2017 Yukon XL SLT Steering Stiff compared to 2015 Yukon XL

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I recently purchased a used 2017 Yukon XL SLT with 48k miles to replace my existing 2015 Yukon XL SLE. I have noticed that the '17 steering feels "tight" or "stiff," especially compared to my 2015. I am wondering what could possibly be causing this? Currently the '17 has 18" alloys but I am planning on putting 20" aluminums on it this week. The '15 has 20" aluminums. Overall the ride on the '17 is better, but the steering being tight makes it feel like it drives more like a heavy truck. Any suggestions on what could be causing this and/or how to correct this? OR has anyone noticed a change in the steering with the new Yukons?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    Hard to say what's "normal" here because we have nothing to compare it to, like you do.

    Before you start chasing a problem that might not be a problem, I'd suggest driving another '17 to compare.

    By all means, check your power steering fluid level and your tire pressure in the meantime.
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    I just bought a used 2017 prius two, happen to me is the steering wheel is wandering left and right, took back to toyota dealership they said they will do allignment for it, but it still doing it the same....is there anything we can do?
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