Are Crosstrek engines built to w/stand ethanol 10 or 15?

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I apologize if this is in the manuals. I managed to read all of them but they're currently unaccessible and this is important to me.

I know ethanol 15 appears to be up and coming. Current president allowed it (this makes me even more nervous) but it doesn't mean cars are any okay with it. Does anyone know if the Crosstrek is sufficiently guarded against deterioration?

Background info. Had my last motorcycle a few years ago. I always used Sta-bil with fill-ups or non-ethanol gas. The motorcycle mechanic didn't believe Sta-bil worked (they sold it in the svc. dept.). So, I had the service manager check it using a test tube. He was shocked that it did reduce or eliminate ethanol. Bought a Honda mower @7 yrs ago w/a very small gas tank and the local shop said always use Sta-bil or similar product to keep engine intact.


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    On the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Features & Specs page, fuel type is listed as Regular Unleaded. Certainly double check with the manual, but I wouldn't put E15 in.

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    Whether you can use E15 without violating your warranty depends on the vehicle and what the manufacturer says in the owner's manual.

    My advice would be: if you don't know for sure, and you don't drive a "flex-fuel" certified vehicle, then don't use it.

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    I read the stack of manuals but forgot this. I appreciate your responses. Ethanol 10 is what it takes as you both said. E15 would be pretty nuts since there was an industry fight to not allow E15 to be used and this time, I agree with the industry. (Side note: Bought a Honda lawnmower and they recommended Stabile (or non-ethanol gas) to cut the harmful effects of ethanol. I used it in my motorcycle and now I have a Toro snowblower and they say the same thing. If you use ethanol gas, cut it w/Stabile or a similar product. Motorcycle shop manager didn't believe it worked and ran a test. Stabile worked.)
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