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I have an 06 Chevy Aveo. Several months ago I started intermittently hearing a noisetgat I can best describe as a knocking noise. It happens at various times but tends to happen most when I am idle. At times it appears to be coming from the lower driver side other times it appears to be coming from the engine. Recently the noise has become quite frequent.

When I took my car in for an oil change I asked the mechanic if he could listen for the noise and tell me what he thought it might be he stated my car was low on oil and that that was the reason for the noise it has been several weeks since then and the noise is still continuing.

I made a video of the noise and uploaded it to YouTube I am posting a link below can anyone tell me what they think the noise might be?


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    That sounds like valvetrain noise. I'm not sure how your particular OHC is set up and whether you can adjust/shim the valve clearance, or whether the valves are hydraulically adjusted, and can't be manually adjusted.

    In case they are adjusted automatically, then the noise indicates lifter or camshaft lobe wear.

    I don't have the specs on a Chevy Aveo (which I believe has an engine made by Daewoo).

    Since it seems to be a singular noise (one valve lifter or cam lobe) then low oil probably wasn't a good guess by the mechanic.
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    Thanks. From what I read online that most newer model cars do not allow for valve adjustment. Is this the case generally? If so would that mean I would have to replace one valve or all the valves? Could the valve train lifter also make that noise? How much would I roughly be looking at with labor and parts to replace?
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