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2012 Dodge Caliber not accelerating

jrosejrose Member Posts: 1
edited November 2018 in Dodge
I drive a 2012 dodge caliber with about 94,000 miles on it. So about a month ago I was leaving work and as I was pulling onto the road my ETC light, ESP light and check engine light came on and my car wouldn't accelerate and I couldn't get it above 15-20mph. My neighbor who is a mechanic pulled the codes and i can't remember what they were. My car worked with no problem up until yesterday. Yesterday I pulled into a parking lot and my ETC light came back on then it went away. As I was leaving the doctors office and pulling onto the road my ETC, ESP, and check engine light come back on and same problem I cannot accelerate. I was reading other forums and from them I checked for corrosion on the battery. I talked to my neighbor about it and he said to clean off the corrosion and he would be over to pull the codes. I did that and the car worked again and I even test drove it. Later that night it had issues again. This time, those lights would be on when you first turn on the car and if you turn the car back on and off then it was fine and would drive. My neighbor just got back to me and the code that was on this time was for the transmission. I have an appointment at the dealer on Monday. I just want a better idea of whats going on. Because if its something big it may be more financially sound to cut my losses on this car and get a new one. Is my transmission shot? Is it a computer issue? What could be going on? Has anyone else experienced something similar?


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    It's impossible to say without the codes and a proper diagnosis with a professional scanner. This type of problem has so many possible causes that guessing is rather pointless, and often much more expensive than paying an expert.

    You might consider going to an independent shop rather than a dealer. Why don't you go to this website, click on "repair shops" and see if any of them are near you? This website hosts some of the best-trained independent mechanics in the country. Diagnosing problems like this often require a special type of skill.


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