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Power steering on 2007 Chevy Malibu??

amihalekamihalek Member Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Chevrolet
My power steering has just started going in and out sparatically while driving which is extremely dangerous and super scary. Obviously it is now parked because I'm scared to drive it not knowing when it will go out again. Called the Chevy /GM 800# about the recall I discovered online and was told my vehicle was not apart of that recall (imagine that) and I was responsible for any repairs. Which is completely ridiculous when there is written evidence of thousands of vehicles just like mine with a recall and thousands of videos, articles, etc of other owners wth the same issue as well. When is Chevy going to step up and take care of thier customers and thier safety?? I bought this vehicle brand new from a Chevy dealership and have been a loyal customer throughout the years. I cannot afford a $600 - $700 repair as the dealership has quoted and if I have to come up wth that amount of money I will take my money to another manufacturer and purchase another vehicle. I am extremely disappointed in Chevy right now!! I guess someone will have to be in a horrendous accident or lose their life before they will take all of our complaints, videos, articles etc into consideration about the severity of this issue. So my question to you Chevy.... Do you ever have plans of helping us ???


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