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Hyundai Entourage Gas Mileage

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
edited May 2014 in Hyundai
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  • ladnlinsladnlins Posts: 1
    15.5 mpg, but we don't drive it much on the highway.
  • 07'. On our first tank,we got 17.6. I am very disappointed. I expected 20 avg for 80%city-20%hwy. We just traded in a Mountaineer SUV because we 'thought' vans would surely give us better gas mileage,especially in this age of outrageously absurd gas prices and record Oil Co revenues. It got 17 mpg. I SURE the heck did NOT expect the same with a van with a V6 and FWD! The SUV had AWD and a V8!! MPG on vehicles for familys are terrible and something needs to be done about it.... :mad:
  • bigal38bigal38 Posts: 7
    Firts tank - 20.7 mpg about 50/50 highway and city
    Second tank - 20.3 mpg about the same percentages above
    Third tank - 23.1 mpg about 80% highway, 20% city
  • bigal38bigal38 Posts: 7
    :D Latest tank. About 90% highway, 10% city - 23.7 mpg
  • bigal38bigal38 Posts: 7
    :D Our Entourage now has 2200 miles. Lates tank received 23.9 mpg. This was about 95% highway, all of which was on US highways, and included travel through several small towns with traffic lights. No Interstate highways were used during this trip. Air conditioner was also used full time.
  • corson1corson1 Posts: 3
    Averaged over three tanks of gas = 15.23 mpg (80% city, 20% highway). This value also correlates well to the vehicle's display that tracks cummulative mpg. Very dissappointing! This is ~3 mpg lower than the stated value for 100% city which I realized are calculated using goverment imposed bad science and not actual figures.

    I'm hoping that Hyundai decides to reevaluate the fuel map that this vehicle is programmed with and provide updates to owners that complain hard enough. Mazda has had to do this with their RX-8. If an auto maker is rushing a vehicle to market, their best bet would be to run the engine rich to ensure smooth running engines under all conditions and climates. This comes with a price however since the excess fuel is not get converted into energy and is lost through the tail pipe. With additional time and understanding of the vehicle, a leaner fuel map can be provided that works for the majority of owners. On the other hand, the vehicle may just be a hog. :cry:
  • Has anyone heard of getting bad gas mileage while in the break in period? We are only getting around 13.5 mpg in the city and the thing has only seen about 5 miles of highway. We called two different dealerships and they told us that the Entourage's get bad gas mileage during the break in period. I'm a vehicle mechanic for the AF and I have never heard of a vehicle getting this bad of gas mileage during the break in.
  • afob3afob3 Posts: 17
    Your numbers seem a bit low but it all depends on your driving environment.

    As for your question... Yes all of the Hyundais I have had started out with awfull gas milage. By the first oil change my averages have always gotten more inline with expectations. Our Entourage is averaging 18-20 mpg a tank with a mixed routine of town & highway. We rarely go anywhere with serious stop and creep city trafic.

    Also...don't forget to reset the mpg display with each fill up. It tends to be more acurate this way.
  • I have been getting 14.4 mpg since I purchased my Entourage in October. I have been back to the dealer and they are telling me once the engine is broken in I will get much better mileage. Oh they did tell me that I should expect that mpg for the breakin period of 10,000 miles, I only drive about 5000 miles per year....
  • I just recently purchased the brand new Hyundai Entourage Limited fully loaded with all the bells & whistles. I was bragging to all my buddies about how im never gonna have to fill the tank & all about the 18 city & 25 highway MPG it advertised. After a few fill ups I started to record the millage & gallons. It came out to be that the first few fill ups were averaging 13.5-14.3 mpg city driving, then I took a trip from Bloomingdale, IL to Indianapolis, IN, its about a 300 mile trip. I was running on empty at about 245 miles to the full tank of gas. After calculated the MPG it came out to be 16.4 MPG highway. I called my Dealer & told him the story & that the car only has 1,800 miles on it & his excuse is that the advertised 18/25 mpg is false & its not their problem, " there's nothing he can do". So I called the Hyundai 800 number & now someone is supposed to get back with me from Hyundai about this problem. I am very upset with the false advertising & sales pitch given to me by Hyundai & the sales staff at the dealer. They all boasted about what GREAT MPG the car gets. After searching my problem out on the internet I come to find out that I am not alone in this area of problem. So here goes a fight against the mfgr, I can already see it comming.
  • A fight against the manufacturer on this is a non-starter. It is the government which sets the estimated mileage ("your mileage may vary"). Second, if you have been keeping up with automotive news, you have seen that the EPA is changing its rating methods, effective with 2008 model cars, and it is widely accepted that all mileage estimates for 2008 vehicles are going to drop across the board. Third, at 1,800 miles, your engine is nowhere close to being broken in. The engine in my VW Passat did not really get broken in completely until 50,000+ miles. Finally, I just took a trip of 200 miles each direction and got 20 - 23 miles per gallon with a fully loaded Entourage with less than 1,500 miles on it (driving 75 mph on the highway). I think if you look at the boards for the Odyssey, Sienna, and DCX vans you will find people with those new vans also complaining that, regardless of how they drive, they are not immediately getting the full mileage estimates listed on the window sticker.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Remember, your driving a big six ( 3.8 ) and its close to 4000 lbs. Mpg WILL vary based on the elevation of the trip, weather conditions, average speed and most importantly your driving habits. I have the SE with 3700+ miles and get 15 city/22 highway. Pretty close to spec. IMO if you purchase a 7 passenger, 4000lb, 3.8 liter $30k minivan ( small bus IMO ) fuel economy was not high on your list. With such a long list of saftey features and creature comforts backed by an outstanding warranty, I have chosen to overlook the mpg issue. With that said this does not mean you dont have an issue. I would continue to monitor it and give it another few kmiles...
  • I have noticed that the mileage computer in the Entourage reads advertised mileage when stops are few or infrequent. For example, after resetting the computer and traveling 100 miles on flat highway my display reads 26 mpg. If I don't reset the computer, I see the mileage display dwindle away. Either the car is sucking gas when it is cold or started, or the computer is using nonexact miles among short trips (e.g., perhaps rounding miles up to 1.0 when only 0.6 miles have been driven).

    So to determine onger term gas mileage (one tank or more) with the Entourage, owners cannot rely upon the comnputer. Of the few gizmos in the Entourage, the trip computer needs redesign.
  • If the computer gets stuck on a constant number, don't hesitate to re-set it every now and again.
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    If you check the KIA SEdona posts you will see milage of
    26 pretty standard for trips.

    I have some tricks to help keep that up, but even towing a house trailer I got 17 MPG in mountains.
  • yomarymoyomarymo Posts: 9
    Disappointing. We are only getting 13.9 - 14.0 around town (which includes several highway jaunts.) Highway mileage is about 18 mpg. In either case, we are generally running with a minimal load of passengers. I was so excited to get this car. (We drove a '96 Elantra over 200,000 miles with no major problems. In fact, it is only 1 malfunctioning light that causes it to not pass CA smog this year.) We got the customer loyalty discount, but we we did not get the manufacturer loyalty gas mileage we need. At 3,000 miles, the $500 we saved has been burned in gas. Also, had I known of the poor gas mileage, I would have spent a few thousand more to get a more fuel efficient vehicle. Even if the government creates these bogus estimated mpg's, the manufacturer should refrain from tauting the figures in big print for potential buyers to see. Come on, we are being deceived.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Early on my wife and I were getting around 11city/18hwy.
    Now at 11,500 miles we get 16city/21hwy. Its getting better. You should start seeing an improvement. Also, watch your octane. With current gas prices what they are it can be realtempting to go with regular. Lower octane equates to less performance. Use at least 89. We do and include an octane booster additive every other fill-up.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    With gas prices the way they are, that's exactly why we ARE using regular. I get 20 - 22 miles per gallon on the highway (driving 75 miles per hour and using the cruise control whenever possible), depending on how hilly the terrain is, and I can get 16 - 18 around town if I hit most of the lights green. We have the heaviest Entourage they make--a Limited with the ultimate package--with only about 6,000 miles on the van.

    Basically you have to use your gas pedal as your brake more than your brakes. Follow at a proper distance so you can let up on your gas pedal to slow down rather than following close and having to use your brake when traffic slows; take your foot off the gas as you approach red lights; etc.

    You bought a big van. It's not going to get the mileage of a small sedan (but it holds a whole lot more). Also, engines don't get broken in in the first thousand miles or so. I don't understand how people can wring their hands and claim deception and threaten lawsuits because they don't get Kia Rio mileage out of a large van with a few thousand miles on the engine.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    I agree 100%. The van rings in well over 2 tons and has a 3.8 liter engine. Anything above 12mpg around town is GREAT IMO.
  • yomarymoyomarymo Posts: 9
    Hey, I am not threatening anything. I love my van; I just wish they would explain the wait for better gas mileage. I am not a mechanic (hard to believe, huh, lol.) Today, I used the reset button and the mpg flitted between 15 and 22. It was like watching a stop watch counting seconds. Anyway, I'll be patient. Even now, it sure beats the mileage we get on our '05 GMC Safari!
  • tomcat5470tomcat5470 Posts: 8
    First tank: 18.89. Second Tank: 19.46. Third tank: 20.56.

    The gas gauge seems to be discouraging a range of more than 340 miles, or is it just set up to scare us into buying gas before it is less than 20% full?

    85% highways / country (fast) roads / 15% cities & towns. Almost totally with A/C on.
  • shaky4shaky4 Posts: 25
    Entourage Limited with ultimate package, 209 miles on odo, 6 days old

    First 150 miles near my home, showing off to friends, at least 20 ignition cycles - 16.7 mpg

    Last 59 miles 20% city, 80% Hwy, trip computer says 23.7 mpg.
  • yomarymoyomarymo Posts: 9
    Okay, I think there's a fuel demon who is transfering my milage to others' tanks! I swear, my mpg has dropped from 14 to 12...although, mostly in town with A/C. Is it my state, perhaps? Is anyone else here from California?
  • tomcat5470tomcat5470 Posts: 8

    I am from Texas. I get to drive out in the country a lot, and I know that helps. I also need to not step on it very much. Today I had a tank full just barely over 20.0 MPG. (I drive about 1000 miles a week, doing service work). My "old" Grand Caravan got 22 - 23 MPG, with a 3.3 liter V6. I hope to be able to match that with the Hyundai.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Posts: 248
    Are we getting our figures the old-fashioned way? Filling the tank; reset trip odo. to 0; drive down to "E"; write down mileage from trip odo; filling tank and write down the gallons it took to fill tank; dividing the mileage by the gallons it took to fill up. Or are we just going by the trip computer? Which constantly needs to be reset. I'm getting in the high teens to low 20's city and mid 20's hwy in my Limited. The mileage did get better with more miles on the car.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Posts: 248
    Hey Tom
    I had a 2000 Voyager with the same engine. Big difference in performance with the Hyundai Wouldn't you agree?
  • tomcat5470tomcat5470 Posts: 8
    Yes, Dave, That is true. The Hyundai has a good bit of oomph.
  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    Bought it yesterday.
    Interstate at 70-75mph, cruse control, brand new engine and still has to go through the "break in" period - 26.9mpg

    Commute to work this morning, got stoped at every light! 8 miles on city streets between 35-50mph. The compuuter was reset while travelling at 55 on a free way. Mpg reading started at 33mpg and stayed high untill I hit a battery of lights, final reading at work was 22.3mpg.

    People from my work came out to look at it, it was started and left running several times without moving and this brought the average mpg down to 12.9mpg.

    The computer seems to calculate every 30-60seconds based on the fuel used and the distance travelled during this period and adding it into the average since the computer was last reset. If your running the car for long periods without moving your mpg is going to be bad. Try my way of calculating and see what you get, I'm more than happy.
  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    Tony, read my 05/29/07 posting, see if that helps, cheers, Joe.
  • shaky4shaky4 Posts: 25
    Your observation is spot on. I bought mine on May 5th. I have 590 miles on the odo. Did a trip to a state park 45 miles away on sunday. I averaged 25.7 mpg with 7 people in van and climate control set at 70F. If you go downhill, the trip computer shows 32 mpg, Uphill it is 23 mpg and on flat roads aboput 26 mpg.

    The mileage numbers quoted on the window sticker are spot on and probably a tad conservative I would say!!
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