Throttle Body Cleaning gone bad...

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Hello - New user, first post. I imagine there's a relateable post somewhere here, I then suggest a new one. LOL This one comes with a warning for those looking to a DIY Throttle Body cleaning, so you don't create the same problems I did.

Cars red lightening bolt would come on, car would loose power and it'd take 2.5 seconds to acclerate to move the car somewhat normally. Very dangerous, but was able to drive to work situation. Throttle body was heavly thrashed so I went to do a DIY cleaning, with a collection of steal brushes, throttle body cleaner and also electrical contact cleaner for connections under fuse box, as I was also going to do somewhat of a 'Re-set", whatever that was. (Saw a YouTube video on it, so I went with it lol)

Removed Throttle Body, and both battery cables and tie-wrapped cables together. Theory behind that was resetting capicators to resent possable codes or whatever. Unplugged all connections under fuse box also and left car like that for 24 hours. Cleaned TB the next morning and reinstalled and reconnected everything. Battery - connected positive first, then negative and POOF, nice little spark and smoke. Being an electrician, I knew I blew something, as there was a load on something! I later learned it was the throttle body cleaner stored in the electronic section of the TB unit. It leaked in there from the pivit shaft thing from the TB itself. I didn't let it properly dry out and when I connected the battery, it took a hit and fried the TB.

Now, put new TB in and now it and all the relays in the fuse box chatter like madhatters!!! Massive clicking noice from these two locations. I tried exchaning out the various relays with good ones, nothing. Disconneced battery several times (have not just removed negative for a few minutes and reconnected, this doesn't give much hope). Battery was fine, and surprise, my electrical meter needs new leads, so I can't be 100%. LOL I also removed and cleaned a bunch of negative leads bolted under battery PLUS installed a new 4G ground, just in case. Nadda.

Any thoughts would be very welcomed. Thank you for reading.


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    I don't have a wiring diagram for this car but in general, relay chattering is often related to resistance in either the grounds for the relays (term 85) or the control side power wiring (term 86) for each relay.

    I suppose you could also have a damaged PCM (gulp!).
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