Advice For Friend Of Mine After Making A Purchase

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I have a friend of mine who has just purchased a Toyota Avallon XLS 2003 for $3,000 + $500 tax and dealer fee combined. It has 180,000 miles, which is a lot of miles to me for that cost.

The car has some light dent at the surface level. The inside looks great. Overall, it looks great. Most importantly, it runs very smooth.

He made a down payment of $2,200. He'll have to make partial payment for the $1,300 remaining balance.

The problem is that he was lured into making the purchase with deceptive words, such as it's a super good car. When test driving it, he did notice an issue with the steering wheel shaking either side. The steering wheel was also making a squeaking noise when turning. He pointed that out but one of the sale persons told him the problem has to do with the front tires that need to be changed.

There was nothing to worry about. He also expressed that to the owner of the dealer when making the purchase, he was told the same thing, such as it's a great car and so on. They told him even though the car has a lot of miles on it, but it's all about the condition blah, blah.

He went to a local auto repair for a diagnostic. He was told that the car has a suspension issue which might cost him anywhere from $800 to fix it.

Since he already signed the contract which sort of put him in a terrible position, what should he do in that case?


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    If it's a 2013 Avalon with clean interior and some minor body dings, then the price is paid is more than fair, even if he has to put another $800 into it.

    He should have no complaint here. I don't think there is an "XLS" model in 2013, so maybe you meant XLE?

    In any event, every price guide I consulted shows a value considerably higher than what your friend paid, even for the high miles and only an "average" condition.

    If the car is as you described, he actually got a pretty good deal.

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    Sorry, I actually meant a 2003 model.
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