Will my car last a long time?

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I recently purchased a 2006 Honda Civic hybrid. The person I bought it from totally scammed me. He cleared the check engine light so when I test drove it, I didn’t see it was on. He sold it to me with a bad hybrid battery. I just spent $3,000 replacing the main hybrid battery. He also said the car had 140k miles on it but cleared the odometer so I couldn’t see for myself. After my mechanic reset all of the monitors while changing the battery, I saw the odometer actually says 243k miles. Since I just spent all of this money replacing the battery, do you think my car will last a long time?


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    I think you need to go to Small Claims court.

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    It is better you make research properly before you purchase any vehicle online, if possible make video call with the seller to recognize his face and get proper address, confirm the address and make sure the car wasn't stolen, i had similar experience purchasing a Porsche worth $ 33,000 sometimes ago, i discovered all wasn't right, and i messaged him, i wanted my money back which he declined, an old friend introduced me to a recovery agent , law firm who handled the matter for me , they got back all my money back and i returned the car, i only paid them 10% after the recovery which was ok by me. thanks to harnyrecoverymail AT TUTANOTA DOT COMM A very reliable firm. i will always advice anybody to please make thorough research before purchasing any vehicle online.
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