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Dodge Avenger Gas Mileage Reports

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
Share your actual MPG with other Avenger owners.


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  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    I moved your post here, where you're more likely to get an answer:

    Dodge Avenger


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  • I own a 2008 Dodge Avenger R\T with the 3.5 V6 and the six speed auto trans and have been impressed with the MPG. I have owned it for 2 weeks, and due to a long commute I have racked up 3600 miles. Between trips and a 270 mile a day commute the miles rack up quick! Orginally on my commute I was get 24 MPG, 95% highway driving, 70 MPH+ but roughly after the 3000 mile mark, I have been getting 26.5 MPG (again 70+ MPH drving). I Cant complain that is great for a V6!! I had one tank that I did combined in City driving and highway...I would say 60% city and 40% highway...and the gas mileage dropped to 22.5 MPG, but that was before breakin. I love the looks of the car and its fun to drive...I would recommend it to anyone.
  • mek0123mek0123 Posts: 33
    I hope you did the actual calculations and not going by the avg mpg readout on the dash. The 3.5L V6 is actually a very reliable efficient engine. I could not for the life of me understand, how the economy ratings for this vehicle previously were in the 22/29 mpg area and fell (after new gov't ratings for 2008 models) to 17/26. Everyone I knew with the LHS & Intrepid vehicles got about 23 city and 29/30 on the highway with plenty of power to boot. Since this is a smaller vehicle, one would tend to think it would do slightly better than the old numbers. Thanks for putting the good info out on your real world driving. I now think the Avenger R/T is on my purchase list for later this year instead of the SXT model with the 2.7L V6, which would include the dual exhaust. Great comments again.
  • wejj90wejj90 Posts: 1
    I've put on about 2000 miles on my Dodge Avenger R/T now and the readout says 17.5 mpg. This is mixed driving, but certainly not only city. I didn't calculate it myself but the car isn't gonna misread with such a bad estimate.
  • soonerbsoonerb Posts: 9
    My Wife's new 3.5l car gets good mileage around town. Short hops between schools mainly. 20.5 is the norm. My son's SXT however...2.4l World Engine knocks down 34 on the interstate!
  • barry626barry626 Posts: 78
    Sorry to disagree with you!

    But no way a R/T 3.5 gets 20.5 city driving.
    Best I get is 16 and lucky if 25 highway?
    Yes I have AWD which is 1 mile difference non AWD.
    You can not go by car computer as it's not accurate!
    Only way to know is old fashion way divide miles by gals. @ fill ups.
  • Well its been 6 months with my R\T and I am at 36K miles!!!

    I beg to differ with R\T even with 100% city driving still gets 22.5...thats has nothing to do with the computer..i figure it manually with miles driven\gallons at fill up. Heck my R\T doesnt even have the mileage computer!
    Maybe its the way you drive barry??? I don't hot rod all the time in the city but i am a very aggresive driver. many miles does your R\T have?? Also do you use Midgrade (89 octane)as the book recommends for the 3.5??? It made a small difference in mine but not enough to compensate for a 6 MPG difference.

    OH YEAH...check your air filter FREQUENTLY... the cold air intake on my R\T craps up really quickly (but I drive 1400 miles a week). I change mine at least once a month (6000 or so miles). I figure they cost 5 or 6 bucks and it DOES affect my gas mileage. It not only affects the gas mileage (drops 3 or 4 MPG when its stopped up) but also the amount of acceleration I get out of it. Make sure your engine can breathe!!

    For those of you think its rediculous to change your air filter every month...At the rate I drive...3 or 4 miles to the gallon less over a month would equal around a gas usage increase of around 25 gallons....

    270 miles\27 MPG = 10 Gallons used per day
    270 miles\24 MPG = 11.25 Gallons used per day

    1.25 gallon per day difference times 20 work days a month (Average) = 25 gallons x 3 bucks a gallon = $75!!

    so spend 5 bucks a month on an air filter or $75 bucks more in gas?? Heck if I got 16 MPG it would make a difference of $400 a month in gas!!!!

    Check ur tire pressure!! I also run synthetic oil....I think that can all effect your gas mileage. A little off here and there could make up for the 6 MPG difference!

    Now, I commute 270 miles a mileage has not varied from 26.5 to 27...every tank. That is roughly 230 miles highway and 40 miles in city. Not bad for the power and "fun" factor of the Avenger with the 3.5. Heck most the time I prolly average 80 to 85 on my way to i bet I could get better gas mileage if i back off the gas?

    Its kinda been a contest to see how much gas I can save but can ya blame me? I am single handedly keeping the gas station open in my small town...LOL...Just kidding.
  • Are u driving a 2008 Avenger & is it AWD?
    AWD makes big difference in gas mileage.
    The new cars are getting horrible mileage.
    I only have 3,000 miles & I don't hot rod it @ all.

    You have a great tip to use 89 octane, believe I'm using 87?
    I also will keep in mind about the air filter, Thanks for the tips!
  • No mine is not AWD....that is going to make a difference...I'd like to hear from other AWD drivers...ya know. I wonder about the real world difference in gas mileage. Suppossedly by the EPA estimates its only suppossed to be 1 or 2 miles to the gallon but I dont think thats the most accurate statement.

    Mine is a 2008...rolled off the line January 17th, 2008.

    Also i saw a big difference is gas milage at about the 5,000 mile mark...well not big but a couple of miles per gallon.
  • Call me crazy: had my first oil change done last week @ 3000 miles.
    My last fill up I used 5.9 gals & went 108 miles. Wow 18 MPG?
    Guess u are right & most likely will get better @ 5000 miles?

    Question: I asked my dealer about synthetic oil & they use Mobil One.
    They charge $64.95 & suggest changing oil every 7500 miles.
    When I had my BMW's they used synthetic oil which was good for 15000 miles.
    Any thoughts?
  • wyjjwyjj Posts: 1
    I have the AWD 2008 R/T with the 3.5L enginge, 2,600 miles. I've run several tanks of 85, 87, 89 octane and gotten 20.5, 21.? and 22.0 respectively running 60 miles of interstate at 80mph.

    I have noticed now that winter is here and I don't run with the cruise on that staying around 70-75 mph my milage dropped to 19.8 and I don't think that it's because I idle it for 15 minutes twice a day before hitting the road, it's probably my foot trying to stay at 75 going up and down the hills. The temps have also been in the low teens which with my other vehicles has always improved performance, but I haven't seen any change. Although I am very impressed with the Avengers ability to start in the 0-20 degree temps. I have a block heater but refuse to use it unless I start to see a problem.
  • Don't forget that in the winter months, Michigan (my home state) and other northern climate states use "winterized fuel". It affects fuel efficiency by at least 15%. That's a minimum of 15% to the negative for us consumers. Less polluting and just what we need to continue getting hosed at the pumps by BIG OIL!!
  • soonerbsoonerb Posts: 9
    No I am not using the on board trip was on the money though.
    I do not need a concensus to report facts.

    If I tell you a rooster dips snuff you can check under his wing for the can!

  • soonerbsoonerb Posts: 9
    Well, After putting our SXT on Mobil 1 it is getting 38 in all interstate driving. pump to pump, mileage divided by gallons..real world.
  • mek0123mek0123 Posts: 33
    Just checking out Avenger posts again and noticed your comment. I wanted to let you know that since your profile indicates NY State, and I live in Michigan, if you have remote start or simply have a tendency to "warm up" your vehicle for extended time, (10minutes or more is extended), your fuel economy will be significantly lower. I have remote start on both my minivans and the week I simply let them run for about 2-3 minutes before driving away, my economy stayed in the 20-21mpg avg range. When I let them idle for 15-20 minutes, my economy dropped down to 17.5-18mpg. Both of these tests involved mainly city driving. Also, using remote start in both Chrysler 3.3L equipped V6 engines warrants more frequent tune ups than normal. Like every 30-40K instead of 100K. I don't like getting in a cold vehicle, so I'll pay the extra. Just an fyi. :)
  • jmechjmech Posts: 15
    Anyone else have one? I just got mine with a 2.4 engine.
    MPG is between 18-22 city so far. I only have 500 miles on the car.
  • jlo7jlo7 Posts: 1
    Just left dealer thinking of buying one. How do you like it so far

  • jmechjmech Posts: 15
    I now have 9,800 on the car and it has been fantastic. No problems at all. Gas mileage has been great especially on the highway. I have been getting 22-23 around town and 33-35 mpg on the highway. Many times with the A/C going.

    Seats are comfortable.Lots of room including a very large trunk. Car is fairly quiet with very little wind noise even at highway speeds. It has a smooth ride and handles very well with excellent brakes.

    The dashboard controls are easy to use and are contrasted nice for easy viewing in the daytime as well as at night,.

    The only thing I would like see changed is the indicator lights for the A/C, recirculating and rear defroster switches. These are hard to see and not bright enough during the daytime and while wearing sunglasses. They need to placed higher and made with a blue glow indicator rather than yellow.

    The heat and A/C work great. The A/C gets ice cold even on a 90 degree day.

    I have to say, so far its the best Chrysler product I have had.
  • The 2010 Dodge Avenger is closely related to the Chrysler Sebring. but its styling leaves the impression of a scaled-down Dodge Charger, with prominent creases at the back fenders. However, the proportions don't carry the same zing in the front-wheel-drive Avenger.

    Reviewers are split on the styling of the 2010 Dodge Avenger, but most agree it stands out from the crowd of usually bland mid-size sedans. says "the Avenger's design is its greatest appeal," while reviewers at Edmunds point out that the external differences are few between the SXT and the R/T. All three versions feature styling similar to the Dodge Charger, leading Car and Driver reviewers to christen the Avenger the "Chargerette" and note its "Charger-like stance." MotherProof reviewers also love this 2010 Dodge, claiming that "the Avenger makes a statement. It isn't dippy; it's sharp and aggressive." However, on the negative side, Autoblog comments that the "rear quarter panel is an utter mess of shapes," while Car and Driver feels that it "fails to be either menacing or inviting."
  • Due to a recent car wreck we are currently renting a 2010 Dodge Avenger. I have to say that I am very impressed with this car. I have not been this comfortable driving a car in a long time. I generally drive SUVs or Trucks...I am used to being higher off the ground, feeling a little more "power" when I step on the gas... the Avenger, while not high enough off the ground in my opinion is comfortable, powerful and I actually feel "safe" in it...
  • jmechjmech Posts: 15
    After 16,000 trouble free miles, I have been very impressed with ride quietness and gas mileage.
    The best MPG I have achieved so far is 36.8 mpg! This is 100% highway driving doing 65 miles per hour.
    From what I have heard, the 2011 Avenger will be better yet!
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I was in Halifax earlier in the year and rented the Avenger's sister car, the Sebring. It had the 3.5 V6 engine with sunroof. I was really impressed with the car. In fact, I was pleasantly suuprised because I had reserved a compact car, and I was given the choice of a Corolla, an Elantra, or the Sebring when I picked up the car at the airport. I chose the Sebring and my wife and I enjoyed our stay in Nova Scotia.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,101
    I've currently got this car as a rental vehicle, and I like it so far. The only design flaw I noticed was the trunk release position.

    When I initially got in the vehicle, it was dusk, and the interior dash lights weren't illuminated. I reached down to turn up the brightness, in the area where every other vehicle has the dimmer switch. Nope, that's not it - good thing I didn't mess with it while driving. The dimmer is on the turn signal... Ok, good to know, but really not the greatest design.

    I like the visibility, and like the way the vehicle drives. It's also very comfortable for me.


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  • jmechjmech Posts: 15
    This is an update to my first post. I now have 18,000 miles on the car and it has been great! Gas mileage is great especially on a highway trip. On a September trip to Baltimore MD from Albany NY, I averaged 36.7 mile per gallon. Coming back was almost as good with 36,6 mpg. That's 1/2 tank gas in my car as it has a 18.5 gallon tank.
    It has been very reliable. .An air pressure sensor in one tire going bad has been the only issue..
    People who have ridden in my car have complimented me on the smooth ride and quietness. BTW, I have the 4 cylinder engine.

    I can recommend this car. It is the best one yet.
  • I have a 2012 4 cylinder Avenger with 6 speeds and after 2,200 miles I am only getting 16-18 city, 28 highway.
    My old 2010 Avenger used to get 22 city and 37.6 highway @ 65 mph.
    Both cars have 18.5 gallon tanks, and 4 cylinder. Even in cold weather like we are getting now, I still got 20 mpg city.

    Any thoughts?
  • My last tank show a worsening of Gas Mileage. Mixed driving I am getting 17.0. I have never gotten over 18 in city driving or 29 highway. The car has over 4300 miles on it and not showing any sign of improvement. I recently put full synthetic in the car and it has not helped at all.

    I recently read elsewhere that some cars are having issues with dragging brakes with 4 wheel disc with abs and traction control.
    I plan to take it back to the dealer to check that out.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 209
    Im considering buying an Avenger.. after reading your post. i think i'll be looking for a 2010 model. @ 37 mpg i'm not sure why i'd buy a new car. Most posts in here seem to be getting much worse mpg with the new model. Out of curiosity, why did you switch cars when your 2010 was only 2 yrs old. ?

    Thnx Caaz
  • I almost regret buying the 2012. I thought based on EPA ratings and 6 speed trans, I would top 37 on the highway. So far, I have gotten 29 mpg. I am still getting 18 around town. I have 4,400 on it now. I do like the interior upgrade and overall, its seems to be a better car. The Gas mileage is only complaint.

    BTW, The 2010 that I had was 100% trouble free from the 1st day I had it. I bought it new.
  • jmechjmech Posts: 15
    I have a 2012 Avenger with 11,000 miles on it. So far, its been perfect except for gas mileage which has been poor in City driving @ 18-21 mpg but pretty good on the highway so far. I get as high as 33 mpg highway. Mixed driving seems to fall in the 23-25 range.
    This car has a 6-speed Auto trans. I use to get better mpg with a 2010 Avenger I had.
    Anyone have similar or better experience?
  • dodgeno1dodgeno1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2013 2.4Lt engine and I average 25-26Mpg being very conservative driver. If I get a little agressive it falls down to 22-23Mpg Average. If I get extremately conservative I have achieved a 40.4 MPG trip on constant flat surface at 49MPH and 1400RPM on the 6th gear. It is amazing how this 2.4 LT can achieve such great MPG on the highway with all the weight of this vehicle. I was making comparisson with Sonata, Optima, Mazda 6, Camry, Accord, Malibu, Fusion and I found the Avenger to ve actually an "Adventager" against the rest. All the rest may give some 3-4 more MPG but the Avenger is between $3k to $6k cheaper than the rest giving a best style (Muscle Car look) and best sound system. The Dashboar controls are very easy and handfull. One thing it could have improved was the position of the cup holders on front should have been placed on front of the stick and side to side instead of front/rear. Also the bevereage cooler on top of the glove compartment was removed from previous models configuration. So bad that this nice car is going away. Dodge should have improved the Avenger to a RWD 3.2 LT V6 engine with the new 9 speed transmission with a goal of 22/35MPG could have made it the perfect car
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