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Question about GMC Incentives/pricing on Yukon SLT

LollerAgentLollerAgent Posts: 18
edited December 2018 in GMC
I'm looking at a 2018 Yukon SLT with an advertised MSRP of ~68k. The advertised price on all GMC dealer sites includes a bunch of incentives including:

$3,000 - National Buick and GMC Bonus Cash. Exp. 01/02/2019
$1,500 - General Motors Consumer Cash Program. Exp. 01/02/2019
$1,500 - GM Down Payment Assistance Program

This brings the price (including incentives) down to ~$62k. Advertised price is $57k. To me, this means that before incentives, I'm getting like ~$5k off of the "MSRP." Is this reasonable for a 2018 GMC? I have never financed/leased GMC before, but I would expect to get more than 5k off of a 2018 when there already many 2019's on the lot. Should I be able to negotiate some more than what they are advertising?



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 107,618
    Check here for pricing:

    $5000 off plus $6000 of incentives?

    The only comparison is to a 2019. What sort of deals on those?

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    Edmunds Moderator

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