My dealer is telling the for 2018 Grand Cherokee High Altitude the MF is .001400 and the residual is

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My dealer is offering for 2018 Grand Cherokee 4x4 High Altitude... the MF is .001400 and the residual is 45%. Are these negotiable in Kansas. Are these rates set by financial institutions and dealers add on?

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    If I missed it can you give mf/residuals on 2018 JGC HA for Dec.
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    Looks like I missed out on the 2018 JGC HA deals. Everyone I find appears to have 3k to 5k miles demo. I feel like the local dealer is trying to push me to a 2019 HA. Im assuming the deals,rebates and incentives are not as good on 19s like the 18s. Can you provided the residual and mf for 19 HA 39/15 and 39/12 in area 66061. I was told there is nothing for leasing currently just for purchases. This forum has been really helpful to me and tons others.


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