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I am trying to choose between buying a NEW 2018 Equinox with 0 miles for around $32,000 or a USED 2018 Equinox with 40,000 miles for $24,000. This is before price haggling. Of course I would prefer brand new but payments on $30,000 are pretty steep. Any advice to help me?


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    The used Equinox price seems much too high with that many miles on it. There's nothing wrong with buying a used 2018 because then someone else has suffered the depreciation, but miles = money and perhaps 1/4 of that vehicle's life has been used up.
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    Are there incentives from the company, rebates, lowered interest rates, etc., on the new leftover Equinox? I know the trucks/suvs ahve been popular, but I would think there's trunk money that many not be public to help the dealers sell the leftover units. We're in December now.

    A used vehicle, to me, has value if I know it hasn't been wrecked or a turnback. AND if it has low enough mileage I can buy a GMEPP warranty from a dealer at discount like Black Cadillac in PA. I bought a CPO Cruze 3 years ago for my son to replace the 08 Cruze. It had 22,000 miles and 10 months age on the 15. I bought an extended warranty that takes it to 90K miles and 4 years past the 3 years /36K miles. So far the extended warranty just replaced the waterpump at 63 K miles. Junior had trouble with the power window cable due to running the window down with ice on the outside for the card reader at the parking lot entrance. The warranty fixed that 2 years back.

    I.e., if a used vehicle is still within the GM original warranty of 3/36 or 48 months 50 K miles for some of the models, the GMEPP can be purchased. There are varied extra lengths of time and mileage; info is given by phone when you call with the VIN and the current mileage.

    Otherwise a 40K mile car may be a big expense in a few months that it shouldn't be. The price is high because I'd have to add a warranty purchase.

    (The CPO extends warranty 1 year or 12K miles, I blieve, but is ignored by the GMEPP purchase in pricing. CPO is a dealer item. I negotiated the price low enough and just got a longer warranty from somewhere else at discount.)

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