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Isuzu Rodeo Maintenance and Repair

ermserms Posts: 3
The light for the digital clock has gone out... how do I repair?


  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    you replace the clock. I had this problem myself and had to replace the unit
  • ermserms Posts: 3
    How? Will I have to remove the dashboard?
  • sueb1sueb1 Posts: 1
    :confuse: Hi everyone. I'm not sure where to post this so I hope this is ok. My mom has a 99 Isuzu Rodeo, it has the factory alarm system in it called a DENSO (that's what it says on it). The alarm keeps going off by it's self and we can't get it to stop. Anyone every have this problem? We tried disconnecting it but the lights are still flashing. We disconnected the actual horn part of it. What else do we have to take out or disconnect? Is there a fuse that connects with the alarm? Thanks in advance to any help you can give. And sorry if I put this in the wrong place.
  • Boris2Boris2 Posts: 177
    not sure, but i doubt you need to remove the dash. I had it down by a dealer under warranty, but it took them no more than 15 min, so, most likely they didn't have to remove the dash.

    My guess is that the clock can just be pulled out, but i'm not too sure.
  • The interior light for my a/c, heater controls is out. Can someone tell me where I can locate the old one and replace? Tried to access by removing the ashtray but not sure where the light bulb is located. Thanks...
  • ermserms Posts: 3
    sorry for taking so long but thank you... i will try just pulling it out.
  • bfalckbfalck Posts: 2
    Hi, the speedometer, tachometer and most of the warning lights on my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo just went out. I do not see any fuses that control these. I just had two emission sensors replaced. Any suggestions?
  • khill1khill1 Posts: 3
    I own a 2000 Rodeo that needs shocks. There are two questions here...

    1. Does anyone else's ISC have a button where you can control your suspension? I have never seen a button or knob and was wondering if that sort of thing exists.

    2. The problem is that I can't get the shocks from NAPA or any other autoparts store. The only place that has the shocks that fit the Rodeo is the dealership and they cost $140 a piece because they are the "Intelligent Shocks." Are there any other solutions? I don't mind not having smart shocks.
  • Mine did this as well. (1996 Rodeo). Anyone know the process?
  • An unable to unlock the rear hatch on a 96 Rodeo by pushing the button on the dashboard. Is there a fuse I can check?
  • lcmomlcmom Posts: 1
    Hi - any insight would be incredibly welcome! My 2000 LS Rodeo is hard to start. It usually takes twice to turnover and the check engine light comes on. This has been going on for two months now. Mechanic #1 told me the emissions system was dying and needed a "deep cleaning". I decided against this and took it to my better, more regular mechanic. He said the EGR valve needed to be cleaned which he did. He could not get the starting problem to duplicate for him (it happens about 50% of the time - sometimes it can go a week without happening). Sure enough the next time I turned the car on it was hard to start and the check engine light popped right back on again. Help! After 2 mechanics I dont know what to do and am hesitant to take it to the dealer.
  • Hi, I am having problem with my car. When I start the car the headlights does not work but every other light works, Also there is no problem with starting. After driving about 10 - 20 mi, the headlight starts working (I have to still put it on). This has been happeing for last few months, initially it was once in 2 months but now its like every other week.

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi, I got a 1999 Rodeo LS 4WD yesterday... and the problems begun today. When the engine is cold everything goes OK, but after running for a while and the engine is warm it will have problems starting. Also, when you come to a stop and the engine is idling for a few second it will die 2 out of 3 times. Any idea about it? Should I start by changing wires, spark-plugs and tuning-up? A friend told me it might be a dirty-injector problem and that it will help just adding some cleaners to the gas tank. Any suggestion is welcome!!
    Thanks guys
  • What was the solution to the issue for #13 Check engine light and hard to start?
  • My mother has an 02 Rodeo and I am trying to help her with the rear door handle assembly that is loose. There is nothing behind the two rubber caps in the assembly. So I have to remove the whole interior door trim piece? Also one of the doors cannot be opened from the inside no matter which way the child lock switch is postioned. I took the inside handle apart and that seems to be fine. Anyone who has solved this problem before, I would sure appreciate some info before I go monkey style and start pulling on things.

  • I have a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo 2WD 2.2 Litre 4 cylinder (CK58D) which has a bent rear driver's side half shaft. I can't seem to find any company on the internet that lists this part. Can anyone please put me in contact with a supplier who could help?
  • Have a 95 Honda Passport with an Isuzu 6 cyl. engine. When revving the engine or running at normal speed, the heater gives off good heat, but at idle it is cool. The engine will occasionally overheat. Recently changed water pump and thermostat, flushed the system, had a few shops including Honda check it out, but no change. Could it be a vacuum issue that is overcome when engine is running at higher RPM? Are there any vacuum control valves that could be a problem?
  • I was having this issue and it turned out there was coolant near the spark plugs. Once it was cleaned, no more problems, that was over 30 days ago. I have an 98 Rodeo.
  • Hello from NC, Have you found a solution? I have same 1999 Rodeo starting problem + rough iddle. Thanks from NC
  • Hello isuzuhlp, Just wondering if you were able to resolved the intermittent heat. I am now experiencing the same issue. I only replace the thermostat and flush the system out. Water pump was my next step, but that did not work for you. So i'm holding off. Any advice is greatly appreciated incase you fixed the problem. Thanks in advance.
  • My 2000 Rodeo LS has developed a gear whine. It seems to be getting worse. Does anyone know what causes this, and is it something I need to worry about? Am I damaging anything by just continuing to drive it?
  • Has dramatically lost power especially when I get up around 45 to 50 you just about have to floor it to keep from jumping around everywhere. Anyone know what could be causing this?
  • bugsy1bugsy1 Posts: 16
    Good day menbers ,you always been helpful here . any way i have a problem ,whenever i start my 2000 rodeo ls its hard to put in drive , i have to play or rock the shifter a few times or for a while to get it in drive , can any one tell me whats the problem is , or whats the solution.i,ve tried changing the transmission fluid but the dealer and pep boys refuse to change it ,it had 129,760 mls .they say its best to leave it be , cause its not giving any problems . i got it 61,000mlnow at 129,700,and i,ve never change it before . any way please any ideas. thank you .
  • My doors did the same thing. I had to take the door panel off because the latch had wiggled its way undone. Take the panel off and connect it back together.
  • My 1998 did the same thing. It turned out to be a leaking exhaust manifold gasket. This car has been a nightmare from day one, and I bought it new, so I should know. Heavy oil consumption, with no apparent "smoke" has been a problem from the outset.

    You might try Autozone, where they do a CEL code readout free of charge. It might be that you now have another problem (like the leaking exhaust manifold on my 1998).
  • The CEL on my 1998 Rodeo had been going on, for a few days, then off for a while. The engine code is P0401, which translates to "malfunctioning EGR valve". I took it to a well-respected mechanic (not the dealer), who replaced the valve and gasket and "cleaned the intake manifold" (verbatim from the receipt). Seemed to run better initially, but the following day the CEL came back on.

    Mechanic seems to think it will "go off on its own", after I drive it for 50 miles or so, but he hasn't researched this problem yet. I will return the car to him, but I am hoping to learn something from someone about whether or not this vehicle requires some sort of routine to "reset" the engine code, so the light will go off.

    Anyone know?
  • vicgvicg Posts: 1
    The intermittent wiper mode does not work. When I move the wiper control to the first position (intermittent operation) the wipers move up about 5 inches then stop..The low speed & high speed positions work just fine. I suspect either the Combination Switch or the Windshield wiper motor Assembly is the culprit. The local Isuzu Dealer Parts man says, the problem may be with the Alarm Control Module....I'm confused.. Anybody have any ideas??
    Thanks VicG
  • a week a go my speedomater quit working,the dealer said it was the speed sensor on the transfercase,i replaced it,that did not work,i have a 1995 rodeo 3.2L,5 speed manual,4X4,the check engine light comes on ,after you drive it about 20 miles,when you shut it off it resets,but then comes back on,i would like any help on this problem,i am trying to fix so i can go back home to arkansas,i am in navada,will driving it that far with this problem hurt it more then it is ,sincerly wheelin1
  • My 1996 rodeo have been given me problems for almos a year. I have done a lot of work on it and to a number of people, and still have nothing. First it hard to start, so i had to change the starter. Than it work find for a while. One day is cut off while i was driving, so ii pull it off the road(with no ps) put in park started up than few min later at/temp. light and A/T light can on. So da guys at a part store said, i should change filter and fluid, did that work from time to time. The day i was goin to have trany tested, no start. I have change the oil, plugs, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, timing belt, TP sensor, cam sensor,oil pressure sensor, and battery. I had the alternator tested, Does anyone have a clue why this thing will not run. Yes before i change the fuel pressure regulator there was fuel in da intake, thats why i change the plug once more. Any suggestions help greatly apperciated!!!!!!!!!!
  • my 95 rodeo did the same thing,it would run then die,it turned out to be the crank shaft sensor,since i replaced it it starts and runs good,hope this will help you.
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