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  • tlaurotlauro Member Posts: 504
    We purchased our 2007 with only 4,800 miles on it and has had it's first oil change already.

    Average thus far in the suburbs here where we average 40-50mph with of course stoplights has been about 12-14mpg. No better. If you exercise it's powerband it will drop.

    We've yet to even burn through a full tank, but the computer is showing mpgs in line with my 300+ HP V8 sedan.

    To get a good real world average, my wife is driving the sedan this week and I'm going to see what her mpgs are then compare with the van. Next week we are going to switch vehicles and see how they compare again.

    On the sedan I get 12-14mpg but have a heavy foot and like the V8. She usually gets 16-18mpg in the city.

    Time will tell. Overall, I'm happy with the van and mpgs....they are what they are.
  • reagan8reagan8 Member Posts: 2
    We are averaging 15 mpg. We have 28,000 miles on our van and the mileage has not improved. We don't tow anything and the mileage does not change much between city and highway driving. I am very disappointed in the gas mileage. The van is really nice and it drives great but the mileage is awful.
  • reagenreagen Member Posts: 1
    Just to keep the data sharing going, we do mostly city driving with a moderate amount of stop-and-go on relatively flat land. After about 9,000 miles we consistently get 12.5 MPG in the city and can get as good as 19-20 MPG doing highway driving only. We've driven plenty of other cars, so we don't have unique driving habits causing low mileage. It's the Entourage. We absolutely love the car and wouldn't trade it for any other make; but it does have one glaring fault: absolutely terrible mileage. In reading other posts, I'm at a loss (even with slow starts) how some can get 16 MPG or better in this car. The reality for us is 12.5 city - no matter what we do.
  • pafundipafundi Member Posts: 8
    We get anywhere between 19 and 23 depending on the traffic. If I use E10, I get less and Regular a little more. I find cruise control helps a bit.

    Not real close where they said it would be though
  • drnodrno Member Posts: 5
    I have owned the van since Jan 07 and have 14k miles on it. The mileage has improved since the 10k mile mark. We started at 13 around suburbia and 23 on the highways. Now we are at 16-17 in suburbia and 24-26 on the highways. Our best was a little over 26 from Pittsburgh to Toledo. I get better mileage than my leadfooted better half; the advice given about keeping rpm down is correct. If you get on it, it will swill gasoline -- which is hardly a surprise given the power and weight of the vehicle.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Member Posts: 248
    Just a reminder: Are we getting the mileage from the trip computer or are we doing it the old fashioned way?
    Old way: filling up, resetting the odometer, running til empty, filling up, checking the mileage on odometer, dividing it by the amount of fuel you just put in.
    Trip computer: The Entourage trip computer needs to be re-set often. You can't reset it once and let it go for the week.
    I'm getting in the 20's for combo driving in my van
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    We were having miserable gas mileage at around 14-15 miles/gallon. My brother took it for a drive and noticed the good acceleration power it had (which is noted on almost every review of the Entourage). He said to give that kind of power it is going to suck the gas big time! He suggested I lay off large accelerations getting on the highway, passing, stop signs, traffic lights. It is harder to do than you think, because i think we're all so used to using that power. but I tried to control myself and only use it as needed and over a two week period the avg mpg went up to 20.6 mpg granted this still isn't excellent but is MUCH better that 14 mpg we were getting before! The the following 2 weeks I also kept it at 70 mph or under (I know...again...hard to do) and that brought it up further to 22.8 mpg....I'm pretty happy with's nearly double what we were getting before.

    About 80% of my usage is 6 lane highways and the rest is around town.
  • greysavegreysave Member Posts: 1
    It takes a long time (miles) to see a decent mileage improvement. I believe that a good portion of the reason for this is the amount of time it takes for the transmission to "learn" your driving habits and break in. When new, the transmission in our Entourage always felt like it downshifted when you removed your foot from the accelerator. You could feel substantial engine braking and thus could not coast. You HAD to keep your foot on the accelerator even on downgrades at highway speeds. You could actually feel the drag as soon as the cruise control relaxed the throttle and tried to coast. Then you would feel the throttle re-applied to maintain speed.

    I started to notice a reduction in the engine braking at about 9,000 miles and it is now much less common. Fuel mileage early on was only about 22 MPG on the highway when new. I have not had a chance to check the highway mileage lately as this is my wife's vehicle, but given the change in transmission operation it has to have improved. She will never get good city mileage as her driving habits are not conducive to good mileage. She gets about 13 MPG in the city on a good day and that's most likely all she ever will obtain as she is either on or off of the throttle. She is never smooth.

    Personally, given today's technology, I do not see any reason that all vehicles cannot have a "power / economy" switch with a seperate program for engine performance assigned to each. That would allow the operator to make a choice over how they wish for the engine to perform. There could also be an automatic override that would allow the program to revert to "power" anytime the throttle position exceeds a set percentage (Let's say 50% for argument's sake). That way in an emergency situation where full power is needed it can be applied automatically without any action from the operator.
  • the_catinhatthe_catinhat Member Posts: 2
    2007 Entourage limited 17-20 mpg only when first drove did the readout show 24 or 25 mpg. I have to agree that the stated 18 city and 25 highway were deceptive advertising. :mad:
  • hjc1hjc1 Member Posts: 183
    I just completed a 3000+ mile trip from FL. to WI. and back......
    Most of the trip was on the Interstate traveling mostly at 70+ mph except for a 2 hour bumper to bumper stop and go road repair in Atlanta area :=(
    Using the old method of gas used and mileage traveled I ended up with a total trip
    of 24.85 miles per gallon. Using the trip computer during the stop and go portion of the trip it showed no lower then 19.6 mpg.
    Over all for a 4000+lb van I'm happy with the results. The ride was great.
    This is one heck of highway cruiser
  • obktobkt Member Posts: 35
    Bought my '07 Entourage new. Have averaged 16.5 city (mostly 35 MPH) and 24 hwy. Can't complain.
  • drnodrno Member Posts: 5
    With 24,000 miles on a 2007 model, recent trips from Pittsburgh to State College, PA and Coschocton, OH have averaged a little over 27 mpg. Much of the travel was on secondary roads at speeds of about 60 mph or less. This lower speed makes a big difference in mileage. When driving at 70 or so on the interstates with AC, the mileage is between 23 and 25, depending on hills and conditions.
    I also note that the speedometer reads about 3.5 mph low from about 45mph to 70+mph. This is based on a Garmin GPS for a running experiment and every so often by stopwatch using mile markers.
  • rob22315rob22315 Member Posts: 31
    Yes, it's the RPM that makes a huge difference. My last long (2+ hrs) trip, I watched the MPG meter carefully and noted MPG improved if I shifted manually to keep the engine between 1500 and 2000 rpm. I could keep it reading 24 MPG even while change speed. IIRC, most gas car engines are designed for peak efficiency around 1700 RPM.

    Note the tranny seems to go back to shifting automatically below 1500.
  • wizardsrepairwizardsrepair Member Posts: 4
    Don't expect too much from the people at Hyundai. They are for the company and "they have to call the dealer first". That is want I was told when i called in a complaint to them.
  • wizardsrepairwizardsrepair Member Posts: 4
    I bought my 2008 Entourage in March of 09. It was new and I expected so much with the warranty that was offered. In the second month I noticed a discoloring in the headlight lens and asked them a bought it and after being referred to the factory rep I was told that it didn't interfere with the operation and it wouldn't be replaced because of the price. I then took it to the dealer last week because the driver's seat is popping and was tod that the factory rep would have to look at it to see if it was far enough out of specs to warrant replacement because of the price. They never said anything about the price before or in any of the warranty material that I have found. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing.
  • stushstush Member Posts: 62
    Just did a quick 4hr trip and got close to 25 mpg. I'm at almost 47,000 miles. Still average about 17 - 18 around town.
  • obktobkt Member Posts: 35
    We just got back from a 3800 mile trip in our '07 Entourage to Tennessee and Georgia. 75% was freeway. The rest was 2 lane roads and in town. Driving the speed limits, we averaged 24.5 going, and 23.6 coming home.
    No complaints here. After all, it is a van.
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