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One Year old CRV , got slammed into a wall.

CRV_2017CRV_2017 WichitaPosts: 1
edited October 2018 in Honda
Today afternoon , I had a peculiar incident , I was driving my Honda CRV 2017 EXL AWD , and while taking a turn a water bottle slipped and came in between of my foot and brake pedals , while controlling the steering and avoiding to hit any body it got off track and got slammed into a wall.

I had collision mitigation on , but it did not help.

The car got towed to a collision center and insurance company guy will inspect tomorrow, the impact was huge and cause frame damage to head , windshield got broken and air bags got deployed , passenger side driver side and side ones.

The car was clean and in excellent condition and just had 5000 miles on it.

My question is , can this still remain covered in initial bumper to bumper warranty Honda new cars have for 3 years , after the repair ?

Do I need to pay the deductible or Honda would pay ?

Collision Mitigation , does that only work if there is a car in front ?

Should I take the car for repair at Honda dealership or call them for an estimate or just rely on collision center's estimates?

Any suggestion , would be greatly appreciated , sorry for so many questions this is first of its kind for me.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Unless the car is "totaled" and you buy it back from the insurance company and register it under a "salvage" title, then yes, your warranty is still good. Chances are, since the accident was your fault, that you will pay the deductible, whatever that is.

    You can take your car to any shop you wish--so if a friend has a recommendation, you can do that. I'm sure the Honda dealer has one or more shops they work with.

    What is not legal is for the insurance company to "steer" you to their repair shop, and they may try to do that, acting like you don't have a choice or that it's in your best interest. That's simply not true. Of course, you should choose carefully, read reviews of shops on Yelp, ask around, etc.

    Here's more info on your car's collision mitigation system. From what I've read so far, it seems that if you turn the wheel to avoid a collision, then collision mitigation is disabled. So perhaps that's what happened to you.

    Sorry about the accident but I've heard of this happening to other people--the dreaded water bottle! I hope the car looks good as new, soon.

  • Ouch! I have had a water bottle slip out and under my brake pedal before, but I was able to kick it away with my other foot before anything serious happened. So sorry! I hope you get your car fixed soon!
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