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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager Tires & Wheels



  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    Your rear brakes didn't pass inspection at less than 40k miles? I thought for FWD cars/vans the rear brakes should last longer than that??
  • rprossilrprossil Posts: 62
    Not with 4 wheel disks - if they're drums,they usually go a long time. The disks wear more evenly.
  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    I agree, but at 40k? My other cars with 4 wheel discs, the rear brakes last a LONG time, like 75k mils easy. Granted, Quest is a huge vehicle. Maybe I should be prepare to foot the bill around that time then.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I expected it. The Quest has electronic brake distribution so during hard braking all 4 pads are activated. It eliminates "nose dive" braking. Also the rotors for the rear are thinner than the front rotors, almost 50% thinner. I'm sure that doesn't help. I belieive they changed the specs for the rear rotors for 2006.

    I got very lucky with my inspection. The tires passed and the mechanic quoted us the inspection, rear brake pads and turning the rotors. We picked up the van this morning and they actually replaced the rear rotors (mechanic realized he could not turn the rotors and replaced them) and did not charge us since they had already given us a quote.

    That shop just got themselves new customers!
  • garycoxgarycox Posts: 59
    Yea I've been through all that myself. Brake job at 29,000 miles (replace bads, turn rotors). 33,000 miles I'm in need of new tires that are a Goodyear/Nissan exclusive size. Goodyear indicates this particular tire has no tread warranty and you can expect it to last only 30,000 miles.

    It doesn't seem to matter that other vehicles are not like that... If you can get 40k out of brakes or tires your doing really great!

    By the way 4,000 miles after my rotors were turned I'm begining to once again feel a vibration while braking. Looks like another brake job soon...

    ... Gary
  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    Search for brake in the forum and you can find some more info about the brake. Some people did get the brake fixed by Nissan. Myself haven't (knock on the wood) experience this vibration problem yet. I thought I had that problem, but after getting new tires the van is driving normal again. So it could be the bald tires being at fault too.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    the interesting thing is I felt vibrations as well when braking. It's gone now with replacing the rear rotors. I never knew the rear rotors could cause that type of vibrating.
  • jakevsnakejakevsnake Posts: 14
    Can anyone tell me what price they paid for the Yokohama TRZ 235/60/16's on the rim and out the door? I got a quote for the V4S tire for $560 out the door with road hazard (taxes, stems, disposal fees included). The V4S is a 60k tire, and the TRZ is 80k. The same place wanted to charge me $40 more per tire for the TRZ. Checking the price on TireRack for both tires shows the TRZ costing only $6 more per tire. I would prefer the TRZ since the treadlife is better but it seems like they are trying to gouge me on the price.
  • f1236089f1236089 Posts: 25
    I got my V4S for $527.30 from American Tires (discount tires) and I am happy with the tires. The thing with Tirerack is that you need to pay shipping and someone to install them, unless you know some shop, it's a hassle to me. I never have TRZ on any of my cars so I can't comment on that. I guess it comes down to what is more important to you, road noise/comfort/threadlife/etc and go from there.
  • jakevsnakejakevsnake Posts: 14
    Well I called Tire Rack today and they enlightened me on how beneficial it is to go through them. Yes, I pay for shipping, but I save big time on the tires, and road hazard. They have partnerships with various companies all over the country and they will tell you who is local in your area that will install the tires for a fair price. They will deliver the tires to you or the tire shop. I am going to get mine once I come back from vacation. The cost of the tires and shipping with road hazard will be $445. TreadQuarters (in Virginia Beach) is the company I got my first quote from for the same tires and it would be $600 for the tires alone, not including the road hazard. So add another $50 for that and you already are up to $650. The most I will have to spend for mounting/balancing will be $100 on the high end. That will give me a savings of over $100 at least. The irony of all this is the fact that TreadQuarters could get the tires from Tire Rack themselves, make a little profit from that, and then do everything themselves without overcharging me like they are now. I will talk with the manager of the store next time I go in and propose a more beneficial scenario for both of us.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I got my Yoko Avid TRZ's at discount tires (they didn't stock them, but were able to order them)for $381.00( including mounting and balancing) with a $60.00 credit for the tires on my car. I showed them tireracks price and they matched it.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I think the shop is trying to make money on the TRZ. Right now they are in high demand since Consumer Reports recommended the tires. A year ago you could have gotten the tire for $70 a tire. I believe the TRZ is a slightly better tire then the V4S on the slick stuff. I would check out Yokohama's website to see the difference.
  • squestsquest Posts: 25
    I paid 442.65 out the door for my TRZs.
    I did not get a road hazard warranty, but they will be rotated free for the life of the tire at this store.
    I like them very much, and now have almost 6,000 miles on them.
    You do not need new stems. The stems are your senders for your tire pressure monitors.
  • jakevsnakejakevsnake Posts: 14
    Squest, where did you buy the tires at? $442 out the door is a very nice deal. I would love to work my tire shop into a deal like that for me. I would take the hazard warranty though so it would be closer to $500 in that case.
  • squestsquest Posts: 25
    I bought my tires from an independent, locally owned tire shop in Cleveland, GA.
  • bkempbkemp Posts: 6
    I just put avid TRZ's on my '04 SE yesterday and am quite pleased with them. I got 40k out of the OE badyears and will never buy any tire with that name on it ever. I also did my own brake job on all 4 wheels 2 days ago. I took my rotors to be turned at Oreilly auto parts for $11 each and bought friiction master ceramic pads for all 4 wheels. The van drives much better after the 2 upgrades.

    I got my TRZ's from Discount and paid $88.75 each for the 225/60/r17's with shipping included and had a local tire company mount and balance them for $15 each. Make sure they're aware of your pressure sensors inside your rims! Those things are $90 a piece!

    I really like my van! It's the perfect vehicle for my family! Not just another boring minivan.
  • holladrholladr Posts: 2
    I don't know how this will go, but, I'm putting Kumho tires(235/60/R16) on my '04 Quest :lemon: . I'm getting them from America's Tire Company for $78 each and completely out the door for about $445. The tread wear warranty is for about 50K miles. Even though I can get tires that get 80K+ miles, at the moment, I can't afford the more expensive Yoko & Michelin tires. The wife is taking a 1500 mile trip next weekend, so I'll keep y'all informed as to ride comfort, handeling, gas mileage, etc, when she gets back into town.
    The van only has about 41K miles on it and I've already had 3 prs of tires on it ad well as a complete brake job @ about 30K miles. With all the troubles I've had with the OEM tires and looking at another brake job within the next few thousand miles, the Nissan Quest, redesigned or not, will defintaly be at the bottom of my van selection list.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    On Wednesday, the Quest gets a set of shoes. I've squeezed the last bit of life out of these Goodyears. At 42k miles it is time for a change.

    I putting on Hankook Optimo H418 235/60-16 (99H). $86.99 a tire and $389 out the door. I'll let you know how these hold up. Not toomany places carry the Yokohama's around here and the Traction T/A were pricey for H-rated.
  • I'm trying to figure out the cause of a vibration. I had my Goodyear 225/65/16 tires replaced with the same. I had to have them balanced twice, the second time they are much better. However, at higher speeds I seem to get an intermittent steering wheel shake, left to right, back and forth. It's a small vibration, not excesive and it doesn't necessarily happen all the time which really confuses me. I can see the vibration if I take my hands off the wheel and it isn't enough to shake it while my hands are on the wheel although I can feel it.

    I thought it could be sections of road but my truck doesn't have that problem on the same section of road.

    Of course, I get a vibration while braking but that's normal, this vibration is while driving.

    I can't say that it always happens at high speeds which is why it confuses me. It seems to happen as the vehicle heats up but I can't confirm that.

    I'm still trying to nail down a pattern. It never did that as a new vehicle. O yea, it's a 2004 Nissan Quest.

    Any ideas?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    It could be your rotors. had the same issue with my rear rotors. Hard time believing that warped rotors could cause the vibration I was feeling until the mechnic put new rotors on. No more vibration and smooth braking. this was an independent shop that did the work.

    If the brakes check out fine, it could very well be a bad set of tires.
  • That's a good point in the right direction. I'm not sure how rotors effect it while not braking? However, they have been turned 3 times already and are known to have issues. I'm also getting, on occasion, a whobbling noise coming from the right front. The dealer looked at it and put a "non directional finish" on the rotor and it seemed to help for a while but it has come back. It's hard to tell, it doesn't do it all the time and of course, only occurs when braking, seems to be during light braking...

    ... Gary
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I had the same reaction as you did regarding the rotors. All I know is since we put new rear rotors (and a month ago, fornt rotors), the van has been driving smooth. I do have another issue that may be caused because the mechanic forgot to bleed the coolant when he changed it.

    Also my first impression of the Hankook Optimo H418 tires (235/60-16) are very good. they seem quieter than the OEM goodyears. but time will tell.
  • Does anyone know anything good or bad about Falken ZE 512 tires? These are the only brand that one of the places I called this morning have in stock for all 4 tires on my 2004 Quest. They are 235-60-16 which from what I read, will be a fine replacement for the original tires installed on this van. Any comments? The price to have them installed and have the wheels alligned will be about $540. Thanks!
  • Soory it took so long to send an updated report. Wife returned from a 1500+ mile trip about 3 weeks ago. Had no problems with the Kumho tires. I thought that since the diameter of the Kumho tires were about 1/2" less than the OEM's, the van would 'bottom' out. She has not mentioned anything about 'bottoming' out. I have driven the van on a couple of occasions since replacing the tires & find no difference between the OEM's & the Kumho 235/60/R16 tires. Thanks to ya'll for suggesting the 235/60/R16 replacement tires. Another thing is that Costco said they would not normally replace the OEM's with the 235/60/R16's, but since I have them already on the van, they would go ahead & put the 235/60/R16's on the next time I need repalcement tires.
  • I personally don't like Falken tires based on my past experiences. They tend to be making more noise on the road, but other than that they seemed ok. For about the same amount of money, I would go for Yokohama, which I repleced with mine about 1200 miles ago and I can tell you it's a heck lot better than the OEM tires. They ride quieter and handle better.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I think Falken is pretty highly rated by Consumer Report. Also check Tire Rack for reviews.
  • The only problem is that 235/60/16 isn't a manufacturer recommended size so handling may be different and it could effect the speedometer calibration.

    Some seem to have reported success in using other sizes. With all the problems I've had I've opted to stick with manufacturer recommendations in hopes of trying to get everything working under warranty so there is nothing to blame as to the problem.

    Having said that, even after replacing my Goodyear 225/65/16 with new ones of the same I'm still having steering and braking problems... It's back in the shop again with no estimate of when I might get it back.

    They also tried to tell me it was over 36,000 so it wasn't under warranty and that the computer also indicated that it was not under warranty. I whipped out my letter from Nissan which indicated it was under 60,000 extended base warranty.

    ... Gary
  • I got Dunlop SP Sport HR4 Tires of 235/60/16 at Mavis Discount Tire, and they cost $495 with installation. So far they are working OK, but I am wondering whether they are actually good tires for Quest04. Also I could not find any information regarding these tires, and only information I could got was Dunlop Sp Sport A2 plus. Does anyone have experience?
  • Come to find out, after 5 months of talking with people at Nissan someone at Nissan headquarters said 235/60/16 would be fine for a 225/65/16 replacement. I wish they would publish that information somewhere so there would be no question of a warranty issue... Gary
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I am very surprised to hear that someone affiliated with Nissan would suggest a different size. Generally they are instructed to recommend OEM. The parts guy at my dealership would not recommend anythign other than 225/65-16 but he did say I should talk to tire shop about alternate sizes. Every tire shop said 235/60 is the best subsitute to retain the original driving traits of the minivan.
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