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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Brake Problems



  • tglinktglink Posts: 2
    The abs system on my 2007 silverado is causing the brakes to pulse every time i stop regardless of conditions. I had the problem diagnosed as a bad wheel bearing and repaired,however the problem returned. I was wondering if anyone faced the same problem and managed to have it repaired correctly and what was the cause.
  • I have a 2009 Chevrolet 1500 Ext Cab. The brakes went out at 7000 miles, front & rear. The dealer replaced front pads & rotors & the rear brakes & drums. At 10,000 miles the front pads were replaced again. At 15,000 miles the front pads, rotors, rear shoes & drums were replaced again. The truck now has 40,000 miles and the brakes, front & rear, have been replaced (8) times. The dealer says they can find no problems with the brake system. I've taken the truck to an independent shop. They have replaced rotors, pads, shoes & drums twice. They also can find no other problems with the brake system. Can anyone offer any reasons why this is happening?

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    What kind of mileage are you getting?
  • I'm getting 11.9 mpg according to the truck's computer.
  • I am not sure what the variations on brakes were on the chevy silverado line, but I have a 2003 silverado 1500 HD crew cab with the quadrasteer option. The truck is used about 10% of the mileage for towing my 4000 lb boat trailer to the ocean. It has 118000 miles on it and still has plenty of life on the original brake pads! Now we can talk about the emergency brake which has never worked right from when I bought it new...
  • Not trying to be funny, or offend, but you dont drive with both feet like alot of folks, do you? Some people i have rode with use the right foot on the accelerator, and the left foot on the brake. I'm pretty sure that you wouldnt be asking about this if you did that, but just in case. jim
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Would you mind emailing me your VIN and involved dealer please? I’d like to look into this further for you.

    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    First off, let me apologize for the lengthy wait for a response to your situation. Since, you had posted your situation on here, have you taken the vehicle back to dealership for further diagnosis? Could you please, provide us with an update?

    Michelle P., GM Customer Service (assisting Christina)
  • The dealer is MK Smith Chevrolet Chino, Ca. The VIN #1GCEC29J49Z145670
    They did the second brake job replacing the front rotors & pads & the rear drums & shoes. I have done the brakes myself and Chino Hills Transmission has replaced everything twice. Chino Hills Transmission was the last shop to work on my truck. Last date of service was 4/01/11.
  • The truck has not been back to a dealer. I took it to an independent shop. Last service on the brakes was 4/01/11.
  • Hey guys I work for a hunting club and they bought a 2009 2500 hd in March of 09. I just got the 4th set of brakes put on it this week. I am on my third set of rotors also. I only have 23,729 miles on it. This truck is a work truck and is in the mud on the club 99% of the time but this break thing is getting a little old. Any thoughts?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    When was the last time you spoke to the dealership regarding the brakes? Have you contacted customer assistance?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • tglinktglink Posts: 2
    Michelle P. In response to your question, no I have not taken the truck back since posting my message. The diagnosis was made at an independent garage rather than a dealer and I had hoped to narrow the potential solutions before returning to either one. This is apparently not an isolated problem and I am attempting to educate myself in an effort to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs
  • barnowl3barnowl3 Posts: 70
    Yes, please post the results of your situation. Parts that wear or fail are understandable and different quality vehicles have different levels of reliability. However, parts that fail within years of new and affect life safety is an incorrect and unsafe design. Living through 2 premature brake line failures, I am now wondering if ABS should be replaced for safety purposes. You are doing GM truck owners a service by keeping us posted. I have heard of no recalls yet from GM.
  • I tried to replace the drum shoes on my truck last week and everything was going smoothly until I attempted to remove the emergency brake line from the old shoe. I think I can see how it needs to be done. I think i need to pull the cone like head of it and push it down at the same time until it can move freely in the spring. I could be wrong but even if that is correct I couldn't seem to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    edited April 2011

    Please keep us posted on any updates.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Are you currently experiencing any issues with your vehicle?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Thank you for providing us with additional information about your situation. I can understand the quest for more information to assist in saving money with parts and repairs.

    Please, don’t hesitate to contact Caron or Christina if you have further questions or concerns.

    Michelle P., GM Customer Service
  • My truck had the brake failure, that occurred when the wheel bearings went bad, and the abs system stopped working, and dis-allowed the brakes to work,- AND ITS A 2001. I keep up with this forum pretty much, EVERY DAY.

    My observation is this, and i'm wondering- A CHEVY SILVERADO, made in 2001, and now, 10 YEARS LATER, I still see posts of fellow Chevy truck owners, with the very same things with their newer trucks. HOWEVER- THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT GM wants "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION",

    10 YEARS OF TRUCKS SOLD, AT OUTRAGEOUS PRICES, 'AND' A STIMULUS FROM THE OBAMA BUNCH- SEEMS TO ME, THAT AS MANY GOOD CUSTOMERS, AS GM HAS SEEN IN THE LAST 10 YEARS, You would think that GM would actually give a crap, and reimburse their customers for the trouble, or at least give a RE-CALL on their defective trucks. Guess i dont know much about business, BUT I KNOW WHO I "WONT" BE BUYING MY NEXT TRUCK FROM!! I wont forget, i have that big dent in the front bumper to remind me how well the brakes worked when i needed them, EVERY TIME I GO TO GET IN. HAVE A GREAT DAY- HATEFUL JIM!!
  • barnowl3barnowl3 Posts: 70
    Yes. I lost my brakes last month during a panic stop due to a ruptured steel brake line. :blush: 2 years ago, at 50,000 miles, my front brake line ruptured requiring me to run off the highway to miss a slowing tractor trailer. :confuse: The entire brake line line system had incredible, significant corrosion ( no protective coating). My oil cooler lines corroded and ruptured at 3.5 yrs old and 30,000 miles, causing a complete loss of oil pressure, luckily, I was in a parking lot. :cry: Last year my power steering pump corroded losing all fluid, causing loss of power steering and brake boost while towing my boat. :mad: Some of the power steering lines were on their second replacement. 2.5 yrs ago, my fuel line corroded and caused a fine gasoline mist under the truck, since that line was pressurized. Today, the fuel lines are extremely fragile and will require complete replacement right up to the fuel rail, as the steel fuel crossover at the top of the engine is also oddly very corroded. My truck only has about 65,000 miles today. I have never experienced a chain reaction of corrosion like this. My first GM was a 65 Pontiac and I still own a 67 and 68 after 30 yrs. Oddly, my rear bumper started rusting two weeks after I took delivery of this Sierra HD. Do you think that this is normal for GM trucks or could my truck possibly have some type of defect causing all these lines to fail so prematurely? ( transmission lines and air conditioning lines have also required total replacement). I have saved my brake lines if you would like to examine them, as the NHTSA is also asking me for samples.
  • barnowl3barnowl3 Posts: 70
    Hard to disagree. At this point, I think I am further ahead keeping what I have vs. risking another $40,000. Though I have new front bumper, I have chosen to leave the original one on, that GM recoated under warranty. The significant rust is such a stark contrast to the rest of the truck, that many people ask what has happened. I show them the corrosion under the hood and it stuns them. Typically, these people are interested in buying new trucks, so it makes them think twice. 2 people this week alone have asked and I have l told them the problems. This has caused at least one person to hesitate with GMC and I keep those I know updated. I Have been a staunch supporter of GM for 30 yrs, so now I'll just continue in hopes GM may listen. After pricing a new 2011 last year, almost ready to pull the trigger, I asked about what has been done to correct these issues. I received a shrug. Then the service department explained that they would not replace my rusted SS muffler ($1100 !!!) under the 8 yr emmisions warranty ( catalytic is welded to it). Said, well it's not all stainless. I had my window sticker , and showed him what it said ' Long Life Stainless'. He then shrugged. The last straw, "well we must reduce your trade in value as the front bumper is rusted!" I asked, but that IS a GM defect, that you did not properly fix under warranty. A third shrug. I left the 2011 sitting on the lot and the contract in the salesman hands. Frankly, with all the hassle and trips to the shop I have been patient with, I will continue to patiently wait for resolution. I had very good dealer, 3 purchase of new GM vehicles in 10 yrs. All future purchases are now on hold. I may pull in to a few more GM dealers though and show off my specimen to more customers. I've met some nice people that truly appreciate the information.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Jim, the reason the GM representatives are asking for additional information is because info posted here is not verifiable. We do not ask for any proof that you are who you say you are or own what you say you own when you register to post here.

    The GM reps ask you to contact them off-list with that verifiable information so they can properly document your complaints. Otherwise, it's just words on a screen... from an otherwise anonymous source.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Yeah, i know ya'll are just looking for information. I took my truck to smoky mountain chevrolet, and they said that the reason my abs light came on was that it was dirty, and needed to be washed out, after a trip to Florida. Yeah, right..... Turned out to be a bad wheel bearing, found out too late, AFTER the abs wouldnt let the brakes work, and i had to use a big yellow pole at LOWES in Franklin NC to get the truck to stop!! They also said that the Check 4wd light didnt show a code, but i had to bring the problem here, to find out that the truck had 2 motors. I changed both motors myself, AND the pushbuttons before i got the check 4wd lite to go out, (THAT THE MECHANICS AT THE LOCAL CHEVY PLACE SAID THEY COULDNT FIND ANYTHING WRONG, EVEN THOUGH I COULDNT GET THIS PIECE OF CRAP TO GO INTO 4WD). I still owe 3100.00 on this 2001 Chevy. It kinda straps my butt that ya'll took a stimulus, but you cant even hire mechanics that can find out whats wrong with the trucks ya'll design and build.
    I'm 49, and since i graduated in 1979, i have bought 5 new chevrolet trucks, over the last 29 years of marriage. Ya'll are just looking for information. Ford Motor REFUSED the stimulus, and they just re-called over a million trucks. I have NEVER OWNED a ford truck, but I SEE A FORD IN MY FUTURE!! KINDA WISH i had totalled this thing when i hit that pole. The clutch is now starting to slip, and the rear end pops too. (AND I STILL OWE 3100.00 ON IT, BY THE TIME I GET IT PAID FOR, IT WONT BE WORTH FIXING!!) YA'LL might want to tell your buddy O'bama, you need another stimulus check to help figure out what your doing wrong up there in motor city!! From some of the posts on this site, it kinda sounds to me like I"M not the only one that regrets buying a Chevrolet. Personally, i dong give a crap if you believe me or not about my truck, I guess the dealership here doesnt keep a record of the service requests, that would probably cost too much for ya'll to keep up with the problems you build into your trucks, huh??
    You have a great day, and if this thing will crank in the morning, maybe i will too!! (pardon me if i dont hold my breath!)
  • 77077707 Posts: 4
    2010 Silverado 1500. With 9500 miles on it total.Just had a service at the dealership and was informed that the remaing thickness of the brake linings were fronts at 10mm and rears at 5mm.Just what are the original thicknesses of these linings.This sounds pretty premature to be down to this stage.And believe me I dont ride the brakes or deliver parcels.Tnx.
  • My 2001 is also suffering from rusted brake lines. My son was driving the truck this past summer when one of the steel lines ruptured above the fuel tank. My local garage repaired the problem. Today my brakes light came on. Upon inspection, the steel brake lines are badly corroded and fluid is leaking just below the firewall on the drivers side.

    1. Does anyone know when I can get stainless preformed lines for a 2001 Sierra extended cab?

    2. Has GM had a recall on this as this appears to be a serious safety concern.

    3. The brakes have been spongy since I bought this truck used in 2006. The GMC dealership said this is normal???

    I am a loyal GM customer and would like to continue to be one.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    edited April 2011
    If it had spongy brakes back in '06 I'm wondering why would you buy the truck?

    My '00 never had any issues that were brake related though I did replace the lines on my Silverado and my '02 Denali with the stainless steel version as it does wonders for a spongy feel with stainless you eliminate any flex in the line. When I refer to stainless I'm referring to braided stainless.

    Try enter your truck make/year and search for stainless steel brake lines. You will have quite a few kits to choose from. Good luck.
  • jimp99jimp99 Posts: 4
    FYI EVERYONE!!I just got a card from the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the rusty brake line issue. They are "investigating an alleged defect in certain GM Model years 99-03 C/K Pickups and SUV's for brake line corrosion." I have to comment and answer a few questions and send it back. If I have any Questions I can also call a Robert Esser the Federal Safety Defects Engineer at 1-800-262-8309 x265 His email is :)
  • hateful_jimhateful_jim Posts: 43
    Hateful Jim here- At this point, i'm just trying to pay this piece of plastic crap off, although i bought it USED, and still had to pay about 12000.00 for it. I still owe about 2500.00 on it, and it only has about 134000 miles on it. Was driving down the highway sunday, and right out of the blue, the transmission goes out. Fluid level was fine, smells ok, a little darker than i like it to be, but otherwise seemed to be ok, except that with a small trailor on the back it did seem to have a little trouble in the towing mode.
    My guess is that GM has decided over the years, that they can make more money on replacement parts, and repair service, than they can make on sales. Obviously, they dont NEED your business, in the sales department. They just need another STIMULUS from the government, since they are losing your business, (never mind the fact that their workers are OVER-PAID, AND UNDERWORKED). Its alright, the big city UNION will take care of them.
    2500.00 + 1300.00 =3800.00, I think i can find a used TOYOTA 4x4 a little cheaper on a lot here in town, and it will probably last about twice as long as this flower pot.
    Ya'll have a great day- HATEFUL JIM said that.
  • I recently replaced my brake booster after I had an incident where my brakes went to the floor and did not brake. Shortly there after I replaced my front and rear brakes. The system was bled properly, however now my front brakes are locking up and smoking I am afraid to drive the truck due to the fact that it is now over heating and to avoid possible engine damage. What could be the problem and how could I fix it?
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