Power Window problems

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My 2006 Trailblazer has power window problems. After a recent, very light rain with the driver's door window down about 1-2 inches, the power windows stopped working from the driver's door controls. I checked the fuses - one for the driver's door power module, and one for the left door power module. Both looked good. I put the same fuses back in. Now the driver's window will roll down, and so will the others - sort of. The windows stop partway down, then immediately start to close. When they are down completely, the power door lock button causes them to close. I did nothing except inspect the fuses. Any ideas what is causing this? I live almost a hundred miles from the nearest Chevy dealer in Palm Springs. I have learned that there is a recall for the control module. Is there a way to find out if my vehicle has had this problem fixed?


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    You say the problem started with a light rain in open window. That is curious I have w 2002 Century and for about a year drivers side window would open all the way every time I turned key on and started the car. It would take about 3-4 minutes before it would respond to control to close. It has recently gotten worse and winter is coming on. I am considereing replacing vehicle rather than finance some electrical experimental diagnostices.
    A week or so back I got caught in a terrific rain with the window open about 1/2 inch. It wouldn't close so I left it and went in for an hour's meeting. When I returned it didn't open further or close, I drove home and put it in the gartage as usual. Amazing the next day when I used the car the window worked normally.. So I deduced that rain and mositure had some effect. It worked right for several days and then started acting up again. I took the garden hose and sprayed water on the rubber flex wire boot from the body to the door, and left it set overnight. This morning it was working normally. There must be a a controlling wire in that rubber flex wire enclosure that is shorting out. I need to find a canscientious auto electric who will approach this systematically.
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    There is a TSB from Jan 1 2013 on similar problems:

    TSB #SB-11323
    NHTSA ID #10051642

    You may have to order TSBs from a secondary website. Basically the summary says that water may drip on the door control module causing erratic operation.


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