2015 Compass TIPM Issue

Devils1419Devils1419 Member Posts: 1
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Hello, looking for some advice on an issue I've been having. Long story short, the vehicle has not started on two different occasions, both due to battery being all but completely drained.. 1st time was with an older battery that I replaced with a new one. A month and a half later, vehicle would not start one morning, tried to jump it and wouldn't start so i pulled the battery and took it to advance. They charged it overnight and tested it the next day and it was fully charged/no issues. I took it to a local mechanic to diagnose why battery was drained if it wasn't defective(nothing left on overnight either time). His diagnostic test said that TIPM was draining the battery and to replace it. My question is this, can the TIPM be tested so that the diagnostics pinpoint what is specifically draining the battery, or am I just stuck with the "replace the TIPM" and my problem will be solved. Even if I have to replace it, I'd like to know what specifically made it fail. Thanks in advance!!


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