to be careful when handling the wheels. I went with Toyo Open Country H/T tires in 235/60/16 and they've been great. It is an SUV/Van tire that is designed for all season highway use. Went through this winter in Chicago and they were much better than the original Goodyears. Cost less too.
  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    Thanks for the advice, I would make sure to do an alignment. :)
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    They are T rated. Top speed is still 118 mph. I don't think I've ever gone above 85 and that was just passing on the highway.
  • nishonbarunishonbaru Posts: 39
    I just had 4 new tires installed. I had a leak in the front tire. Took it back to the installer and the leak was coming from the tire stem. Since the stems on the quest also contain the sensors for the pressure monitor the tire shop was unable to help. Went online and found that there is a service bulliten for leaks around the stem. Took the van to Nissan the next morning with the service bulliten in hand and they replaced the stem no questions asked.

    I just thought that if any of you are having issues with leaks this may be useful.
  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    Thanks for sharing, just for reference, the service bulltien link is here: Thanks again for this advice.
  • garycoxgarycox Posts: 59
    As I was warned, tires are nearly worn out on my 04 quest at 33,000 miles which apparently is pretty good from what I've read.

    To my surprise the only tire apparently is the Goodyear 225/65/16 as from what I can tell no one else makes one that size.

    If I go with another size such as 235/60/16 what will that do to my speedometer? The system is calibrated for the OEM size and just a couple of miles over the speedlimit is sometime enough to get a ticket around here (especially in the speed trap areas). Then there is the tire pressure sensors too?

    ... Gary
  • rprossilrprossil Posts: 62
    If you use this web site which does tire size comparisons
    it shows that going to a 235/60/16 will mean that your speedo is showing 1.5% higher than you are actually going, so if you're driving at the indicated speed limit, you're actually just under - they show at 60 mph (on speedo), you're actually going 59.1 mph. On the sensors, as long as your installer knows they are there and is careful, the tire size won't make a difference. With the 235/60/16 you have a lot more choices of tires that are better than the OEM Goodyears and cost far less. If you read the earlier posts on this section, several options are mentioned.
  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    What is the longest mileage people get out of the OEM tires?
  • garycoxgarycox Posts: 59
    I had my tires balanced about 6 weeks ago. While traveling out of town for the first time since then I was traveling at 70mph and felt quite a vibration which felt like a tire out of balance. Since I had it balanced recently I took it back to the dealer to have it checked.

    They indicated it was out of alighnment and although in balance and showed me where edges of the tire were rounded. They indicated I had "bottomed out" knocking it out of alighnment within the last 3 weeks. The showed me some marks on the underside. All I can remember is running over something in the road a few weeks ago but didn't think much of it. So can in the period of 3 or 4 weeks can the tires get that bad, it was about 2,000 miles since the balance, even less since I hit some object...

    They alighned the tires but indicated it would not fix the vibration until the tires evened out or were replaced...

    I just checked, the "cheap" Goodyear tires were $684.59.

    What do you think?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    If your tires are near replacement, yes, I cna see them being out of balance so quickly. It happened to me (luckily the first tire balance was part of a oil change promotion).

    You can find better tires for cheaper than that. As you now know, only Goodyear makes this size tire, 225/65-16. I would suggest moving to 235/60-16. More choices at that size. some have gone with the Yokohama Avid TRZ, BF Traction T/A, MIchelin, Toyo, etc. As previously posted, your speedometer will read about 1 mph faster than you are actually traveling. Some have dropped down to T rated tire instead of H.

    Our Quest is being inspected tomorrow and I do not expect the tires to pass inspection (39,500 miles). I am looking at two "off-brand" tires, Hercules Ultra Touring ($96 per tire installed) and the Multimile Mirada Sport ($90 per tire installed). Both are made by Cooper tires. I am leaning toward the Hercules simply because i like the tread better. the installer (local business for past 25 years) has sold a lot of these tires with good results.

    If you like the goodyear tires and replacing them after only 30k miles, then spend the $684.59 (you can get top of the line Michelin for that price that last 90k miles). From your previous posts, I don't get the sense that you are happy with them. Here's an opportunity to replace them. Others have installeed different sizes successfully. If you are lucky, this could be the last set of tires you ever buy for the van.
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    The tire has no effect on the sensor. The sensor is mounted inside the tire attached to the wheel at the valve stem.
    (Note that some other manufacturers don't use actual tire pressure sensors, but, use the ABS sensors to determine tire pressure. These systems are more sensitive to tire size, etc.)

    Also note to all, this discussion is only relavent to the 16" Quest wheels.

  • garycoxgarycox Posts: 59
    Yes I called Goodyear, they said basically Nissan had them make that size. It has no tread warranty on it and is considered a sort of sports tire.

    I called several Nissan dealers who were as confused about it as I was only offering the Goodyear 225/65/16 tire. I asked about a 235/60/16 and if it would effect the speedometer and one said "it shouldn't" and the other said let me get back to you...

    So I called the Nissan 800 number, they said I could use a 225/65/16 or a 225/60/17 because that's what the manual said I could use. Of course, R17 effects the rim size so I guess I would need new rims? They said if the manual said I could have 225/60/17 then it wouldn't effect the speedometer. I don't see how that's true, it's a smaller tire?

  • garycoxgarycox Posts: 59
    So does the Nissan quest actually measure the pressure of the tire with a pressure sensor and not it's rotation to determine it's pressure? If that were the case why does it require you to move down the road before it displays on the console the pressure of the tires?

    ... Gary
  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    Just install 4 new Yokohama Avid V4S tires on the Quest. The milesage on the van is about 28k plus change, but I am sick of these OEM tires. Anyway, I am very happy with these Yokohamas, they are quiet and handle better. I am not worrying about the speedometer off a bit, we never drive the van over 80mph anyway...... ok, maybe once or twice. :P Total for the tires installed, the bill comes to $527.30, I'd say it's a better choice over the OEM tires. As for calling Nissan 800 number about the tires, it's a waste of time. I did the same thing, all they did was reading from the screen and can't give any more information anyway.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I got a similar answer from the parts department at my Nissan dealership. As frustrating as it may sound, they can't recommend anything other than what is on the vehicle. It makes them liable if something unfortunate happens.

    but the parts guy was helpful when he sugggested going to a tire shop like Firestone, NTB, etc. Which told me, he can't recommend anything except the OEM but a good tire shop can give you better options.

    garycox: Stick to the 16 inch. Go to a trusted tire shop in your area and talk to the manager there. They deal with tires all day, every day. I would trust their recommendation. Just start the conversation as "you have these odd size tires that I don't like, what other options do I have?" You'll be surprised at how many options you have with the 235/60-16.

    BTW, just got word that my tires did passed inspection! Rear brakes didn't but I expected that.
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