2016 Lexus ES350 or 2018 Honda Accord Touring

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Hi everybody!
I'm slowly getting ready to get a new car. Right now I own 2011 VW GTI with APR chip tuning. I had lots of fun with this car but it's gonna be 8 years old soon. This is the point where you start looking for a new car to not waste too much money on repairs.
The things that are "must" on my new car are:
-premium audio system
-ventilated seats
-about 7 seconds to 60 mph or faster
-price - no more than $35000
-size wise, bigger than my VW GTI
-min 22MPG in the city

Both cars have most of these features.
Lexus ES350 (one after face lifting) is slowish comparing to Honda Accord Touring 2.0T but still way faster than for example Toyota Camry 2.4. Both have vented seats, Accord is a little bit more delicate (that's a con).
Mark Levinson is exceptional on a Lexus. I read that for a while it was the best sounding audio system on the market.
The only bad thing is the infotainment. Lexus is old and kind of simple. I can get used to the weird mouse but the interface looks cheap comparing to new cars now. Accord on the other hand has beautiful interface, it's snappy, nice touch screen. Sound quality is better and stronger than what I have on my GTI right now but you will hear a big difference between Lexus and Honda.
Both cars are reliable, Lexus more.
At the when I buy them, Lexus will be 3-4 years old, Honda 1-2.
Honda Accord has got 10 speeds automatic, Lexus 6. Efficiency is comparable.
Honda Accord with HONDATA upgrade will be less than 5.5sec to 60mph, Lexus 7.5 to 60mph.
I can get both for about $35k.
Both look very nice.
Accord has a head up display and all kinds of safety features like lane departure assistant.
Some people complain about how Lexus is gentle on the roads, it rides like on clouds to the point when it gets boring.
Sound system could be tweaked a little bit if speakers get replaced and some nice amp with DSP added. That is a about $1k to make sound almost Lexus alike.
That is all from me I think.
Now you guys. What do you think?
Anyone has tested these two cars?


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    Well, my opinion is that since you spend all your driving time INSIDE the car, and probably very little time just looking at the exterior, then your interface with the dash and controls, as well as seat comfort, etc, is very important. Both are nice cars, but the Honda will still be in warranty at 1-2 years, which is something to consider on any car with a fair amount of electronics.

    You may lose a little status with the Lexus, but that's not a huge compromise.

    Maybe what you really need to do is drive these cars for more than 10 minutes--see how you feel after a good, long test drive in various conditions, such as freeway, parking, rough roads, traffic, loading and unloading cargo, etc.
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