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I own a 2010 Toyota Prius and had an oil change service last month. Yesterday while I was driving, the engine shutoff due to low oil warning and oil pressure so I had to get it towed to a nearest toyota dealership. Upon today, the mechanic at Toyota discovered that I was running on empty oil and caused some major issue in the engine, and further inspection, they found out that the car was missing the oil plug as it had pop off from time to time. Midas (previous mechanic) didn’t tighten the plug, toyota contacted Midas and discuss the problem, but Midas take zero responsibility despite me having the receipt for previous oil service. They tell me I can get a lawyer to resolve the issue. I’m on a tight budget and it would cost $700 to rebuild or replace the engine. Should I get a lawyer to discuss the issue and how much would it cost to do so?


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    Only $700 to repair? I would have the repair done and then take Midas to your Small Claims court. That's too small an amount to involve a lawyer.

    It's hard to say what's going on here. Some of the details you posted don't really add-up. If there was no oil your engine would be destroyed. Of course, a loose plug could gradually leak out oil, so that's possible, but no way you were driving with the oil plug missing completely.

    In any event, if you have support from the Toyota dealer, and have $700 to spend, get the job done and then gather up as much evidence as you can and file in Small Claims.

    As far as I know, Midas is a franchise, so you'd sue the owner of that particular operation. The Midas Corp would probably tell you that the owner is responsible for things like this, not them.
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