Potential Tariffs

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If I were to order a new 2019 Porsche, it wouldn't be delivered until after Jan 1, 2019. I have two questions:

#1-Do you think there will be the 20 to 25% tariffs on imported cars from Germany that Trump has threatened? Seems to me that would devastate the imported car industry.

#2-Suppose, before the end of this year, I order a new car, put down a deposit, have signed buyers order. What happens when car arrives if there is going to be a big tariff imposed on this car? Can I back out of the deal and get my deposit back since the car is not being sold to me at the agreed upon price?


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    As a purchaser, you don’t pay tariffs, the importer does.

    If you are ordering your vehicle, negotiate price at the time of order.

    In any event, any tariffs proposed are taking effect many months after they are announced. The chance of this affecting you are infinitesimal.

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