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I have 02 Durango with the 4.7. The radiator blew up on me while driving the other day. Apparently it was overheating but due to an electrical issue and the no bus code my gauges will occasionally not work so I couldn’t tell. But that’s a another story for another day. I have another truck identical to this one. I swapped out the radiators and fired it up, let get to normal operating temp. Took it for a drive and it started to overheat again. Which leads me to this question, would this be signs of a bad water pump?

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    I’m pretty sure I’m getting circulation, as I was filling the radiator I had the bleeder valve open and as it got full it would start pushing fluid out of the bleeder plug. The rad fan works just fine. I’m hoping it’s a stuck thermostat, haven’t checked that yet. I hope it’s not a bad head gasket. I have an identical truck for parts so swaping motors would be an option if a head gasket is bad. The doner truck I ran for about a year but couldn’t pass inspection due to computer problems and check engine light wouldn’t clear, even after a new computer was put in, it ran very well the time I had it on the road.

    Thanks bud, I appreciate the help.
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