Need to Know Detailed Behavior of Subaru TPMS

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The facts are these: 1) A few days ago I mounted my winter rims/tires, which do have TPMS sensors 2) I immediately drove to the tire store to have a TPMS reset, which at the time seemed to them and me to be a success 3) the yellow TPMS light had not yet come on at all, during the drive to the tire store with the new rims on 4) I had set all 4 winter tires, a few days ago when it was cool, a little high in pressure, say 35 psi rather than the spec'd 33/32 5) yesterday, much warmer than the prior few days, on a freeway trip, the TPMS yellow light came on 6) an immediate pressure check yesterday showed all 4 warm tires at 40 psi. I have since lowered them to ~33psi cold 7) the Forester Owner's Manual in several places specifies only that the TPMS reacts to low pressure, implying (but never saying) it does not notify me about overpressure. The manual also says the TPMS system only is active when speed is above 25 mph.

Therefore, I face this multiple choice question: A) Did I do my TPMS reset too soon, and I need to have it done again now that the yellow light finally came on, or b) Have I not driven above 25 mph for long enough after lowering my overpressure. How long is enough? Anyone out there expert about this?


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    not sure how I can edit out that silly emoticon for the letter "B"...
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    not sure how I can edit out that silly emoticon for the letter "B"...

    Fixed it

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