The air not flowing to the engine

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I have a 2008 Envoy, as I start the truck (cold mornings and afternoons) it will start up but will idle and shut off. It will continue to do this until it has warmed up. I will pull off and it will jerk and turn off. It will start back up with no problems. I have had the fuel injector cleaned, the map sensor and throttle replaced. I am still having this problem even after the GMC dealership told me I need to get my fuel injection cleaned because the air wasn't flowing through to the engine as it should, which would explain why the check engine light is on. Has anyone else had this problem?

Please Help
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    There are many causes for stalling but possible solutions should be within reach of the competent technician. He/she should be able to capture real time data and figure out what's going on at the time of the incident, or at least point to what's going on. This seems to be a fuel delivery issue of some sort, but it is remotely possible it's an ECM issue as well. If the CEL is still on, then there's information being stored as to possible causes.

    If the dealer can't fix your car, try this website and click on "repair shops" to see if there is someone close to you. These are very well trained technicians.
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    Thank you!
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