Four wheel drive issues

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Hi guy, I bought a 2004 Ford Expedition and didn’t realize the four wheel drive didn’t work. It shows no light as to service it and I brought it into ford and they said I needed to replace the switch. I did that and it still isn’t working. I also was told it was a shortage or a loose wire. All the fuses are good. Any advice on how to check if it is an electrical problem or just help in general?


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    Nice of Ford to guess with your checkbook.

    You may find this video very helpful:

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    I will check it out thank you. And the prices at for I can afford the guessing game
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    Hello all! Looking for some help with my 2000 Ford Expedition. Recently, I got my tires done (mounted and balanced) and now, I’ve noticed that it’s having a (possible) transmission problem. When it’s cold, it runs and drives fine. But, when it warms up(either outside or I’ve just been driving for 30+ minutes) I get to about 45-60 mph, the whole car shakes VIOLENTLY. Sometimes it just shakes for a little and then it corrects, and sometimes I can’t get it to stop shaking at all. Other times, it pops really loud and pulls left and then corrects. I don’t know what this issue could be but I’m worried due to the fact that I’m expected to drive it to Oklahoma from Pennsylvania in June. Any and al help will be helpful and I really hope it’s a simple fix and not me being in need of a transfer case or transmission. Thanks in advance. 
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